Starcodes horoscopes for December 24 – 30, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for December 24 – 30, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Consider this week an experiment in gratitude; notice how lovely it can be when we look for ways to feel grateful -versus how frustrating it can be when we don’t, in this heart-filled if pragmatically testing week.

We ended one era on the solstice and began another, though we won’t really notice it until the New Year. We may be acutely feel the wheel of life turning this year, so aware of who’s missing from the table, who may not be here next year, and who joins us for the first time as the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, and the poignancy can make each moment more precious.

The weekend begins as a celebratory and sparkly Leo Moon adds an operatic quality to all we do.

If we celebrate Christmas, the eve is sociable and outgoing, glittering, rich foods and seasonal ceremonies get a good response. Christmas Day may be more brittle as the Moon enters Virgo unless we can let go of the perfect Christmas ideal and love what it actually is. Use the Virgo magic to focus on the healing moments and maintain that  attitude of gratitude.

Mercury in eclectic and voluble Sagittarius, now retrograde, can help keep the conversation flowing, we tend to wander all over the place, but that can be fun at social gatherings. New layers of truth are revealed as we tell funny stories about our past; something we’ve always wanted to say just needs to come out, but we’d rather volunteer the information than have it dragged out of us, so avoid the invasive questions. With Venus in Scorpio, we need our privacy boundaries respected even if we’re piled in a house with visiting relatives.

Eat cookies Christmas Eve, but then consider taking a break from rich holiday fare, food is best simple and clean over the weekend. If relatives get difficult, haul out the memories; find a topic everyone can tell funny stories about without anyone’s feelings getting hurt.

For these not Christmas-prone, Friday is a great party night and the next three days are wonderful for a personal health retreat, a time to clean up our house and our act and prepare for the New Year. A long soak in a hot tub could be perfect.

The holidays are usually a time when families and friends gather across the generations, ostensibly to enjoy the company but often to assess and judge how everyone is doing on their life’s path. But this time we don’t need to bother with our pronouncements, a conjunction between the Sun and Pluto has many of us in a moment of self-assessment, pondering what we really came here to do and how we’re doing with it. But we have to cut ourselves some slack and trust that we are where we are for a reason, or this aspect can make us hard on ourselves. With kindness we’re more likely to be honest in our assessment, and therefore ready to move forward. If we can be kind to ourselves, we’ll be more likely to accept and kindly help others.

Some incident in our life can remind us to not take what we have for granted as Sun and Pluto conjunct. Peace on earth is a more urgent goal, and a peaceful moment becomes a cause to be acutely grateful, when we have soldiers overseas and the Korean peninsula shivers on the edge of war. Some local incident can remind us that whatever our situation is, it could be worse, and ask us to count our blessings, work with what we have, and extend ourselves to those who need a hand.

After the weekend it’s time to focus on friendships new and old, a great time to meet new people or just pass the time socially. Because we also need time for some quietly brewing personal work, sprinkle in moments of solitude amidst community.

The end of the week is lovely if we choose to rest, but really frustrating if we try to stick to schedule as Mars square Saturn and Mercury stations to turns direct. The harder we work, the more snarled up the efforts can get. It is best to avoid buying or exchanging any electronic tech for the moment. Next week can be gangbusters as we take this week’s thoughtful reassessment and kick into gear, but for now let’s relate and let the inner worlds do the working.

Friday, Dec 24: Although we make wake up feeling frazzled, the morning grows more productive competent as the Leo Moon sextiles Saturn before noon. Find something, anything praiseworthy midday; although relationships feel fraught with expectations, compliments smooth awkwardness as the Moon square Venus. Evening can be lovely, sociable and flowing if we stay out of our heads and into our hearts. Gather, entertain, indulge the senses and eat cookies; enjoy the seasonal pageantry but do not take dear ones for granted. Just invoke some common sense before driving.

Saturday, Dec 25: Dreams of sugar plums dance in our heads this morning as the Moon opposes Neptune. The Moon enters Virgo midday and our bellies can respond to stress, so keep the food simple and wholesome and keep the mood loose and friendly. Drop any idea of a perfect holiday and enjoy what is. If people get brittle or prickly, make more space for them to be themselves; laugh more and control less. Kick back for the afternoon, deep and real connection possible later as Moon trines Sun and Pluto tonight.

Sunday, Dec 26: A day to assess our responsibilities; ours, not theirs, keep it personal and introspective, not judgmental. Share the lead in some form of clean up, environmental or dietary, as the Virgo Moon trines Mars this morning. Walk off those cookies in fresh clean air. Give room to process deepest feelings this afternoon, they run as subtext under seasonal business as the Sun conjuncts Pluto. Build trust rather than test it. Dinnertime communication snags, people may need time inside as the Moon squares Mercury; the flow returns later tonight.

Monday, Dec 27: The day builds momentum after a cranky early morning. A problem we thought we’d finished with may now return and need prompt attention. Our work and our relationships may feel at odds, but this is an illusion, we do both better as balanced soul; time share gracefully and, after initial resistance, others will cooperate. Appreciate people tonight.

Tuesday, Dec 28: Nothing goes as planned, so relax and take a path of least resistance. Relationships need extra attention, effort, and acceptance as Venus semi-squares Pluto. If some quality is missing in the relationship, find it within for now, and check back with them next week. Work around mid-afternoon antagonism. Do not reward drama with attention, but do be really present when others need to connect.

Wednesday, Dec 29: Sweet if confusing energy this morning, midday turns edgy as the Moon enters Scorpio and Mars squares Saturn. Chill. Persevere but do not push, know when to back off and work around obstacles. Our self-control may be tested by odd incidents and snarky moods. Breathe through the details and keep priorities straight, do not sweat the small stuff today. Leg injuries are more likely, to avoid them let all exercise be a meditation. Later, take needed solitude by concentration on a personal interest, just don’t get hung up on how much gets done.

Thursday, Dec 30: Patience, patience. Any comment can be taken the wrong way, small and make kind gestures. Some will deal with an intransigent problem that needs care now, effort later. Morning slows as Mercury turns direct; unsnarl recent tangles this afternoon. Listen for new information and get clear on real feelings. People’s moods can be prickly, but concentration improves and realistic short term goals can be met.

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