Starcodes horoscopes for February 16 – 22, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for February 16 – 22, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

We are heading into the Piscean dreamtime of the year. Emotional Venus is already in sensitive, imaginative Pisces, mental Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday and the Sun, source of our energy, follows on Sunday. We drift into the mists.

On a bad day, this Piscean fog can provide a truly confusing camouflage of uncertainty or misinformation. Career information can be hard to find. People can get lost in their fear of what could happen or their magical thinking for quick solutions. And last week’s school shooting, right before the solar eclipse in communal Aquarius, brought our attention to a shared agony and gives a perfect projection place for the worst fears and most simplistic responses.

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But this Piscean mist reminds us, that like our streams, lakes, and underground water systems, everything is connected, no problem is simple; pollution of mind, body, or soul in one part of the country will seep into the rest. It can also instigate a certain passivity, a feeling that there’s nothing we can do, everything is inevitable, which is a Piscean shadow problem. It can be easy to slip into victim mindset with many planets in Pisces and as we look around at our present political situation. But it does not further to hand over the reins of our life. Or our country.

If we need time out, it can further to find a safe place to be sensitive, dip into a wonderful escapist movie that talks about a magical other land or walk in the woods and commune with the trees and leave humankind behind for a minute. When we are ready to see clearly and are willing to check our facts and perceptions, and accept the situation we face may be incredibly complex but still solvable, we can use the mists to reach into the fertile loam of our psyche and sprout a vision for the year ahead.

As the crocus begin to stir, so can our hopes for the new year. Let’s dream it different, then make plans between now and March 6, when Mercury and Venus both head into rebellious and energized Aries and give us the energy to turn dreams into action. Mid-March could be a volatile combustion engine, but if we have a plan, we can make it work for us.

Mercury retrogrades March 22, two days after the Sun enters Aries. If we know where we’re going because we dreamed the map clearly now, we can still put that rocket fuel into productive action. If we don’t, the crosscurrents could leave us way off course, with strong emotional responses and no clear path.

All this Piscean energy can leave us feeling permeable and make it easy to catch passing germs, so for the next few weeks let’s keep our immune system strong by refilling the wells and resting when we need to.

This weekend we may need to process and let the feelings flow. Pull out the art supplies. Make room for a spiritual moment. Take advantage of an opportunity to let go of old anger as active Mars squares Neptune. If we get too excited, the confusion may seem to thicken. And let’s keep our eyes open and critical thinking intact; we could be intentionally deceived, become suddenly aware of a deception, or get stuck coping with another person’s delusion. All of which could have some interesting political ramifications. Step away from bamboozlement, and watch out for sloppy weather or sloppy thinking.

On Sunday, the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in emotional Pisces while the Moon moves into decisive Aries, bringing a more proactive and responsive attitude, though maybe we get on our high horse too easily.

Monday our concerns deepen as Mercury semi-squares Pluto, an aspect that can really tweak our minds. Worries about recent news or some more personal concern can raise anxiety, even paranoia, and call for the most grounded and levelheaded thinking. Let’s respect and investigate our concerns but not get stuck in them. Work on a steady action plan instead. Honor feelings, but confirm all facts or suspicions. And if someone starts to rant, we can respect their feelings while sifting carefully through what they say.

On Wednesday an earthy Taurus Moon helps us get more cozy in our body. Comfort foods beckon. Our hearts are extra tender as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, but our thinking may stabilize as Mercury sextiles Saturn. We may want to open our hearts, but could use reassurance of the trustworthiness of the people around us in order to feel safe enough to stay close and open.

Friday, February 16: We may feel all soft and squishy, vulnerable and inward, wanting to curl safely under the covers as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Venus and Neptune, aware of the recent societal wounds as Mercury quincunx Chiron, but the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius tell us that’s not what we should be doing, we should be going out and fixing things, saving the world. Find a balance between the two. Be honest and find a way through. Tonight, we may prefer to be in a place where we feel safe to drop our efficiency and escape wisely.

Mercury quincunx Chiron 12:25 AM, Moon sex tile Saturn 8:57 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:35 AM, Moon square Mars 10:11 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 10:30 PM.

Saturday, February 17: Mars square Neptune lowers our energy level, increases our ability to dream, may increase our sense of vulnerability, but also gives us the capacity to forgive. But let’s be careful not to feel overwhelmed or step into victim mindset. Common sense, a walk in the woods, simple chores can help us find ballast underneath some watery emotions. We want to feel close, to ourselves, our purpose, spirit, or to some interesting other person.

Mars square Neptune 5:20 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 6:27 AM, Moon sex tile Pluto 11:49 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:13 PM, Mercury enters Pisces 10:27 PM.

Sunday, February 18: Enough with the closeness, the Moon goes into Aries and our independence asserts itself again. Balance intimacy and honesty, closeness and self-direction. Our physical energy may be at low ebb as the Sun enters Pisces, know we can become enthusiastic or impassioned when we tackle something close to our hearts.

Moon enters Aries 6:04 AM, the Sun enters Pisces 11:17 AM Moon square Saturn 6:15 PM.

Monday, February 19: The mood can be erratic and edgy this morning, sticking to schedules can make us grumpy as Venus semi-squares Uranus under an Aries Moon. Feel the urge to act out, to be erratic or unexpected just because, avoid twitter, and nurture impulse control. Use this restlessness to break routine and find an improvement, but not just be irascible. Moods dip tonight as the Moon squares Pluto; be honest about some apparent danger, but don’t get stuck there.

Venus semi-square Uranus 3:05 AM, Moon trine Mars 9:18 AM, Moon square Pluto 7:46 PM.

Tuesday, February 20: Erratic and unexpected events overnight or earlier this morning need to be may need to be dealt with before we get onto an otherwise productive day. People may speak from their anxiety rather than from their strength as Mercury semi-squares Pluto. The Taurus Moon steadies the mood this afternoon and says familiar comforts and proof of stability and presence are good medicine.

Moon conjunct Uranus 5:11 AM, Moon enters Taurus 5:16 PM, Moon sex tile Sun 5:16 PM, Mercury semi-square Pluto 9:05 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 11:12 PM.

Wednesday, February 21: Women may take a political lead or provide a different vision. We want a little magic around our creative process and our relationships this morning. We’d love to feel that fairy dust could be sprinkled at any moment. Respect that twinkle in one another’s eyes. Just watch that it doesn’t stray into delusion. A common-sense Mercury-Saturn sextile can stabilize thinking and help us put that magic into sane and productive action.

Moon trine Saturn 1:13 AM, Venus conjunct Neptune 12:41 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 1:19 PM, Moon sextile Venus 2:23 PM, Mercury sextile Saturn 2:23 PM.

Thursday, February 22: Feelings are working overtime, hopes and fears have more air-time in our minds than does logic, so it helps to both give this imagination a place to go to stay out of trouble, and use practical, earthy chores and traditional systems to stay grounded. Gently question any assumption. Tonight, the conversation magnifies as the Moon enters verbal Gemini.

Moon trine Pluto 1:30 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 5:45 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:07 PM.

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