Starcodes horoscopes for February 12 – 18, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for February 12 – 18, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This Valentine’s Day one might actually be able to get away giving a beloved computer parts or other highly practical present. With the emotional/romantic planets Venus and Mercury conjunct in industrious Capricorn for a few more days, sextile energizing Mars in Scorpio, and trine expansive Jupiter, we want to get our work on.

After a slow, internal, emotional beginning of the year, and maybe a bout of the flu, we are finally ready to roll. There are less distractions and more support for our goals this week than there have been for a long time. The aspects will be more satisfying if we know what we’re here to do, rather than look for work, but even that could go well.

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As for those Valentine’s presents, let them be thoughtful even if they’re practical. Give something that supports their whole life goals, not just professional work. Consider paintbrushes for the amateur artist, a flowering plant for the office, music-making software for the weekend musician. Something that will pragmatically help towards a longing or ambition. Capricorn encourages us to be goal oriented. But to really accomplish our goals and, like the Capricornian mountain goat, get up to the top of the mountain, it helps to have a diverse, whole life to de-stress and renew. We can remind our beloveds that our avocation can support our vocation.

Skip the truly mundane present like a vacuum cleaner or dust buster; they may be practical, but we don’t want to be taken for granted. Though it can be truly adorable to invite a beloved on a hike, if that’s their chosen practice, or clean the house for the person who usually does the job. Just put a big bow and a chocolate on top of that clean counter.

But first the weekend begins with some abrupt and contrary moments as an impatient and excited Aries Moon squares those planets in Capricorn on Friday. We can feel tension between our excitement and our need to control our environment. Deal with urgencies, but don’t buy into an underlying anxiety that is not about present events. A need for control can be odd difficulty this weekend; if it our own disciple we’re controlling, boy, can we get it done. But with that marvelous inconsistency that is human nature, we will both resist being controlled, but will be tempted to try and control other people. Consistency may not be our strong point. So the challenge will be to empower others, be willing to take healthy constructive management and criticism ourselves, but refused to be manipulated, whether by a guilt trip or news media. The trick will be to really hear our inner call, make our own decisions on what is the right way to vote, love, or fix the kitchen cabinet, and support their right of others to do so as well.

That means we cannot micro-manage how our beloveds choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, no matter how tempted. We can only make our own choices and coordinate.

Self-determination is the name of the game. So is self-responsibility; notice questions around reparations, logical consequences, lawsuits and sentencing this week, but avoid a tendency to get judgmental or self-righteous. Practice that golden rule.

The mood calms down, and grows stubborner but also cuddlier over the weekend as the Moon works through earthy Taurus. Don’t push us. Do feed our senses. Trust, coziness, deliciousness and respect will probably be most important this Valentines. Remember this is an Aquarius holiday, we can build up ideal abstract expectations and then have trouble enjoying what actually happens because it doesn’t match our ideal. Drop that. An Aquarian holiday is naturally more of a communal holiday than a personal holiday, considers celebrating at least part of the day with the group, a brunch with loved people that are not necessarily romantic; use the heart and every way possible. Work for good causes a way that stretches the heart.

Communication rocks early next week under a talkative Gemini Moon. But, with more of that human inconsistency, we may tend to interrupt others and yet be irritated by interruptions or distractions ourselves. Write, publish websites, promote, interview, but don’t take it personally if others have trouble maintaining attention.

By the end of the week a Cancer Moon pulls us back inwards. Lower the social bustle, take some quiet time or feel spread too thin. We can easily get sideways with one another if our defenses jostle as Venus semi-square Saturn. Don’t be offended if it feels like a beloved is testing, old trust issues can bug us, just be dependable, and the train gets back on the tracks.

Friday, February 12: A day of contradictions, the mood is sensitive in love with the Venus semi-square Neptune, yet with an oblivious streak as the Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus. Rebellious, exhausted when were not into it, energized when we are. Don’t ask people to make sense. Early-morning events need attention, let a sense of urgency not distract, but help kick into gear. Midday we can overextended ourselves inappropriately, tend to do things for people that don’t need being done as the Aries Moon conjuncts Vesta. Take advantage of a late afternoon burst of efficiency, evening can be funny, fun energized, just not intimate. Lower extra expectations and enjoy what is.

