Starcodes horoscopes for February 11 – 17, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for February 11 – 17, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Valentine’s week always tend to be emotionally volatile, and this one’s a doozy. It helps to remember that Valentine’s Day is an Aquarian holiday, Aquarius respects the social collective, like bonding together to change a country or giving Valentines to all the class, it doesn’t create real intimacy, something that cannot manifest by a calendar. Aquarius focuses on the ideal of love and love of the ideal, it celebrates the concept of us, us as a couple, us as a part of a group, us as a political collective.

Ideals to one person can look like an illusion to another. It’s easy to get caught up in a fantasy or dream this week as the Sun conjuncts Neptune and Mars and trines Saturn, there’s only a hair’s breadth between delusions and vision. We need that vision to break past the current reality and conceive of new possibilities. But then we need to be ruthlessly honest to see who is really here and what is really happening. While this can be a buzz-kill for romantic fantasy, it can also bring us into a deeper, richer, safer, saner ideal and help us make it so. This goes for any collaboration, whether courting a love or building a new country.

It is a great time for a show of love to our community, tribe or collective and appreciate our family or build a new social circle. Dance in the streets with hope, as the Egyptians are, and reach for a new ideal together. But then we need to continue the action of Mars and the new forms of Saturn to manifest these ideals and make them so.

Throughout this week we get an opportunity to release an old emotional pattern that sacrificed something salient and essential about ourselves. We can do this in a personal way, stepping away from those patterns in our personal life, or do this as group, as are the Egyptian people.

For simple romance, it’s best to go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day over the weekend under a sociable Gemini Moon or wait until midweek for an operatic Full Moon in Leo to provide romantic ambiance. On Valentine’s Day we’ll need comfort, familiarity and to feel cared for as the Moon enters Cancer and Mercury trines Saturn. Don’t stand on ceremony or load up on expectations, instead give each other the gift of attention and acceptance.

If we’re feeling lonely (in or out of relationship) it helps to make a loving gesture to the world; love up the poor, the downtrodden, or send Reiki to heal the world; our hearts want to be used now, partly because we’re told they should be, but we can turn that into a loving-heart meditation.

The weekend is talkative, scattered and a little anxious as Mercury semi-squares Uranus while Mars semi-squares Pluto. Intense power dynamics swirl; underneath a cheerful sociability most of us will just feel the torque of the heart or some deep soul impatience, but these aspects can fray our edges with a push for transformation that makes communication tense and erratic and tempts a play for power which can trigger our obsessive sides or charge political hotspots. It can be exciting, and we’ll want this excitement, making it hard to settle down into anything ordinary. The situation stays in flux, it will be hard to let the dust settle and see what is really going on, though the static is more irritating than decisive. This unsettled quality can serve us, keep us moving, exploring, looking for something better and helping us improve the situation.

Early in the week we may rest and retrench or pull back, and not want to stick our head out for a few days. We want to go home, whatever that means to us. We have a chance to make nice with one another and remember common sense as Mercury trines Saturn under a mood, protective Cancer Moon.

Towards the end of the week a Full Moon in Leo can bring the denouement to some personal script or societal drama, though not the final act. It’s a perfect time to stage a major symbolic act. Let’s just be sure we mean what we say and do, because our expression may just be melodramatic but will have an effect.

Friday, Feb 11: Stubborn confusion this morning, belligerence is unproductive as the Moon squares Sun and Neptune. If signals are mixed, soften the ground and let every feel more heard. Midday we can feel the energy shift and take a step towards our ideals. We need to share this afternoon, to talk, but whether it’s a monologue or dialogue is up to us. Optimism towards the end of the day injects possibilities; give people something positive or goal-oriented to think about over the weekend and let it cook. Meet strangers tonight, conversation is curious and enthusiastic if escapist and high strung.

Saturday, Feb 12: Plans change as Mercury semi-squares Uranus and brings a low- level anxiety. News challenges the status quo, impatience makes it hard to settle in the moment, but we can use it productively. Communications feel interrupted, dropped cell phones or broken signals this morning. Mars semi-squares Pluto this afternoon and pours oil onto fires already lit; choose fights carefully, don’t tweak power dynamics. Back away if someone tries to jerk the chain. This can precipitate a healing moment if we keep a clear intention. Some practical overhaul furthers; rebuild rewire. Evening flows sweetly; it’s a good evening for demonstrations of the heart if we keep expectations down and the heart open.

Sunday Feb 13: Sweetness peaks out where it recently hid, helpfulness and hope want to flourish, though the path has been hard. Drop defenses wherever possible and take a proffered olive branch as the Moon trines Mars, Sun and Neptune this morning. Set goals together. Wit and humor opens hearts. Self-caring is needed later as the Moon enters Cancer, nurture tonight, and sleep well.

Monday, Feb 14: It feels good to focus on something seriously and bring a thought-form into fruition as Mercury trines Saturn. Business calls, agreeable solitude and organizational meeting further. But, just in time for Valentine’s, we are so sensitive and emotionally volatile around personal issues. Midday it’s easier to feel the loss than the love, easy to suffer about our suffering as a moody Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. Tenderness may be just right for some, but notice an ambient defensiveness against expectation. Evening is emotional in the best and worst of ways as the Moon opposes Venus, hold hands while crossing the streets. Think nurturance tonight, comfort food, cuddliness, warmth.

Tuesday, Feb 15: It will pass quickly if we feel old and creaky or depressed this morning. Meditative routine helps as the Moon square Saturn. Keep it slow and easy today, the aspects trigger us to process old memories and wishful thinking, and this can leave us uncertain or with poor judgment as Venus semi-squares Neptune and Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. It helps to dive into the feelings, write, paint, share feelings. Confidence improves at we return to the present tonight.

Wednesday, Feb 16: Reel in the melodrama; watch a tendency to over-speak or over-promise this morning as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. Life can unfold on an operatic scale over the next few days. Nerves and mixed messages bug us this afternoon as Mercury semi-squares Pluto, our inner tension or needs can inflame to the point where it’s hard to hear one another. It may be best not to ask for any favors at the moment, but give all that is healthy to give. If we take an ego-based stance we’ll regret it later, so let’s be generous to others. This is time to believe in potential and work towards the best.

Thursday, Feb 17: Grand vision and sensitive, intangible nuance abound as the Sun conjuncts Neptune. If we’re in subtle or idealistic circumstances we can finesse and imagine our way to beauty, but if we get hooked on delusions we can gallop down that wrong road. Our aesthetics are heightened, but we need to watch the tendency to feel martyred or be sensitive about our sensitivities. Intuition is strong but boundaries are weak unless we pay attention. We can open bust still feel a strong backbone. The Moon is full in Leo tonight, feel the up-swell; our play reaches a crisis point and turns direction.

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