Starcodes horoscopes for December 29 – January 4, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for December 29 – January 4, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

In 2018 we need to garden our perception and intuition like they’re our last hope for food. The most prominent aspect the year ahead is a trine between expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune (exact 5/26, 8/19, felt through September). Neptune stimulates the realm where our imagination, delusion, our hopes and fears, insight and lies, spirituality and intuition magnify and mingle, but it does not help us differentiate between them. To safely develop our intuition, we need to learn the difference between our desires or anxieties, and our true perceptions. We’ll need all our senses to guide us this year so that we can vision a better future and make it so, instead of feeling swamped with Neptune’s shadow of lighting or the illusion of wishful thinking.

Listen to the deeper call underneath the proliferating illusions of hopes and fear, beneath a Neptunian longing to escape, to feel what is real, to feel our interconnection, and then act decisively and pragmatically to benefit all our relations.

Water is life. Neptune refers pragmatically to water, and water rights will stay problematic, a symbol for that pool of intuition in which swim. Tend to the waters; water rights, water quality, and we symbolically tend to the health of both the earth, and of our spirit.

We will need to fill the wells of our spirit this year, or we can crave escape from a grim ordinary reality as Saturn in Capricorn approaches Pluto (conjunct in 2019) and old patriarchal authority structures flex their muscles. Between now and 2024, Pluto traverses the path it took right before the American Revolution, the last time Pluto walked through Capricorn, and tightens the screws as it challenges us to find a revolutionary way to empower the people. We’ve done it before, we can do it again; hopefully this time with a gentler, less literal version, but knowing we can go there if we have to.

If our souls are well fed, and we feel that the connection to source, we can hang in there, hold the vision of a better world and do the work that needs to be done. Let’s use this Capricorn lineup to organize, strengthen, and structure our work.

Uranus enters earthy Taurus on May 15, it was last here from 1934 -1942 when it midwifed Social Security and the New Deal. Uranus will catalyze change to our approach to material resources over the next eight years, but may do so by creating a real challenge first. The trick will be not to waste energy in petty power dynamics with one another, but instead keep our eye on the prize and scale one mountain at a time. With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, keep working with those mountain goat metaphors. Keep matter sacred, tend to economics, banking, farmland, all earthly resources as if they are sacraments and see that they are used for the benefit of all sentient beings.

But back to this week, a Gemini Moon over the weekend brings great conversation and last-minute ideas, and good time to talk over the review of the year that was to review the last year. On New Year’s Eve the Gemini Moon keeps the bubbles bubbling and conversation unfolding until shortly after midnight when the Moon enters Cancer and we may suddenly want to go home to a nice warm bed.

On New Year’s Day a moody full Moon in Cancer calls us to our hearts and stomachs.  Let’s feed one another and really think about what nourishes us, then resolve to nourish our soul, our earth, and our community in the year ahead that Moon opposes the Sun, Venus, and Saturn.

Uranus turns direct on Tuesday and after some unexpected mechanical difficulties on earth we begin to feel changes lurch forward that have been put on hold for a long time. But a growing conjunction between Jupiter and Mars, one that happens approximately every two years, peaks next week, and can bring out a feisty, competitive, possessive, argumentative streak this first week. Insecurities or jealousies can trigger people to act out. If an argument begins, or protest movement, there will be a lot of fuel around to push it, though we may not see the results for months to come. Let’s leap into the new year whole-heartedly and use this fuel to drive our dreams and not our troubles.  Let’s be conscious about what we start.

Friday, December 29: Make peace where there were arguments last night. We feel a longing to get cozy and indulge ourselves under a cuddly, earthy Taurus Moon, but we may need to dig in our heels with creative stubbornness and work steadily on a personal project instead. Don’t hurry anyone, an even pace will go farther.

Moon opposed Jupiter 3:21 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7 AM.

Saturday, December 30: We have lots to say and share today as the Moon enters Gemini and forms a series of minor if irritating aspects. Curiosity can help us explore a different neighborhood or place of mind. Life can feel one step off with minor mishaps or timing problems, but if we can syncopate our rhythm, we can still make it work.

Moon enters Gemini 1:30 AM, Moon squares Neptune 8:35 PM.

Sunday, December 31: reviewing the year that was, the Gemini Moon can help us list everything we’ve experienced and need to release before the new year begins. Other things we need to say to one another to clear the air and complete cycles. And what’s our take-home message, what are we determined to do in 2018. Do that which will make tomorrow bright, rather than do that which would make you regret tonight.

Moon opposes Mercury 5:29 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 4:38 PM.

Monday, January 1: Make this a gentle and nurturing time. The Moon enters Cancer early on, waxes full at 7:24 PM MST tonight, and, as the Moon opposes the Sun, Venus, and Saturn, can make it hard to stomach the new year.  Notice tension between people’s opinions or between our personal desires and our political and professional drives. Get out of that dichotomy; explore what could be the third position that takes care of all sides of life, all people involved, and make resolutions to support that view.

Moon enters Cancer 1:01 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 3:25 AM, Moon opposes Venus 4:27 PM, Moon opposes Sun 7:24 PM, Moon trine Neptune 7:52 PM.

Tuesday, January 2: Morning is moody, potentially filled with difficult surprises as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and Uranus turns direct. Later our ability to daydream and imagine a strong today as the Sun trine’s Neptune, which can space us out of we try to be efficient, but really support us if we use the time to vision the year ahead.

Moon trine Mars 12:40 AM, Sun sextiles Neptune 2:37 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:07 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 6:42 AM, Uranus turns direct 7:10 AM, Moon squares Uranus 3:45 PM.

Wednesday, January 3: This can be a truly sociable day, just as we are supposed to be getting back to work. The Moon in Leo helps us bring out our extraversion and reconnect with the world after an internal holiday, while an idealistic Venus-Neptune sextile helps us brainstorm possibilities. Be ready to launch into the next chapter. Just be patient and watch for a collision of egos or ideas, lest we all speak it once.

Moon enters Leo at 12:22 AM, Venus sextiles Neptune 10:38 AM.

Thursday, January 4: A willful morning can make us irritated, or help us kick into gear, depending upon our attitude. People shoot sparks if they feel underappreciated or unseen as the Moon squares Mars and Jupiter, so take turns and offer respect.  Communication improves this afternoon as the Moon trines Mercury and Uranus, we’re ready to discuss upcoming changes.

Moon squares Mars 2:33 AM, Moon squares Jupiter 4:33 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:51 AM, Moon trine Uranus 4:09 PM.

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