Starcodes horoscopes for December 9 – 15, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for December 9 – 15, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Rationality, steady accomplishment, endurance, patience; this may not sound like a warm and fuzzy holiday attitude, but these handy attributes are offered to us as the Sun conjuncts serious Saturn, sextiles hopeful Jupiter, and trines restless Uranus this week. With this line-up we can feel terribly serious, concerned, or with heavy spirits, which may be a totally appropriate attitude towards the world these days, but that Saturnine endurance and Uranian curiosity are also in there, and positively trine, and they can see us through. We just have to reach for it.

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Because the Sun so active this week we may be dealt a wild card; big things can happen for better or worse, a surprising relief or a fresh call to action. Look for more clues to this year’s agenda on both a personal and political level. That trine between Saturn and Uranus ripples in so many directions for the next few months; Saturn can give form to the Uranian changes, but we see those changes could move into a saturnine direction; conservative, restrictive, and potentially threadbare. We can turn it around with effort, and add Uranian change to saturnine structures if we have vision and persistence.

We can easily feel low-energy and need hibernate this week, our seasonal moodiness can get worse if we feel useless or ineffectual as Mercury in Capricorn approaches a conjunction with Pluto and slows down to retrograde on December 19. With Mercury already in its shadow, we can notice technical snafus, wiring problems and those lapses in understanding beginning to accrue. It furthers to have something constructive to do, a person to help, a group to work with and cheer each other on. If the world turns grey let’s take care of our mood and not listen to the stories our fears may whisper, as these are not reliable. Instead, hold hearts gently, and do one thing that makes life better, for ourselves or for someone else.

As that Mercury sextiles intuitive Neptune this weekend we need to choose carefully how we use our imagination; if we don’t like the future we see, let’s not vote for that reality with our imagination, as astro-cohort Caroline Casey says, but instead ask ourselves what would make things better. Then daydream and act upon that. We can also feel unusually fed by Neptunian gifts like prayer, meditation, music, good company, and the magic of the season, and will enjoy it best when we can get all of them together.

An Aries Moon on Friday brings out our inner impatient rebel, though we can rebel from inertia and make positive changes, starting with our house. Throughout this week, if we slow down for too long, we could feel the mood gremlins tug at our sleeves.

A Taurus Moon over the weekend helps us make more comfortable choices. Early next week the Moon waxes full in verbal Gemini, hovering over the charts of the president elect and his vice president, and too much will be said by all sides. But we can get the world out. It’s a great time engage in debate and to send packages, run errands, or travel.

A Cancer Moon brings a more personal, protective note on Wednesday, and it is time to domesticate, and take care of one another. If the moody mists roll in, reach for that strength and those good causes to connect the soul to purpose.

Friday, December 9: Early morning discouragement can put a burr under our saddle, but we can use this discontent to motivate and tackle a problem we’ve been avoiding. Midday brings room for a shift and a penitential twinkle to our eye as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. Tonight, it furthers to break routine.

Moon square Pluto 6:52 AM, Moon trine son 9:58 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 10:50 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:09 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus to 20 4 PM, Sun sextile Jupiter 2:39 PM, Moon sextile Mars 6:06 PM.

Saturday, December 10: Dreamland wants to hold in to us this morning at Mercury sextiles Neptune, we just have to watch a passive response as the Sun conjuncts Saturn, and do not feed the doldrums with our thoughts-we’ll feel better if we can find ways to create beauty, comfort, connection and safety, in whatever scale we can.  Evening begins a welcoming flow between hearts if we can motivate to connect.

Mercury sextile Neptune 1:25 AM, Sun conjunct Saturn 4:51 AM, Moon enters Taurus 5:40 AM, Moon square Venus 11:37 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:51 PM, Moon trine Mercury 10:18.

Sunday, December 11: We need magic, a change in routine; we’re ready to make a difference as the Sun trines Uranus in fire signs, but may have trouble figuring out where. If we don’t have a clear and useful goal, we can find good people who are gathering for a purpose, and help. Feel the heart lighten with improvement and connection. Spend a moment organizing for the week ahead and create doable goals to keep the momentum moving.

Moon trine Pluto 7:54 AM, Moon square Mars 9:04 PM, Sun trine Uranus 11:56 PM.

Monday, December 12: It’s easier to do ten things than on: the Gemini Moon can rev up our nerves and words this morning and can leave us more scattered than focused. We need to talk, but can interrupt one another incessantly. Watch how anxiety and excitement are expressed; make sure the nervous energy goes in appropriate places, maybe Olympic-level multi-tasking, rather than splatter over one another.

Moon enters Gemini 5:41 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:22 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:30 PM. 

Tuesday, December 13: This full Moon in Gemini can be pleasantly sociable in the right circumstances, or nervy and fracturing on another; it can be hard to integrate our thoughts as we notice our internal and cultural paradox. Snippets and sound bites highlight those internal conflicts. But, to our advantage we can pour this nervy energy into last minute tasks and tend to unfinished papers, and errands.

Moon trine Jupiter 11:24 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 12:03 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:17 PM, Moon opposed the Sun 5:05 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:57 PM.

Wednesday, Dec 14: The Moon enters Cancer and we want to go home. even, or especially, if we are not sure where that is. It’s a good day to reach out to displaced people and creatures, and to find ways to reconcile with biological and chosen family. Defenses run high, personalities are edgy, but we want to believe that good is possible.

Moon enters Cancer 5:08 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:16 PM.

Thursday, December 15: The morning may feel tough, our inner conflicts uncomfortable and our thoughts chase after rabbits as the Moon opposes both Mercury and Pluto. If we dive deep, we can find gems of new understanding. Otherwise, we may just need to hold on to spirit and work this through. Feel a grip lessen and more options open midday as the Moon squares Jupiter and Uranus.

Moon opposed Mercury 3:24 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:38 AM, Moon square Jupiter 12:07 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:36 PM.

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