Moon trine Saturn 3:35 AM, Moon Square, Pluto 6:02 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 7:50 AM, Moon conjunct Vesta 12:29 PM, Moon sextile Sun 6:10 PM, Moon square Venus 8:14 PM.

Saturday, February 13: Prioritize people and beauty this morning, were feeling dreamy, not particularly realistic or efficient, and don’t want to be hurried. Confidence and positive attitude are helpful this afternoon as Mars sextiles Jupiter. People are a little competitive and a little possessive, can get on a soapbox easily about subjects dear to their heart. Communication glitches around 5 PM, we want to hammer out the details but can remember what’s not quite right. If we don’t hold on to those cranky details, this is a sociable night, try to cheer some up and who’s not ready to be cheered as Mercury pulls away from a semi-square to serious Saturn and the Moon sextiles Neptune.

Moon Square, Mercury 3:32 AM, Mars sextile Jupiter 3:58 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 5:05 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:36 PM.

Sunday, February 14: A rather sweet morning if we can get out of a self-conscious phase and love up our community in the name of Valentine’s as the Moon trines Pluto. Midday a pattern where we put other people’s needs ahead of our own can make us resentful unless we catch ourselves and break that cycle as Jupiter quincunx Vesta. A positive sociable, connected, comfortable afternoon as the Taurus Moon begin the forms a grand trine with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. Be careful what is said, because words have solid and effective. Take time and choose to see the best in one another.

Moon trine Pluto 8:26 AM, Jupiter quincunx Vesta 10:55 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:12 PM, Moon opposed Mars 5:12 PM.

Monday, February 15: Last night’s earth grand trine echoes this morning making this a really good day to for business overtures. For the next couple of days let’s craft the message and make contacts. Write our poetry, work on the book, get that report in. Make overtures for future work, write letters to make passionate connections for political cause and talk things out at home. Tonight, our attention wanders, take the evening off and start again the morning.

Moon square Sun 12:46 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:53 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:36 AM, Moon semi- square Uranus 12:10 PM, Moon square Neptune 11:14 PM.

Tuesday, February 16: Moon enters Gemini and can test us to stay on track.  We may want to just run ahead and think shallowly, come up with a quick answer, but can be held responsible for actions or feel responsibilities tapping on us. Stay on target and use the communicative flow to get there. Delays in lines and waiting this morning as the Moon opposes Saturn. But conversation picks up speed this afternoon as the Moon sextiles Uranus and facilitates changes. Watch gossip, share news and talk it out, but keep the conversation kind and necessary. It may be hard to sleep tonight if the mind buzzes, have that cup of chamomile tea before bed or take a notebook and write poetry.

Moon opposed Saturn 10:09 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:30 PM, Moon Square Jupiter 8:01 PM,

Wednesday, February 17: Grumpy morning, we can test each other or be a little difficult as Venus semi-squares Saturn. It’s tempting to bring up an old hurt, but it won’t be productive. Admit if feeling pugnacious.  Kids can say wounding things accidentally.  As the Moon heads into Cancer this afternoon, it would feel good to curl up on a sofa and stay safe; our interactions may feel a little off, or self-conscious. When in doubt, mother one another in the best of ways; give each other space, and don’t take prickling defenses personally.

Venus semi-square Saturn 2:44 AM, Mercury semi-square Chiron 6:18 AM, Moon trine Sun 9:36 AM.

Thursday, February 18: Keep it friendly and cuddly. Engage the imagination this morning, don’t push people out of a shy spell as the Moon trine Neptune. We may not want to take personal risk, may not raise our hands in class, but will contribute to a story. Unsettled evening, feelings are a little raw and edgy, tough memories and insecurities set off by recent patterns can make us look at worst-case scenarios- unless we can really stay present and only deal with the problems right in front as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.

Mercury sesqui-square Jupiter 12:28 AM, Moon trine Neptune 4:49 AM, Moon opposed Pluto, Moon square Uranus 8:42 PM.

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