Starcodes horoscopes for February 18 – 24, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for February 18 – 24, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

The momentum of historic change does not stop, but does take a deep breath next week. After a wild weekend the emotional backdrop shifts from the world stage to a more personal one and brings in a permeable, self-protective tone as Sun, Mercury, and Mars leave extroverted Aquarius and all enter sensitive Pisces, one after another. We notice a new level of resistance to the political changes and to the personal ones, we also notice where our resources are worn thin and we need to refill the wells.

History has really been cooking lately; this recent arc of astro-activity kicked into gear on January 4 under a solar eclipse and as Jupiter conjunct change-master Uranus, and broke loose after Jan 23 as freedom-loving Jupiter entered Aries, the sign that likes to get things started. Although we’ll see the recent revolutionary hotspots boil this weekend and continue to simmer throughout the spring, the momentum for change begins to back off the public forum and work behind the scenes and in our personal business until Mid-March when Uranus enters Aries and turns up the heat back up on history.

For the last few weeks we have felt a growing impetus behind a shared vision as Mercury, Mars, and Neptune pulled into an unusual three-way conjunction in idealistic, extroverted, collective Aquarius. The Sun itself is activating with a new flurry of solar storms, the biggest sun spots in over four years, and solar activity is correlated with political and social excitability here on earth, as if it energizes our search for new answers and adds voltage to all the other astrological patterns.

It is time of great philosophical debate and of visioning. But it’s a lot easier to agree on what we against than what we are for. As this conjunction peaks this weekend we need to express our vision, talk it out. Some problem is now clearly defined, and now how do we help how do we heal, compost grow from here.

The weekend is social and collaborative, we see what action is required to maintain that momentum and bring our lives in line with our philosophies as these three planets conjunct. We may feel our sense of family changing shape, our identity within our community modifying and updating.

But this aspect also can stimulate philosophical arguments or accidents around poorly-contained gas, water, oil, or alcohol. Don’t argue drunk. It can also drive spontaneous action within our imagination, some will produce wild dreams or profound artwork, others crimes of deluded passion. We may have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy but can choose to act from imaginative, inspired sanity instead.

So expect a busy weekend and then let the energy turn inwards and reclaim a private life next week.  We may see some retribution f where people have felt too pushed out of their comfort zones lately, but we don’t have to participate. Tend to the untended places in the soul instead.

People are curious but broody early in the week, and may really need time inside, or be so full of feelings they need to concentrate on something les personal for a while. Work on a project together with beloveds if they don’t feel like talking about what’s going on below the surface.

Later in the week the vibe is funnier and more willing to entertain possibilities. We may need time outside, with dogs, kids, laughter, the simple things that can help us re-center no matter what is going in in history. But by the end of the week the mood takes us back to work, and we’ll want to see some concrete action in the works.

Friday, Feb 18: An overnight high tide of emotions can stir our hearts or help us make a tough decision as the Moon peaked full in Leo and now enters Virgo. Morning can feel tired and jittery, as if we pushed too hard over the last few days and now have to clean up the consequences. Later on, important decision need hard work to back them as Venus square Saturn, even if we’re not feeling particularly inspired. Creative process needs discipline. People may get testy as to how to proceed, so go very gently with suggestions and reminders, and practice good relationship skills even if ticked off. Evening softens; we need a kind and gentle touch.

Saturday, Feb 19: Ask what needs healing; is it your relationship, body, or country? Don’t hold back; pour your healing energy into it today. Spiritual hunger and mental thirst can come across as just a prickly discontent unless we address the real issue. Good conversation flows this analytical afternoon. Talk of the future tonight. People are feeling self-protective and tender underneath the words and need to feel your heart as well as hear your intentions.

Sunday, Feb 20: Look at dreams for clues to a needed change as the Moon opposes Uranus overnight. Our sense of family may be renovated this morning, if we open our heart. The day is sociable, equitable, but fiercely focused on what’s right and fair. We get more accomplished with love and encouragement than by argument as the Moon enters Libra, we’re still willing to fight for our philosophies, but better we negotiate personal peace treaties. Midafternoon we can feel overwhelmed, we may crave down time or a chance to drop pleasantries and get real. Evening is decisive and intense as Mercury, Mars, and Neptune conjunct; if we make a declaration, we mean it.

Monday, Feb 21: Last night’s turning point aspects may require us to reassess our situation this morning. Make it fresh, but do the work; people do not want our obligations or projections. We need to own our wants, needs and responsibilities as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Mood and brains soften tonight as Mercury enters Pisces. Tell stories to one another.

Tuesday, Feb 22: Leave the ideas alone for a few days, drop into the heart as the Moon enters Scorpio. The planets spoke of ideological air over the weekend but now drop into a deep watery well. We need to re-center in our private lives (and will be hauled there by events if we don’t go voluntarily) but can feel self-protective and self-centered in the process. Control issues arise, but certain stiffness or obsessive–compulsive attitude can be just a need for security when our inner worlds activate. It may help to concentrate on something creative but impersonal together. Let people retreat and know they can return soon refreshed.

Wed, Feb 23: Like and in-breath and out, we need intense connection alternating with time to ourselves. We radiate whatever we feel and it will have an effect. Notice the energy and mood under the surface, work with subtle energy fields, body language, feelings and unspoken thought forms. Be as direct and gentle as possible. Some are not so subtle, and will fiercely guard what they are afraid to loose; work around them rather than confront.

Thursday Feb 24: The mood picks up, grows nervous but hopeful as the Moon enters Sagittarius. We have a chance to help others through our fierce understanding earned by overcoming our own difficulties. Compassion and enabling are two diffident things; investigate the difference. Take space if outspoken impatience swirls midday; if accident-prone, dance with consciousness. Open doors, open minds, open possibilities this afternoon.

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