Starcodes horoscopes for December 22 – 28. 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for December 22 – 28. 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

What a good week for holidays. If we can work through a few technical difficulties and drive safely, we can look forward to some extraordinary moments.

Logistical difficulties still abound as the weekend begins. If we run around, we’ll be running in circles as Mercury appears to hold still against the zodiac. Mercury has appeared retrograde for the last three weeks, but it turns direct tonight. After a brief, several-day hesitant tumult, all things Mercurial, like travel, communication, timing, technology, package-arrival, and mutual understanding, can begin to straighten out. In the meantime, while Mercury appears to hold still, travel with care, humor, and reading materiel for delays.

Know when to take a moment alone. With Mars in Scorpio now, we’ll all need a dash of solitude between our social obligations, and will tend to remain painfully aware of the world’s woes even as we celebrate.

Today is a great day to hold still, to meditate, laugh, make snow angels under a friendly, if not particularly intimate, Aquarius moon. we can laugh over the snafus or the way we trip over words. But let’s take our time and not hurry anywhere. The main danger, besides travel delays, can be a misunderstanding that then snowballs into an argument. So, if things start to go wrong, sit down, laugh, and try again in a few hours. Hang on folks, this will soon straighten out.

Throughout this holiday weekend a sentimental Pisces Moon can bring out our maudlin side, make us a little weepy about holidays past and the state of the world, but also soften our hearts to feel the seasonal magic. The stars twinkle brighter. A sweet moon-Neptune conjunction on Christmas eve can bring us to a soft, gentle place. We can spend that sweetness with our traditions and spiritual path, with sweet gingerbread cookies and good people around us, or that tenderness can make it easy to feel sorry for ourselves. The results will depend on our circumstances and our attitude. It truly is a time when if we start to feel sorry for ourselves, the cure will be to reach out and help another.

Venus enters Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn on Christmas morning and can help us love our traditions, but it doesn’t necessarily help us love our relatives. We can get a little controlling about how we want the day to go. It’s important not test one another or see every present or lack thereof as proof emotional evidence; it’s been a hard year for many people, so let’s cut them some slack. It will help to remember our beloveds over time, and feel who they are as a whole, not judge them buy what they do today.

Late on Christmas Day the Moon enters Aries and we may have had enough with our family and need to wander on our own or connect with friends. On Thursday the Moon enters comfortable Taurus and helps us stabilize after the holidays, slow down and really begin to rest and reassess for the new year as Mars trines Neptune.

Throughout the week a Jupiter-Saturn square semi-square can make it hard to balance our personal goals and our responsibilities. It also underlines the ongoing political friction between the Jupiter-Saturn polarity as acted out by the liberal and conservative parties. We may get hints of our next election in this week’s undercurrents.

Friday, December 22: Prioritize safety and stay connected in the heart as Mercury appears to hold still before it turns direct tonight. Our conversations and our vehicles can spin in circles but our heart will know which way to go. Political differences create a stalemate as Jupiter semi-square Saturn. After a potentially stressful morning, the afternoon is great for holding still, for coming to understand one another, for wandering and meandering. Evening brings positive changes.

Moon square Jupiter 2:16 AM, Jupiter semi-square Saturn, 7:54 AM, Mercury stations direct 6:50 PM, Moon sextiles Uranus, 9:01 PM.

Saturday, December 23: The Moon enters Pisces and we crave gentle magic. Mercury has turned direct and things slowly begin to straighten out. A last-minute flurry before the holiday puts in place final things. Traveling is still complicated. We may find out what’s missing, what orders got misplaced or plans changed. Stay flexible, stay kind, make it safe for people to be open, and enjoy the seasonal magic.

Moon sextile Venus 3:12 AM, Moon enters Pisces 7:41 AM, Moon sextiles Saturn, 8:29 AM, Moon sextile Sun 11:55 AM.

Sunday, December 24: Feel the dream of Christmas Eve as the Moon conjuncts imaginative Neptune this morning. We are still working out the technical difficulties, and tempers can simmer if we feel someone has been insensitive to our tenderness, but there is an opportunity for seasonal magic. It furthers to reach out to someone in need. Venus enters traditional Capricorn tonight, and all our family traditions can shift from feeling stuck or stuffy, to security and support.

Moon trine Mars 2:09 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune, 6:24 AM, Moon square Mercury, 9:30 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:19 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:47 PM, Venus enters Capricorn 10:25 PM.

Monday, December 25: It’s important that we don’t test love or make every present a test of whether we are loved. Be generous, don’t make people prove themselves Venus conjunct Saturn this morning. Connect to traditions, rituals, let life be a teaching moment. Enjoy family this morning, then let everyone go their own way later in the afternoon as the Moon enters independent Aries around 5:30 PM MST.

Venus conjunct Saturn 10:55 AM, Venus semi-square Jupiter 3:14 PM, Moon enters Aries 5:26 PM, Moon square Saturn 6:44 PM, Moon square Venus 7:30 PM.

Tuesday, December 26: A little spontaneity will do our souls a world of good; we need unscheduled time to do what calls us to really rest and renew and will resist obligations intensely. A willful morning opens up to a more communicative afternoon as the Moon trines Mercury.

Moon square Sun 2:20 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:26 PM.

Wednesday, December 27: After some potentially haunting dreams overnight as the Moon squares Pluto, it’s time for something completely different, or at least that’s what we hope as the Moon conjuncts Uranus around noon. There’s a chance to let go of an old anger or frustration, reassess our goals and be re-inspired by our ideals as Mars trines Neptune. We can energize our dreams, but really need to let go of holding on to enmity that drains our energy. The Moon heads into comfort-loving Taurus late tonight, and hot chocolate by the fire sounds delicious.

Moon square Pluto 3:25 AM, Moon opposed conjunct Uranus 1:57 PM, Mars trine Neptune 10:58 PM, Moon enters Taurus 11:23 PM.

Thursday, December 28: We get a green light for practical projects as the Moon trines Saturn, Venus, and the Sun. Assemble that train set, fix the house, or take a hike; solve practical problems and explore this world. Build shared memories.

Moon trine Saturn 1:20 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:37 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:46 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:34 PM, Moon opposed Mars 8:29 PM.

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