Starcodes horoscopes for February 13 – 19, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for February 13 – 19, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Friday the 13th, right before Valentine’s Day doesn’t sound auspicious, does it. But it can be. Friday is named for Frigga, the Norse version of Venus, a free-spirited goddess of creativity, love and fertility, and thirteen is a number often associated with the lunar cycles a year. Such pagan connotations contributed towards the day’s rather dangerous and risqué reputation, but this Friday is friendly, even romantic while the Libra Moon trines the Sun and Neptune,  probably a better day to celebrate Valentines than the 14th itself. But do play is safe while traveling, as Neptune can engender rather soggy or slick conditions.

This weekend brings a broody, moody Scorpio Moon, nice and musky, but way too primal for a comfortable holiday. We may be processing recent tough news, and can get stiff-necked and attached to our plans just when we need an adjustable and spontaneous attitude. Our relationships can feel tested if our unspoken dreams run head on into our local realities and gets roughed up.

Those lovely, imaginative and romantic aspects of last week can now feel like broken glass of our relationships if we compare this Valentine’s Day to our dream day instead of making the most of what we have.  And we may need to go there anyway, to run the emotional gamut of our memories or wrestle with our desire to control or perfect the situation as Venus semi-squares unrealistic Neptune.

If we can let go of our comparisons, and let got of the pressure to manifest love on a particular day, we can work with the wild possibilities actually here. This imaginative musky, primal energy can be intriguing if we don’t try to force our romance into any particular pattern.  We just need to very present with one another as attention is the only real essential for this to be a good holiday.

Or we can celebrate Valentine’s Day as the true Aquarian holiday it is, expand our sense of Valentine’s into its more altruistic form and make a loving gesture to our community. A meditation retreat can direct the focus of the Scorpio Moon while engaging the curiosity of Mercury in Aquarius.  Let’s find a way to love up the world we live in and take the pressure off our romantic relationships, or lack thereof.

As the week begins, life is an action movie with a need for speed. Do not ask anyone to be intimate; they may be romantic, passionate, enthusiastic or urgent, but probably won’t particularly sensitive or introspective under the Moon in Sagittarius and as Jupiter conjuncts Mars, and Venus sextiles them both. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction cranks up our gusto, our stubborn factor and bravado. It’s a great time to introduce a new idea or proposal, listen for potential good news on a personal level if not a professional one. A battle is engaged as this aspect inspires enterprise, contention, and a fighting spirit; let’s fight for a cause and not against each other.

Midweek, the Sun enters Pisces and winter begins to talk to spring. Pisces understands subtleties and complexities; it calls us to mine these waning winter nights for dreams or clues to guide us as we move toward spring, the season of simple action and rebirth. The mutable Pisces Sun asks us to feel the ambient pools of unabashed emotion, not to be overwhelmed, but to be moved to compassionate action.

Friday, Feb 13, after a technically tough morning, the day has a remarkably helpful vibe with potentially healing conversations, romantic moments and friendly connections. Celebrate the healing power of love in all its permutations. Evening is particularly warm and communicative is the Libra Moon trines the Sun and Neptune, just watch for the tendency to get lost in an illusion, or to dream up an imaginarily divine romance and miss the real opportunities. When in doubt, make it spiritual; romance the divine instead.

Saturday, Feb 14, it may be hard to dance around the emotional mind fields of expectations and personal history under this broody Scorpio Moon, but we can do it.  We may be talking, but real communications is tough this morning as the Moon squares Mercury; rolling mood swings can distract us from the conscious conversation. It helps to honor some in-depth project or real need. Afternoon, our attitudes can get easily out-of-synch, which can lead to an intense evening unless we realign. Love each other through the details, laugh at the snags, and bond over the intensity.

Sunday, Feb 15 offers a soft and sensitive morning; let’s put ourselves in a tender and safe place as Venus semi-squares Neptune.  Be loving to self and one another. Spirit is strong, but if we feel hurt or our toes stepped upon, we defend and counter-defend quickly under this Scorpio Moon.  We want to be understood or understand at a deeper level this afternoon, and may need a moment of solitude, with out any emotional demands. Later, work on completing work that’s been brewing for the last six weeks.

Monday, Feb 16 brings a slow morning and a kicker afternoon. Don’t poke people who grump around bear-like; do take care of impersonal business early on. A limit has been reached midday, action needs to be taken, though we debate what that action is. If we feel a conflict between our instinctive response and what’s called for, let’s be our biggest self.  Our hearts open later, flirtations and alliances improve later as the Moon enters Sagittarius and Venus sextiles Jupiter.

Tuesday, Feb 17 brings a fresh approach, confidence and contention; a positive attitude wins the day. Spring fever hits the young people and the creative spark of life electrifies us all. Battles engage with vigor but are released quickly if they can find creative outlet. We may be ready to call a cease fire or release a dearly-held opposition, but only if it is our idea; we’ll get worse if pushed. Creative impulse and our personal interactions can upstage our work as Jupiter conjuncts Mars and both sextiles Venus. Auspicious meetings, camaraderie and a sense of humor enliven us, but we have to make the details relevant or they slip away.

Wednesday, Feb 18, the Sun enters Pisces and feeds our visions and fantasies; we may feel more vulnerable, permeable. Morning is emotionally volatile, but we can help each other face a common challenge. Structural or bureaucratic problems midday lets us change the patterns and exercise new guidelines or restraints; take a more mature approach as Mercury sesqui-squares Saturn. Later on testosterone intensifies; work out frustrations rather than feed a fire.

Thursday, Feb 19 some people just wake up difficult, waiting to stretch their muscles or looking for a fight; don’t take the bait. Midday, a Capricorn Moon can help us get to work with a new determination, but demands visible progress or leaves us discouraged. We have to hold hands and encourage one another as the road ahead may be long.

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