Starcodes horoscopes for February 19 – 25, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for February 19 – 25, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a moody, multilayered week. The Sun enters sensitive Pisces and approaches conjunction with intuitive, confusing Neptune and can leave us soft and awash like fog over snow. We may feel permeable, indefinite, extra emotional, easily teary. unusually vulnerable and therefore a bit self-protective.

Over that squishiness lies a more cheerfully stubborn, sociably political awareness, which both can keep the conversation going but keep us feeling a little disconnected with Mercury and Venus in abstracted Aquarius. This sociable awareness can help us cope with that mushy interior quality that may be too tender to talk about, and keep the conversation going.

Because of that emotional disconnect under a relentlessly charming Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aquarius, we can speak poetically and almost convincingly about tough subjects. While this is great for entertaining dinner parties and engaged political caucus, it’s hard to trust what anyone says, because they may sound like they’re trying a little too hard to convince us. It’s just hard to tell what our friends and politicians really feel.

But notice a bite lurking deep under all that charm, Mars in Scorpio squares that Venus and Mercury by sign, which adds extra bite to our bark when the charm wears thin. It can be harder than usual to talk about what we really need or guess what our beloveds want. We can obsess on small perceived wrongs or bad habits of the people around us, or surprise even ourselves with a brief but primitive desire to lash out when our feelings are hurt or something trips up our momentum. But we don’t have to follow through. That Scorpio Mars adds extra fuel; if a conflagration starts to go bad, it will tend to go hard-core, so let’s not go there unless we have no choice.

With Venus and Mars in signs that square, and moving into a tighter square with one another over the next few weeks, couples can find themselves at odds or working at cross purposes, unless they consciously bring themselves into rhythm. Any of us can find a certain wrestling relationship with ourselves and our beloveds, but let’s not make the mistake of assuming debate is a good form of intimacy. Wrestling may please the Mars in Scorpio influence, but it won’t please our sensitive feelings resonating with the Sun in Pisces. Let’s stay humbly sensitive to the fact we may not be tuned in to the needs of our partners, and ask.

Even though we are feeling soft and squishy, an extroverted Leo Moon over the weekend and calls us out to engage.  Performing arts may have a special glow, and politics will be clearly a performing art. We may get and some interesting arguments on Sunday and Monday as the Sun semi-squares stubborn Pluto and Uranus, and our thinking may not be as clear as we’d like as Mercury semi-sextiles Neptune; argumentative fuzzy thinking is a tricky combination.

On Monday, an industrious Full Virgo Moon gets us back on our work track. But we may need to take extra care of our health; the higher the stress the better care we need to take. That Virgo Moon hard work creates tension with our need to rest in this low- energy, internally quiet and poetic time of the year. We need to find a healthy work-life balance so both sides are fed. Or our health may force the issue as Neptune semi-squares the asteroid Vesta, and raises the question of unproductive self-sacrifice.

The end of the week can bring an interesting need to buckle down to our work and focus on logistics even if we don’t feel like it as Mercury sextiles Saturn and semi-sextiles Pluto. Take care of those details before they bite, and then it is safe to drift in the fog and dream by the fire.

Friday, February 19: Work as early as possible to take advantage of a busy Moon-Mars trine to accomplish, and then kick back a bit. The Moon is void of course, meaning it makes no major aspects, for the rest of the day. The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer leave people feeling squishy and vulnerable, friendly but not willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone; they won’t tend to respond well to requests. Nurture connections rather than push frontiers. The Leo Moon brings more enthusiasm and humor tonight; it can feel like a real relief to let go of the week, but everybody wants to tell their story.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:48 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:35 AM, Moon enters Leo 7:17 PM.

Saturday, February 20: Morning can get off to a rocky start because our timing is off, and our unspoken needs knock on the doors of our psyche as the Moon opposes Venus and Mercury. Signals are a little hard to see as Mercury challenges Neptune, weather or other uncontrollable variables can be inconvenient, but the spirit is willing. Some issue pushes on us and asks what is enough, and some peoples’ feelings grandstand inappropriately as the Sun semi-squares Pluto. But if we don’t pout, the evening softens and brings a healing camaraderie.

Moon opposed Venus 2:45 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 12:27 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Neptune 1:13 PM, Sun semi-square Pluto 2:38 PM, Venus Semi-square Chiron 8:05 PM.

Sunday, February 21: We all could use a little extra attention and grace around the edges as the Leo Moon trines Uranus this morning. A walk in the museum or other way of respecting beauty and the world around us feeds the soul. Later on we can get cooperation for changes that improve our world. Opinions flare around dinner as the Moon squares Mars; enjoy the debate, but don’t let the tug-of-war run over tender feelings. We lose our sense of humor and can make non-sensible reactionary decisions as the Sun semi-squares Uranus tonight.

Moon trines Saturn at 11:31 AM, Venus sesqui-quadrates Jupiter 4:40 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:05 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:16 PM, Sun semi-square Uranus 8:19 PM.

Monday, February 22: Work stresses us as we head into a full Moon in Virgo, opposed Neptune this morning. Suddenly deadlines loom faster than we could imagine and our guts twist in response. It may appear that work requirements pull us away from our dreams or our spiritual practice, but that’s an illusion; find the common ground. Calm down, don’t buy into anxiety or other people’s efforts to create more tension and interest, sort projects and balance work and health equally. Tonight’s Moon approaches Jupiter, a beautiful sight rising in the east: let that expansive beauty in the heart over the next few days.

Moon enters Virgo 4:24 AM, Moon opposes Sun 11:19 AM, Neptune semi-square Vesta 1:55 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 11:31 PM.

Tuesday, February 23: Energy is low, scattered, a little anxious, with bursts of competence mixed in with the desire to get away from it all as the waning Moon in Virgo squares Saturn. If we just don’t spread ourselves out too thin, we find that with attention, we can juggle all that needs to be done. We are adequate to the job, no matter what that little voice whispers in our ear. That Moon-Jupiter conjunction perfects tonight at 7:43 PM and asks what are we ready to let go of to create more room for in our heart.

Moon square Saturn 11:02 AM, Jupiter opposed Chiron 12:59 PM, Moon trine Pluto 1:16 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 7:43 PM.

Wednesday, February 24: Some confusion thickens around the edges and holds us, so we need to keep piercing to the fog and follow up carefully on what needs to be done. Don’t drop the ball as Venus semi-sextiles Neptune. Cranky morning, but people grow more cooperative as the Moon enters Libra midafternoon.

Moon sextile Mars 7:27 AM, Venus semi-sextile Neptune 10:32 AM, Mercury square Juno 12:34 PM, Moon enters Libra 3:41 PM.

Thursday, February 25: Nostalgia and retrospection influence the morning as Mercury sextiles Saturn. Work is most efficient when it references the past with ties to future possibilities. Check in with friends and work connections midday as the Moon trines Venus. Deal with potentially difficult news or depressing thoughts around dinner time as Mercury Semi-sextiles Pluto. Objects may go missing. Revisit these questions and lost articles later, after rest.

Mercury sextile Saturn 1:05 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:17 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Pluto 6:52 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:28 PM.

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