Starcodes Horoscopes for December 31, 2010 to January 6, 2011

Starcodes Horoscopes for December 31, 2010 to January 6, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

On this eve of 2011 change rumbles underneath us, swelling up from every crack in the culture and through every choice we make. Over the next few years we can resist and feel torn by its tremors or roll with the waves and set our sails towards personal and cultural evolution, and see where this current takes us.

As the year turns, and after a sleepy, introspective holiday season, the stars want us to wake up and look for the hidden reasons underneath our own actions and the hidden currents under the actions of both our dear ones and of those people making major political decisions. Let the invisible become visible. Once we get a clearer picture of what’s going on and why, we can navigate these currents of change more successfully.

We can’t predict the direction of the change with so many wild cards in play, but we can guide it. Each day we need to hold on to our vision for ourselves and our world, and make decision to move us in that direction. This slow cultural earthquake began in 2008 as structural, solid Saturn opposed change-master Uranus, deepened last year as Saturn squared transformative Pluto, and intensifies now as Uranus squares Pluto through 2014.

Mercury turned direct yesterday, and while transportation stays complicated through the weekend, we being the New Year able to look ahead. Next week our plans pick up speed, but right now, let’s take a deep breath and find our center so we can walk in to the New Year healthy, connected, and centered. There’s no point in pushing any agenda right now, though some people will try. Mars and the Sun are both now in Capricorn and can loan a very managerial, manipulative edge to our interactions: while this can be helpful to manifest ideas and motivate us when we know what we’re doing, it can also spill over into ambitious maneuvering to get others to do what we want. North and South Korea won’t be the only ones wrestling to maintain a balance of power this month.

New Year’s Eve begins quiet and deep, a good time to do some personal divination or rumination about the year ahead, then builds up sparkle for a high-energy late night under an active, ecstatic Sagittarius Moon. The Sagittarius Moon will help us travel this weekend, get where we need to go with our holiday mood intact even if travelling conditions are still difficult while Mercury picks up speed.

Hopefully, while Mercury was retrograde over the last three weeks, we had chance to go back and finish work we should have done a long time ago, like the American legislature’s lame duck season’s burst of productivity. Monday we need to just get our feet back on the ground and get organized. Tuesday’s New Moon in determined and competent Capricorn is time to get started, launch a business or initiate any work. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus exactly this week; though we feel it all winter, it peaks now, bringing new technological innovations and sorting out tech dead-ends that just don’t work. Towards the end of the week is a good time to update needed tech paraphernalia. All across the board it grows an itch to change what is not working a.s.a.p. It’s time to get busy with our business; all we need is a clear destination and willingness to walk that road.

The week grows in its practicality, a good time to set clear, achievable goals together. But pay attention if some old relationship issues brew on the inside, the can distort what we see unless we notice the cloudy lens as Venus squares Neptune. This can give a creative burst, and combined with the practical Capricorn is great for sculpture design, any practical amalgam of art and form. But our relationships can feel the ghosts of old problems, or hidden feelings shifting across our psyche. We can dream together and renew. But let’s question any second thoughts or suspicions, any assumptions about who we love or how our relationships are going. Let’s just stay present with one another.

Friday, Dec 31: The morning is deep and sweet but we’ll hate to be hurried as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Scorpio, and we communicated best without words.  Hidden feeling surface, respect them and do not attach to them, those winds are blowing and can change direction. Sleepy, introverted afternoon can inspire a change of plans. Enthusiasm builds as the Moon enters Sagittarius mid-evening, it’s a wonderful night to walk under the stars or dance the night away.

Saturday, Jan 1: Get moving, a grumpy early morning can leave us irritable with other people’s time table. Take the dogs on a walk. Wait to coordinate with other humans until afternoon, which is a low-key, aimless, funny moment out of time. Don’t push people about future plans, be here now and build connections.

Sunday, Jan 2: Morning is imaginative, spirit hovers nearby. Dream together, but drive safely, soggy conditions or odd judgments can make it hard to rush. Pace efforts and choose what to take on the next leg of the journey; it’s easy to leave objects, people, and bad memories behind as the Sun semi-squares Neptune. Fortuitous moments this afternoon, travel well but stay alert for changing weather. Nurture good will instead of luck tonight.

Monday, Jan 3: Prepare, clear out the closets and clear the decks under this dark of the Moon in competent Capricorn; sort and align for tomorrow. Some tough reality may hit this afternoon, we may feel a loss but need not feel lost; any move in the right direction helps. Take stock of who is on the same team and build trust by really caring about them; personal connections now will help work tomorrow. Listen to your dreams tonight.

Tuesday, Jan 4: Our feelings may be confused, but our practical side clears up as Venus squares Neptune just before the New Moon in Capricorn. Moody depression can bring up our control issues; but if we feel overwhelmed, it helps to just begin and continue. Work magic; clarify ambitions and take a step towards intentions to let the universe know we mean it. Practical idealistic changes possible this afternoon Leadership is important, but share ideas and relaxes around who goes first.

Wednesday, Jan 5: We can get easily ticked off if others do not cooperate with our plans, but it won’t help. Decision made yesterday need refining and manifesting today as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus. It’s a good day to buy high tech or find ingenious conclusions by experimenting. Modify and adjust this afternoon. Take care of spine and knees. Evening feels more collaborative but not intimate.

Thursday, Jan 6:  This is a strategic, political day; gather support, share ideas, but be aware of the strategic moves underneath. A certain emotional detachment and ruthlessness can hover under the friendliness, an abstracted approach to feelings. Don’t take ulterior agendas personally; just be aware they’re there.

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