Starcodes horoscopes for December 30 – January 5, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for December 30 – January 5, 2017

By Heather Roan Robbins

The astrological patterns of 2017 call for follow-through, innovation, and compassion.

Follow through: So many changes have transformed our world over the last five years that we are in a phase of reaction, a spring-back, but do not have to let go of the progress we’ve made. Many souls who contracted for the last chapter are choosing to leave, which can make this a hard transition. Any cultural or legal change, any positive change of personal habit, need to be exercised and guarded until they become a new habit, because these changes will be challenged. We need to follow through on the efforts of the last era as we get started on the new chapter.  And hug our beloveds in the process.

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Innovation: Look for technological innovation and sociological experiments that stretch and test us as serious Saturn trines, and expansive Jupiter opposes, exciting, chaotic Uranus, now through the fall.   We need to pay attention to the consequences of our actions. This Saturn Uranus trine suggests the first round of changes will move the balance towards conservative saturnine restrictions in the name of security. But we can also use this trine to also build structure and organization into all our agencies of change. Jupiter opposes Uranus show the opposition to the changes expressed by the left, digging in their heels, but the real power will be not in resistance, but in refocusing the changes towards clear, healthy, Uranian-egalitarian, and specific goals.

Transformation: Things do not settle down this year, the climate and ecosystems continue to change and politics stay in flux around the world. Many people will want steer the changes to benefit their ilk, but we can counterbalance that pressure and take a truly global approach to problem-solving. Jupiter in egalitarian Libra until October encourages us to find our people and work together to build healthy romantic partnerships and social justice allies. Dynamic compassion needs to be our guiding principle.

Throughout 2017: Pluto remains in Capricorn transforming how we use electrical, political, and personal power by showing us power at its most oppressive worst- and at its empowering best. Uranus in rebellious, quick-to-fight Aries continues to challenge, sometimes explosively, this power-wielding dynamic. Neptune stays in intuitive, spiritual Pisces and keeps water health, water rights, and wild weather in the headlines. This Neptune feeds our spiritual hunger and need for numinous magic, but it also can feed the religious attachment that creates wars. We need to honor the many paths to spirit.

As this weekend begins: Friday brings a new industriousness under a new Capricorn Moon, we can become controlling if we’re feeling out of control. We may want to start a new work cycle, but need to use this industriousness to clean up flotsam from 2016 and organize for the year ahead as Mercury is retrograde through Jan 8.  Watch for difficult pragmatic snafus and accidents, be thoughtful around all machinery and intersections.

As 2017 dawns we may feel overwhelmed, emotional, and concerned about the future, and that can lead to an excess of escapist behavior New Year’s Eve. But a hangover won’t make the new year look any better. Let’s keep our hearts open, our souls soft and protective, and dream together through the weekend, and as Venus joins the Moon, Mars, and Neptune in intuitive, squishy Pisces on Tuesday.

Mercury retrogrades back into outspoken Sagittarius on Wednesday and we’ll feel like stomping horses waiting for a race to start. Unexpected comments can reveal startling truths, but let’s fact check all we say and post. Watch for missteps, misunderstandings, and explosions. If people get cranky, ask what would clear the air, and help them get them pointed towards an achievable goal in the direction of their dreams.

Friday, Dec 30: Neither try to push the river, not be left out of plans, stay involved in important processes, but stay in the present moment. Frustration breeds depression, our moodiness improves if we feel like we’re getting somewhere. This evening it furthers to take a conceptual break, see a wonderful movie or somehow transport the psyche as the Sun sextiles Neptune and the Moon enters Aquarius.

Moon square Uranus 12:19 AM, Sun sextile Neptune 4:24 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:29  pm.

Saturday, Dec 31: Sweep the house and the soul, gather together unhappy remnants of 2016 and have a bonfire. Make plans to share this release of the old and bring in support to launch 2017 with intention as Jupiter quincunx the healing asteroid Chiron. It will be tempting to drown sorrows, but we’ll need our brains working in the new year ahead.

Mars conjuncts Neptune 11:52 PM.

Sunday, Jan 1: Let the world come to a gentle halt and savor the people nearby under this collective Aquarius Moon. Share from the heart. Keep imagination away from fear by brainstorming about possibilities and setting healing intentions for the new year.

Moon sextile Uranus 9:23 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:37 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:03 AM.

Monday, Jan 2:  Our brains and hearts are still out on holiday, so let’s keep expectations low. Emotions wash through us as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in sensitive Pisces.  We may be happy sitting by the fire with a good book or engaging in some other low-key occupation, but may feel swamped by emotions if we try to get practical and deal. Irritations or emotional impatience increases tonight as the Moon conjuncts Mars. Let’s dwell in compassion; support one another, but stay in the moment and don’t try to look too far ahead.

Moon conjunct Venus 12:58 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:57 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 8:57 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 11:35 PM

Tuesday, Jan 3:  It’s a great week to write a fantasy novel as Venus joins Mars and Neptune in imaginative Pisces. So write one about the coming year and imagine the situation improving. Take back the paradigm. People are still feeling sentimental, tender, worried, and slow off the mark. Practical concerns need to be dealt with, not delayed tonight as the Moon square Saturn. Build support and connections, care for one another and the next steps get easier.

Venus enters Pisces 12:46 AM, Mercury sextile Venus 12:40 PM, Moon square Saturn 6:32 PM.

Wednesday, Jan 4: We begin to get our energy back, feel a bit more chipper and forward thinking, but may also need to speak up and get something off our chest first as Mercury appears to back into out-spoken Sagittarius and the Moon enters feisty Aries. Injudicious comments may have long term ramifications, so think before speaking, and hope our politicians do the same.

Mercury enters Sagittarius, 7:14 AM, Moon squares Mercury9:14 AM, Moon enters Aries 9:19 AM.

Thursday, Jan 5: Our heart may feel sore or our spirits disappointed as Venus semi-squares Pluto, and we may need to make changes in response. Unexpected elements require us to think fast, but watch out for a knee-jerk response against an antagonism, and choose thoughtfully where to go instead. If things are hard, hold one another’s hands in compassion.

Moon square the Sun 12:46 PM, Moon square Pluto 3:16 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 9:14 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 11:06 PM, Moon trine Saturn, 11:36 PM.


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