Starcodes horoscopes for December 2 – 8, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for December 2 – 8, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to deck the halls, and organize, organize, organize. Organize holiday packages and all other possible ways; personally, professionally, and politically. Mercury has joined Venus in Capricorn, a place where they can help us think sequentially and get on a roll. Since this placement can also leave us easily depressed if we don’t have hopeful and clear-cut goals, we can keep those clouds of discouragement at bay if we make lists small and large, work them through and cross those off, and coordinate with others for good purpose.

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It helps to gather for a cause, because every conversation will tend to turn to plans of some sort. With Venus now in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius, both externally-focused, political signs, it’s hard to get people to talk about their personal issues or connect for more than a few minutes at a time. We may visit our heart, but our minds keep taking the personal out to the bigger picture.

We’ll feel better if we feel like we’re making progress in any form, driven by an activating Saturn, Uranus, Mars aspect that will give us the to do what needs to be done, but can also make us a bit obsessive once we get going, and can make it hard to sit still. We’ve got to be doing something. Saturn, now restless Sagittarius, approaches a trine to change-making Uranus, and Mars will sextile them both this week.

Mercury turns retrograde on December 19, stationary a few hours before the electoral college meets, so this dynamic energy slows down towards the end of the month as our thoughts turn it inwards to revisit and reassess our personal history. And this gives us a further reason to make hay while the Sun shines, or snowballs while the snow is on the ground. Let’s use these next few industrious weeks wisely.

Friday starts out moody but picks up if we form practical plans to improve the future in any way possible. We can be painfully aware of where we feel manipulated and deeply aware that this is a strategic time on all scales.

The weekend is more collective and collaborative as the Moon in Aquarius, we are drawn to gather with like minds and share what we have in common. We grow more touchy, sensitive and need to take some personal time as the Moon enters introspective Pisces on Monday evening. Throughout these first few days of the week, the Piscean sentimentality can help us become seasonally appropriate, but we have to watch a tendency to get discouraged if we are overwhelmed or can go no further. If that happens, let’s remember that will feel different in a few days and find a safe way or place to be sensitive.

We may grow more collaborative, less manipulative as Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, but may find people entrench even more in their philosophies and may be less open to new information unless we can find places of commonality, a place where all parties win. The week ends under a feisty, directive, potentially rebellious, manifesting Aries Moon so let’s have our plans in a row and know where to put our efforts.

Friday, December 2: The day may start with a level of discouragement or dutifulness as the Moon conjuncts deep Pluto in durable Capricorn, but picks up hope as it as we take steps forward and the heads towards a healing conjunction with creative, connective Venus. It furthers to make plans.

Moon conjunct Pluto 9:27 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:39 AM, Mercury enters Capricorn 2:17 PM, Moon and squares Uranus 6:57 PM.

Saturday, December 3: this is a good chore day, we may not be feeling that cuddly, but have access to competence this morning and community this afternoon and evening. Depression whispers if we feel we cannot make progress, but we are encouraged by hopeful plans and actions as active Mars sextiles that.

Moon conjuncts Venus 3:16 AM, Mars sextiles Saturn 5:15 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:43 PM.

Sunday, December 4: This a pleasant day to meet people as the Aquarius Moon trines expansive Jupiter. Connect, collect, and extend oneself into new corners. We can feel a little lonely all by ourselves, so it furthers to feel part of the larger whole and bring our awareness to the big picture, the global condition.

Moon sextile the Sun 1:56 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:12 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:34 PM.

Monday, December 5: The day begins active and decisive as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Mars and sextiles Uranus, but our feelings grow more sensitive, and our energy less pointed, towards the evening as the Moon enters intuitive Pisces. Don’t ask people to be rational, we may need to catch up on our emotional processing and let the feelings flow. It’s time to bring our vision and creativity to solve the problems close at hand, and hug one another.

Moon conjunct Mars 1:48 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:22 AM, Moon enters Pisces 9:30 PM.

Tuesday, December 6: We need to be honest about our feelings, but consider consequences carefully before taking action. Notice both an emotional surplus and a willingness to act (for better or worse, this can be lovely if we come from compassion, and really tricky if we come from more separatist feelings) as pro-active Mars sextiles urgent Uranus under a sensitive Pisces Moon.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:27 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 2:34 PM, Mars sextile Uranus 8:29 PM.

Wednesday, December 7: Let’s get work done early, the rest of the day we may need to waft around and dither or discuss as the Pisces Moon makes no further aspects until it changes sign tomorrow morning. Decisions will need to be reconfirmed later, so use this time to complete, feel, and get background information.

Moon square Sun 2:02 AM 2:02 AM, Moon sextiles Pluto 2:50 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:05 AM, Venus enters Aquarius 7:51 AM.

Thursday, December 8: A fresh decisiveness, a new organizational capacity, but also a reactive mood seeps in this morning as the Moon enters the cardinal sign Aries. Our ideas may not jive with one another, so collaborate or take turns this morning and find a way to mediate confrontation this afternoon as the Moon squares Mercury. Dial down extra nervous energy. Don’t just disagree, get to the real issue.

Moon enters Aries 3:15 AM, Moon sextiles Venus 5:01 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:43 PM.

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