Starcodes horoscopes for December 26 – January 1, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for December 26 – January 1, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

A friendly adventurous afterglow begins the weekend, though it lengthens into a potentially tough and thoughtful karmic pause, which precipitates a week of determined effort. Let’s start working on our New Year’s resolutions now.

As the weekend begins the restless mod of a Sagittarius Moon encourages us to walk of feasting foods and play with any new festive toys, anything but do the usual routine. A competitive undertone can make it hard to share those new toys, but encourages us to get active and get real as Mars enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto this week. This willful conjunction combines with a New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday to add determination and depth to our life. We can tackle assembly-required presents, or tackle the new skills these present require.  If we’re skiing on vacation, we can attack new slopes with unusual fervor, ready to beat our personal best. If we intend to be slackers for vacation, we’ll slack our way through any hint of chores.

And if we have more dire issues to cope with, it allows us to deal with the crisis. It may bring long term issues to a head, and require a change in how we operate. Be careful around family where an old feud brews, and check in with people with ongoing health challenges or in some other life crisis.

This line-up encourages our will to pursue our personal desires in a responsible way. It offers the potential for extraordinary competence wherever we have clear and mutual goals, and is very auspicious for setting up a new presidential administration. But clarifying the goals may not be as easy for the rest of us next week as a foggy Sun-Neptune challenge highlights our differences in vision, or makes it confusing to know how to tackle a problem.  We can feel compassionate and committed, determined but uncertain at the same time, or worse, tenacious but deluded, which can get really messy.  If we’re lucky, and if we are open-minded and collaborative in the process, with many eyes working together to spot the flaws and brainstorm solutions, we can work together and actually get somewhere.

Capricorn’s symbol is a mountain goat, a being that loves the heights and can scramble to the lows, but gets awkward on the flat terrain. Because it wants to climb mountains, This Capricorn New Moon asks us to look at our plans and ambitions, look at where we really are, and see if it all measures up; if we don’t like what we see, it can toss us down the mountain in discouragement. We can find the conditions of our life depressing (not hard to do this year) until we develop a clear plan to climb up again. This is where our personal New Year’s resolutions come in handy. This driving force can help us reposition ourselves to a realistic but inspired goal, but even small goals, like clearing a draw or closet can help the discomfort.

But just imagine what this determination can do to the global political forces.  It is a strategically important time, new beginnings are ripe, but confusion or a difficulty in coordinating time and effort may stand in the way, or if a side agenda interrupts and needs to be dealt with ASAP, mark the new beginning and pursue after the air clears. Mercury enters visionary Aquarius on New Year’s Day, making it a great time for us, and our country, to make New Year’s resolutions with vision and determination for a better year ahead.

Friday, Dec 26 don’t ask anyone to wait, or kids to share new toys, and make sure everyone gets their fair share of attention under these friendly but impatient and competitive undertones as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Mars this morning, and then enters Capricorn late afternoon. Sociable midday, more intense evening as deeper-thinking Mercury trine Saturn brings up tough topics to chew upon, asks us about our personal responsibility, and makes it tempting to task others about theirs. Better to share our thoughts than to nag others. Honor the somber topics without getting stuck there. Review the year together.

Saturday, Dec 27 new events are initiated early this morning as Mars enters Capricorn and the Moon conjuncts the Sun, all in Capricorn. It’s hard to sit still and accept what is; we want to get somewhere, fix something, take on a challenge, or take on a fight. We need beginning middle and ends of our projects, and want to understand our goals. Look for intense strategic moves in family dynamics or international news. Venus conjuncts Neptune and encourages our ability to create but can make it hard to read our beloveds clearly.

Sunday, Dec 28 snuggle in through early morning confusion; watch the weather inside and out as the Sun challenges Neptune.  Give in to an urge to clean, purge, reorganize mid-afternoon, whether it is soul, closet or health regime as Mars conjuncts Pluto. Some serious issues come to a head, but we don’t have to help them along. Pay attention to strategic or manipulative moves everywhere; they declare unspoken but deep intentions.

Monday, Dec 29 the Moon enters Aquarius and we think of the common good, whether our family unit or our community. For some it is a collective competition against an opposing team that unites, others feel oneness in the whole. But it’s hard to feel our own emotions; give others room to be confused. Check in with self first then negotiate for the rest, work the group and weave the web.

Tuesday, Dec 30 take stock of the situation and encourage new beginnings. Strengthen friendships or family ties now for future needs. As we’re more tuned into the group than to one another, we need to be extra aware to not step on toes of those closest this afternoon as the Moon challenges Mars and Pluto. Take time alone if needed, take care of business or logistical challenges, and don’t be offended by others distraction. Return refreshed to the fold tonight.

Wednesday, Dec 31 the line of authority, and of security, is in question.  Stop all work and give into the holiday this New Year’s Eve, take stock of the year behind and strategize for the year ahead. Sweeten karma with good works and friendly gestures as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning.  The Moon enters Pisces around dinnertime and brings out a maudlin streak, adds fervency to our release of the old year, longing to our hope for a New Year, and touchiness to the present moment. Prioritize intimacy, not gregariousness, even if partying with strangers; be real with one another as midnight approaches.

Thursday, Jan 1, be tender with one another this morning, no loud noises for the hangover or loud demands for the gentle souls; treat the infant New Year with kindness. Mercury enters Aquarius, encouraging the large family meal or collective conversation at the coffeehouse. A generally pleasant, deep-feeling day to come back to oneself.

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