Starcodes horoscopes for December 4 – 10, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for December 4 – 10, 2009

The week begins on a heartfelt note- and we may retreat from some edge to nestle into the familiar, a familiar way of expressing ourselves an old mode of thinking, old friends as Venus sextiles traditional Saturn.  We need this comfort to reground in our roots, but and this can help us as the week progresses and our buttons get pushed. We are in a few year rapid-change cycle, and sometimes it can feel like too much,  our politicians reach back to try to recreate the way things were, we need to tap into our deepest roots and protect our heartfelt traditions,  and let the rest evolved, because we cant step backwards

The surface, day to day interactions can be light and festive this with, but a deeper undercurrent press on us, our thoughts cloud or intensify as mercury conjuncts Pluto in serious Capricorn.

A tough confluence of ideas meets reality can catch us between a rock and a hard place this week as Mercury conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn. It may not be a dire as we think or fear, and we do not have to go to as desperate to deal with it as we may be afraid we have to.  But it is a wake up call. Some radical act can shock us.  A look the tough situation squarely in the eye, and deal with it. Our enemy will be disoriented, or a feeling that we have to manipulate or control to keep ourselves dares to get what we want. These are an inclusion, it may take an act of faith to walk past these and move forwards.

These aspects are a crucible, melting and forging through some touch challenges, a more solid future.  But it may be harder to see unless we have a lot of imagination. Check in with older people or those which have had a long illness or depression, as these aspects weigh heavily and some may not be able to see the future coming. Keep karma clean with beloveds, say what needs to be said now; we’re ready for heavy discussion with mercury in this configuration.

Jupiter has danced with Chiron all year, but perfects its conjunction on Monday, right in the middle of this very tough and potentially depressing mercury, Pluto aspects. This is a profound, healing time during which you lay to rest painful memories, which have haunted you in times gone by, and move into areas that are linked straight to your heart. Opportunities for learning present themselves and you discover talents that you never knew existed. One person, an important teacher or healer, may enter your life, or you could be given the opportunity to take an enlightening study course, or to travel. Alternatively if this transit happens later in your life, you also may have opportunities to express your own teaching and healing talent, finding an appropriate avenue of expression for wisdom gained from past experience.

Friday, Dec 4
: Don’t try to make sense of it; feel the honesty of the paradox, we really do have mixed feelings, sobering thoughts nag us while a sweet enthusiasm beck us; outgoing with a personally shy streak, able to talk about anything except our feelings.  But the deeper feelings run strong underneath.  Morning is creatively pragmatic, good aesthetic decisions, and good friends we can count on as Venus sextiles Saturn.  Roll through a rough patch mid-afternoon as contradictions collide, evening bubbles where we are in safe circumstances, but don’t ask us to stick our neck out too far as the Cancer Moon trines Uranus.

Saturday, Dec 5: A thoughtful, domestic day, though it may be better to sleep through an early, achy Mars-Saturn challenge. By mid-morning the moon enters Leo and our demeanor expands, we can choose to make the best of what we’ve got. Our self-control or sense of humor is tested as Mercury enters strategic Capricorn later, though we are ready to learn, build, and plan.  Dueling needs for attention can strain conversations unless everyone feels heard. Playfulness grows as the day wanes and the Moon trines Venus.

Sunday, Dec 6
: Let the world go for a minute and check in with personal needs this morning. Afternoon, our concerns lean on us and can make us feel old, but improves if we feel some progress made. This afternoon our pride is easily affronted and quickly temperamental unless we redirect the energy as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Monday, Dec 7
: Check weather and moods, the situation may be trickier than it seems as the Moon opposes Neptune, enters Virgo and Mercury conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn. Good solid work where the path is clear, but uncertainty about our future can unsettle or anger; digestion and shoulder muscles may need extra care. A good bowl of soup helps. It’s easier to define the problem than get cooperation on a solution midday, but look for an opportunity that needs effort but can work, later on.  Heal what needs healing tonight.

Tuesday, Dec 8: Nervous energy  needs solid work to do or we get cranky: make a list and check it off. Keep an eye out for mechanical malfunctions late morning. Overnight grumbles want action, but it may be good to wait until later in the day to see what’s real and what is ephemeral. We can obsess on relationships, run a critical litany to keep sensitivity at bay, or stumble on a social awkwardness: all melt away in the light of honest kindness.

Wednesday, Dec 9
: Take care of health and  tie up loose ends until the Moon enters Libra  3:47 pm MST. Start new work afterwards. Mid-afternoon, some incident can tap on an old interpersonal scar as the Moon challenges Saturn and Pluto. It’s hard to get agreements until the softer evening; social responsibilities need warm heart and restraint.

Thursday, Dec 10
: Timing is rough this morning, smoothes out towards noon.  Make an effort to understand as the Libra Moons squares Mercury. Find a tactful way to be completely honest. Midday, the pressure softens and there’s more room to socialize, keep it egalitarian and know that weaving good community is good for business. It’s a good night for a holiday party.

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