Starcodes Horoscopes for February 19 – 25, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for February 19 – 25, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

The word February is from Latin februum, which means purification. We’ll need good psychic hygiene to handle this next month as we paddle about ambient pools of emotion while the Sun joins Uranus, Venus and Jupiter in Pisces.

Pisces energy is subtle, murky, and complex; it speaks of the tidewaters of the collective oceanic subconscious, an ocean that seeps into our dreams and leaves us awash in archetypal images. Uranus electrifies this inner world, Jupiter expands, it, and Venus cranks up our emotional motivation.

When we’re awash with this Piscean energy, it can get hard to tell where we end and the rest of the world begins. We’re more aware than usual that we are all interconnected by germ and by dream, economy and ecology.  Most of us will just feel soft, float about in our dreams, or paddle about in memories and feelings. Some will become aware that our sense of separation is just an illusion. A few may react to this vulnerability by armoring-up or going off on what appears to be an unreasonable attack, on the belief that the best defense is a good offense.

Uranus can electrify our dreams under these circumstances, we may see renew hope for an idea that had seemed to be dead, or renewed believe in a dream. We also may be forced by some unexpected Uranian event to face our dreams and see if we can make them come alive.

Pisces reminds us of how subtle and complicated the truth really is; some people will find it easier to lie or decorate the truth with imaginary simplicity so they can streamline their politics. But we can work with this longing for magical simplicity in a more creative way and use it streamline our meditation or sweep out the flotsam in our house or soul.

Pisces is a dreamy sign, a wonderful gift when we need a moment out of time. We just have to be extra aware of the border between our imagination and consensual reality. Any work which needs an active imagination or an ability to believe in the unlikely can prosper this week. But we’re also easily distracted and can waltz off into our imagination without noticing that we’ve crossed  the threshold, spend the day dreaming of what we’d do with the house we might win or imagining that our neighbor loves or hates us when all they said was ‘here’s the paper”.

And this is where the psychic purification comes in. We need to let the rivers flow in our souls but be able to direct the flow rather than drown in its waters. Be kind to the self and bring the mind back from its wandering to create the subtle beauty in the present moment. We can notice our story, but check our facts; trust in creation, but do the work.

Because we can feel unusually permeable and vulnerable, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the impact of recent events.  Processing can help us feel better, and we might whine and complain or take a more passive approach, but this is the shadow side of Pisces.

We may feel lower energy than usual, possibly more sensitive to allergens, germs, and invasive people, but also potentially more aware and creative.  It helps to get in the body over this weekend as the Moon enters Taurus, rest up and feed the senses to prepare for the week ahead. It will help to get more sleep than usual over the next few weeks to listen to our dreams and strengthen our immune system.

Early next week the aspects help us multi-task, but can leave us nervy and spread thin as Mercury challenges Saturn and Pluto underneath a Gemini Moon. We may need to work around sluggish or confusing communications and transportation, and remember some people just can’t help it if it takes them a while to get to the point.

Unless we keep our perspective clear, our thinking may tend to look on the dark side and miss opportunities because we aren’t looking for them. Cutbacks or surgery may be necessary. We can also cut our bad behaviors not cut out people. Later in the week the trend reverses, we get a whiff of springtime in our minds if not the weather as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. Look for new possibilities.

Friday, Feb 19: Friendly, creative, if sensitive; an earthy Taurus Moon invites us to cuddle down or dig our heels in. Early morning face-off as the Moon squares Mars may just be resentment for getting out of bed. But if we stop pushing and start listening with our hearts, we get the flow going as the Moon trines Pluto midday. We need comfort and food for the senses tonight.

Saturday, Feb 20: Sweet morning to sleep in or move slow. If communication is a bit off as the Moon square Mercury, just make pancakes together.  Some issue around financial or materiel security needs attention, not worry, midday. Moody evening; get the feelings out without dramatizing the story.

Sunday, Feb 21: A slow and spicy, quietly spiritual morning switches to a nervy, innovative day as the Moon enters Gemini midday. Easily distracted vibe, gossip flows along with revelations. Good day to gently break in to new territory. Too much information can leave us flooded or indecisive; keep the flow going but sort for relevance towards long term goals.

Monday, Feb 22: Too many words and still communications glitch; websites may flicker as Mercury forms a minor difficult aspect to Saturn and Pluto. If a co-worker is obtuse, change the subject and try again in few days. A void needs filling, a foundation needs rebuilding it. If depressive thoughts flow through, don’t attach to them. Evening brings a clearer perspective.

Tuesday, Feb 23:  We can get a little twitchy; situations are at a balance point and could go really wrong or wonderfully right while the Sun sextiles Pluto. Accept our common denominators to progress on important issues. Shelter and home need attention. The emotional water table rises this afternoon as the Moon enters Cancer; reassurance and comfort needed tonight to metabolize events as the Moon squares Saturn.

Wednesday, Feb 24: We may need to let go of something important this morning even though we’re afraid of loss as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and trines Jupiter. This fear can make us want to pull back unnecessarily, emotionally or financially. Each person needs to weigh the risk /benefit ratio for themselves, but let’s find a balance and not deny possibility just to reduce the risk of loss. Concerns may dissolve in evening’s warmth.

Thursday, Feb 25: Gentle subjectivity helps teaching, diagnosis, healing. If our insecurities start to circle, we can either pour it into art or break the cycle by focusing on someone else or something objective. Later, edges roughen on emotionally charged relationships as the Leo Moon conjuncts Mars; be humble.

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