Starcodes Horoscopes for December 3 – 9, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for December 3 – 9, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Serious thoughts weave through the holiday glitter as Mercury conjuncts Pluto this week. An astrological weather system which began in early November, insisting that unexpected bits of truth pour out, cosmic Wiki-leaks on a personal and political level, now finishes with a flourish this and asks us what we want to do with this new understanding.

Some turning point or decision may seem imminent, as a flash-point in world events or as quieter personal revelation. But resolution may not be as close as it seems. We have time to chew on the work. Some issue that comes up now, whether it is a memory to wrestle with, problem to overcome, or new challenge that makes us wonder if we’ve got what it takes, will be with us in the foreground and the background through the holidays. Although we work on it now, it will not leave our minds; we reconsider and work on it through the turning of the year; communicative Mercury leaves outspoken Sagittarius, enters industrious Capricorn and conjuncts transformative Pluto midweek, but then Mercury retrogrades from December 10 to December 30, conjuncts Pluto again Dec 13, and once again on Jan 17 after it turns direct.

Because Mercury soon turns retrograde we may be feeling pressured to complete a chuck of work, even if we aren’t a lame duck senator. Mercury retrograde can complicate pre-holiday shopping, mailing, and travelling, so it will pay to make sure holiday packages are well-wrapped, labeled and out early. Consider insurance for the bigger pieces. Finalize travel plans now but be ready to keep them flexible.

This weekend starts out a bit rough under a stormy Scorpio Moon and as testy Mars closes in on a square to Uranus. This ruggedly individualist Mars-Uranus square that can give us the gumption to take on a touch challenge, but can also spark a flammable situation. We can go along feeling happy focuses and energized, but if someone jerks our chain, it is a real challenge not to respond in kind.
Some challenges need to be met head on, so look for a showdown in a major political arena, but keep this vibe away from the dinner table.

Let’s not let those dastardly folk get us down. It may be hard to let go of a flare of resentment, but will burn us more than them if we do. Be careful about discussing child care or any flammable topic with an ex-partner at the moment.

The weekend starts out with a tough, ruggedly individualist Mars-Uranus square that can give us the gumption to take on a tough challenge, but can also spark a flammable situation. We may be going along feeling happy and focused under these stars, but if someone jerks our chain it’s hard not to respond in kind. It may be tricky to let go of a flare of resentment in such a case, but it will burn us more than them.

It is almost winter now, we’re heading into the darkest weeks of the year. If the weather is wild, consider staying home, this Mars-Uranus is a brave and ingenious aspect, but also accident prone. Put up the holiday lights with panache, why do it the same old way under these creative aspects, but be careful around the wiring.

Midweek, we get a chance to rethink any earlier impulsive decisions, we can more readily see what they really mean to us and then need to assess what to do next. We may be inspired to a flurry of work as Mars and the Moon join Mercury in ambitious Capricorn, but have to use this willful muscle wisely and avoid a temptation to manipulate or control. This potential burst of self-disciple can help us clear the decks for the holiday. Since we can be hard on ourselves at this time, it is important to avoid a temptation to berate oneself for what has not been done and instead celebrate everything already accomplished.

Friday, Dec 3: this is an energized, out-spoken and sometimes abrasive day with explosive undertones as Mars squares Uranus under a Scorpio Moon. We can break free from some mental restraint of habit and see fresh potential, but let’s not start a fire we can’t put out. Watch for electrical sparks, mechanical difficulties and cranky temperaments; back off. Stay centered around even dear ones, we don’t want to need others and so may push away. Midday, notice an urge to hold on tightly, but hold to hope, not to a grudge. Tonight we may enjoy a wild spark yet need unspoken camaraderie. Underneath we may be looking for an expression of trustworthiness but will hate to feel tested; no it is not fair.

Saturday, Dec 4: Early morning is squirrelly with positive changes likely; mood lightens midday as the Moon enters Sagittarius and our options open. Think globally and act locally; pay attention to world news and attend to travel plans now. Erratic energy later; playfulness reduces static but can also be an excuse for sharp edges disguised as honesty. Avoid crowds, lines; our spirit is big and doesn’t want to be confined in small places or small corners of the mind, find an adventure instead.

Sunday, Dec 5: Depression sniffs at the edges of the mind even as the New Sagittarius Moon demands movement of the body, mind, or soul. Walking or travelling shifts the mood and encourages penetrating, insightful explorations. If we’ve felt stuck before, we are so out of there now. Let go. But don’t be tempted to let go where all that’s needed is a break. Put safety first as Uranus turns direct and Mercury conjuncts Pluto; think actions through before, not afterwards, and be aware that some psyches are feeling threadbare. A decision made today may need to be reconsidering again and again.

Monday, Dec 6: Cooperative morning, ask now while people are feeling flexible. Reflexes soar midday but snap decisions may be faulty, though some sudden flash of insight may indeed be truth breaking through as Moon conjuncts Mars. Later, as the Moon enters Capricorn, we see what needs work but may try to manipulate others into doing for us. Tonight, watch a sulky streak; we could all use encouragement and really want to know our efforts are appreciated.

Tuesday, Dec 7: Productive, determined, tough but loving; use this moment of better judgment to rethink recent impulsive decisions and plan the next step. Shoot for steady accomplishment, don’t try to do too much, and celebrate each step on the way as a Sun-Saturn sextiles gives our work a boost. Deal with any bureaucracies or stray logistics now. If the mood slumps tonight, rest rather than wrestle.

Wednesday, Dec 8: Emotions can feel haunted, our hearts are full though we feel a lack elsewhere as Venus sextiles Pluto, but that can pry open our hearts and let us pour our action and money where our heart goes. Form and function can blend together in art or craft. Look for tangible ways to express feelings this afternoon; gesture reaches the empty spots better than words.

Thursday, Dec 9: Erratic communications remind us it’s time to back up the computers and check to make sure we’re all on the same page. Energy blunts, networking increases, feelings unsettle, misconnections increase. If relationship issues flare up midday, soothe rather than feed the fire. Roll with a change in plans this quirky evening.

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