Starcodes horoscopes for February 17 – 23, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for February 17 – 23, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

The great question of this astrological decade, the question the planets ask us over and over again, concern what is the right use of power, whether personal power, political power or how we derive and use electrical power. What changes do need to make to avoid the misuse of power, and instead use it in a new, dynamic, safe, and enlivening way. This question intensifies over the next few weeks as confronting Mars in Aries first squares Pluto this week, then conjuncts Uranus next week while those two planets oppose expansive Jupiter. We can expect ground-shifts of all types. Let’s break this down.

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Pluto brings whatever it touches to the edge of life and death so we can reorganize our relationship to it. From 2008 through 2024 it traverses Capricorn, sign of structure, political power, authority, discipline, and traditions. The last time Pluto was at this point in Capricorn was 1772, one year before the Boston tea party, four years before the American Revolution.

Pluto was energized during the American Revolution by a supportive trine from electrifying Uranus in Taurus, and it was still a messy time. Change-master Uranus entered rebellious Aries in 2010 and kicked off the Arab Spring. In America, our change proceeded without the revolutionary violence, through the courts and changing political systems and was not bottled up into conflict same conflict.  Now that our political system has produced a more Pluto in Capricorn figurehead, we can feel that explosive Uranus in Aries discontent simmer here at home.

This week a fast-moving, energizing Mars in Aries adds extra punch to that discontent when it squares Pluto, and extra heat when it conjuncts electrifying Uranus and opposes Jupiter next week. On the world stage, expect simmering pots to come to a rolling boil.

So, under duress and in a potentially willful week, the planets ask us to look at how we use our personal power, our political and financial power, how we use our fossil fuels, because they are all connected. We need to look in our simple daily interactions and our spiritual life as well as our politics, and ask are we using all of these for the best of all sentient beings. What transformation can we catalyze to improve our situation, across the board.

On Friday, this underlying discontent is highlighted by a brooding, mood-sharpening Scorpio Moon. Through the rest of the weekend a more upbeat, frank Sagittarius Moon gets us out and about; physically activity will help us deal with an increased emotional sensitivity as the Sun slide into Pisces. It will help restore our resilience to take a break from our normal concerns and the world’s woes to stretch our minds or explore new territory.

Midweek our industriousness returns in time for important strategic meetings under a pragmatic Capricorn moon, and as mental Mercury trines expansive Jupiter. Some people will say too much, and the very nature of freedom is a topic of debate.

Feel the centrifugal force of willpower as Mars squares Pluto on Wednesday, and use it wisely. We can use this power to accomplish good things, but let’s refuse to be manipulated, and choose not to manipulate. It could be the perfect time to push a project forward, to make a leap forward, or just go work out, but there will plenty of fuel for confrontations, and even explosions, so proceed thoughtfully. Avoid accidents created by emotional distraction, let life be a dance.

The week ends on more compassionate note as Venus sextiles Saturn and calms us down. It furthers to reach into the past, to old friends or traditions and remember our resources.

Friday, February 17: We may not be feeling sociable, a Scorpio Moon calls us into our inner rooms and asks us to do some work. Cynicism can give vent to discontent but it furthers to concentrate on to have something to concentrate upon and pour our discontent into constructive action. People can be there for us in an emergency, just don’t expect peace and light and warmth fuzziness. Research and investigation furthers midday as the Moon sextiles Pluto, we may be distracted and moody, but a chance to concentrate can do us wonders. Tonight, we may need to talk, but let’s go deep or not bother.

Moon square Mercury 7:18 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:37 PM.

Saturday, February 18: The Sun enters Pisces, beginning what is normally a month where we review the past, rest, dream, and prepare for spring, where we take care of feelings as tender as the first snowdrop flowers. But this year those tender feelings sprout in a world that’s edgier, less interested in vulnerability, more action-oriented. Today’s Sagittarius Moon suggests that if we get out in the wild or take a break from routine, we can renew our resilience. After a more private, potentially resentful, morning, the Moon enter Sagittarius Moon and encourages us to be outspoken, but we can choose to do so in a kindly way. Let the day be diverse: rather than feel conflicted about what to do or who to do it with, time share.

Sun enters Pisces 4:13 AM., Moon enters Sagittarius 11:52 AM, Moon squares Sun 12:33 PM.

Sunday, February 19: Continue that break, study something new, explore boldly connect with the wild and do anything else that feeds the soul and lets restlessness find a good outlet. Let companions find their own source to renewal, as it can be different for each person, and we won’t take orders well. If we’re cooped up together we may start finding fault with one another when there is no problem, and in the name of honesty say mean things. Make sure that the restlessness goes where it belongs and doesn’t spill over unnecessarily upon one another.

Moon trine Venus 8:20 AM, Moon square Neptune 10:43 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:13 PM.

Monday, February 20: It’s hard to buckle down to work earlier today, we may be looking for ingenuity and a fresh approach, and can find a great new idea as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Anxious twitches or a sharpening temper are a sign of restlessness, a need to get out and approach the problem from another angle. Avoid wrote work and familiar chores, use that ingenuity to tackle all sorts of odd life glitches. We can do this. It will help to get on the same page with teammates over this coming week while Mercury resides in more collaborative Aquarius, as the next few weeks rock and roll, and a basic plan will help.

Moon sextile Jupiter 9:49 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 4:36 PM, Mercury sextile Uranus 9:01 PM.

Tuesday, February 21: We move into a strategic, potentially difficult few days as Mars approaches a square to powerful Pluto, then conjuncts erratic Uranus next week. We will have unusual determination when we know what we want, and unusual frustration if we feel blocked. We’re irritable if we can’t get what we want, and angry if we feel manipulated. It’s important to redirect out of reaction and into progression and use this energy for our own goals and our collective vision.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:31 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:38 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:07 AM, Moon sextile Sun 6:15 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 11:27 AM.

Wednesday, February 22: This could be a truly difficult day; a Mars squares Pluto and can energize us but inflame an urge for confrontation and dominance. We need to be strategic. We know what we are against, but it may be hard to remember what we’re for. But we can use this irritable confronting nature to tackle difficult problems, though it takes personal discipline and willpower. Just avoid unnecessarily conflicts. Midday can be particularly volatile as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Mars and Uranus. Reconnect tonight, we need to remember who’s in our corner.

Mars squares Pluto 2:02 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 12:34 PM, Moon square Mars 1:12 PM, Moon squares Uranus 6:44 PM, Moon squares Jupiter 8:23 PM.

Thursday, February 23: Although change vibrates in the air, a compassionate note seeps in as friendly Venus sextiles stabilizing Saturn under a collaborative Aquarius Moon. Reach to the past, to old friends, daily spiritual or traditions. Go back to the last form that worked, and update from there. Check in with one another and prove friendship can be trusted. We are each other’s outriggers on life’s choppy seas.

Moon enters Aquarius 10:17 AM, Venus sextiles Saturn 2:44 PM.

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