Starcodes horoscopes for February 10 – 16, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for February 10 – 16, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

We’re fired up and ready to go, but may not agree on where we’re going. Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries, visible in the early evening sky, keep our passionate engagement simmering. Our soul’s histamines inflamed quickly, leaving us with an impatient allergy to anything we consider wrong or offensive. We can pour our heart into work as long as we can keep our focus, but with a relatively short attentions span, that can be a challenge. Our Facebook page, a new flame, or yet another news bulletin can send us off to chase those rabbits instead of observing what’s really going on, or turning this passionate engagement into considered and durable action.

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We can also love as fiercely, and new relationships can spark over common interest or a passing moment. This heat is just in time for a spicy, if not necessarily romantic, Valentine’s week. Consider keeping Valentine dates to an active or spontaneous experience; we may just be too wound up to spend an evening staring at one another in candlelight.

Friday brings a high-profile full moon-penumbral eclipse in dramatic Leo. Full moons highlights tension it occurs. Leo’s best motto is “I am the center of the universe, and so are you”, the inspiration to be a cultural hearth-fire, teacher, lover, leader, and performer. Leo’s lowest note is the “I am the center of the universe and you are not” narcissism. The eclipse spotlights public self- aggrandizement, but also asks us to check ourselves, and ponder where our own healthy need for self-expression and self-care veer into feathering our nest in a way that conflicts with the healthy needs of others. Let’s ponder how we further our personal narrative while we take care of those around us, both personally and as a country. Where can we shine in a way that also helps all sentient beings.

As if a Full Leo Moon eclipse couldn’t bring enough drama, we also get a comet blazing by us on Friday. The Comet will be visible in the early morning houses with a pair of binoculars, Thursday through Sunday, but most visible on Saturday morning, in the east near the constellation Hercules. It will still be 20x farther out that the Moon, but close enough to influence us. Now comets are not only beautiful to watch, they are also synchronous with a year of unusual events that trigger potential historic changes, unusual storms, changes in regimes, and a stirred-up population. We see a symbolic introduction of matter, matter from another part of the solar system once frozen and now ignited, and this provokes change.

Friday may also be the most romantic night of the week, though potentially difficult on the world stage. as Mercury sextiles Venus makes it can feel really good to put our beloved in the center of our attention and treasure them. Under this full Moon in Leo we can engage the healing power of the arts, particularly performing arts, and celebrate any of the expression of our heart.

The Moon heads into Virgo over the weekend and sharpens our critique, it also lets us know where we’re feeling edgy and how our recent experiences have affected our digestive system and our ability nurture ourselves. It reminds us to take care of ourselves when the world feel stressful.

Early next week the Moon enters Libra and asks us what is fair and balanced; but it may not be our mood. We can use funny spontaneous moments to unwind and connect with those who care that our life is bright and equitable as that Libra Moon opposes Venus and Mars in Aries.

Make this an inclusive Valentine’s day; spread warm feelings all around in true egalitarian Aquarian fashion. Remember that St. Valentine wrote of divine love, not romantic love.

Our mood grows barbs on Thursday as the Moon enters focused, stubborn Scorpio and Mercury sextiles Mars. Our concentration is stronger when we’re on track, and our vitriol increases when we’re ticked off. Stay on target. Let’s not let people distract us from our purpose and our goals.

Friday, February 10: Look for a paradoxical day of personal romance and political melodrama. We can sweettalk one another as Mercury sextiles Venus, want to share the beauty of our words and inspiration. but are easily inflamed by an apparent tension between the personal needs and the needs of the group. We all want to shine but narcissism will infuriate us under the full Moon eclipse at 5:32 PM. Evening brings more chance to be personally generous and collaborative as the Moon sextiles Jupiter and trine’s Saturn.

Mercury sextile Venus, Moon trine Uranus 3:35 PM, Moon opposed sun/lunar eclipse 5:32 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:39 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:52 PM.

Saturday, February 11: It furthers to get our life in order, we’ll feel better if we clear our desk are closet, clear out our inbox or smudge our aura. Critical voice is strong, we need to speak our critique, go very gently with one another in the process. Anxiety about global issues can come out on an interpersonal level and that doesn’t help. It furthers to do something that expands our horizons today as the Sun trines Jupiter.

Moon enters Virgo 6:51 AM, Sun trine Jupiter 8:45 AM.

Sunday, February 12: Our thinking may be fuzzy, our concerns can work into our dreams as the Moon opposes Neptune, but they’re not prophecy. Let an afternoon heartache wash through as the Moon trines Pluto. Support health tonight.

Moon opposed Neptune 2:41 AM, Moon trine Pluto 4:02 PM.

Monday, February 13: We want to feel the world is fair will and balance this morning as the Moon enters Libra and the Sun sextiles Saturn, we’ll notice where it’s not, and are willing to work hard in that direction. Take an opportunity to step away from reactivity and into constructive action. Reassess personal responsibilities. It furthers to support one another and feel an energetic exchange, to be there for one another.

 Moon square Saturn 5:36 AM, Moon enters Libra 1:42 PM, Sun sextile Saturn 10:57 PM.

Tuesday, February 14: Take advantage of new avenues and opportunities; communication can flow fairly easily this morning as the Libra Moon trines Mercury, so outreach, collaborate, and meet. Our critique can sharpen around dinner time as the Moon opposes Mars, let’s see if we can direct this at the world and not at our beloveds. Drop expectations and appreciate connection.

Moon opposed Venus 3:50 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:09 AM, Moon opposed Mars 2:41 PM.

Wednesday, February 15: Clear up minor personal irritations or misunderstandings that sprang up in moments of unguarded Impatience, clear the air and soothes prickly edges as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning and se tile Saturn. Do it now before the Moon enters Scorpio tonight when a sullen edginess will deepen unhealed rifts. Follow up on business leads and get information where it needs to go.

Moon square Pluto 12:57 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 7 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:53 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:30 PM, Moon trine son 6:53 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 11:40 PM.

Thursday, February 16: Get to the point and don’t keep people waiting. This is a potentially tactless but highly strategic day as Mercury sextiles Mars under a Scorpio Moon. Watch dueling defenses make headlines. Don’t expose tender underbellies to impatient people, make sure the other is in a place to receive before exposing a heart. This sharp, suspicious energy is good for research, and for setting personal boundaries.

Mercury sextile Mars, 11 of 14 a.m., Moon trine Neptune 10:01 PM.

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