Starcodes horoscopes for December 19 – 25, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for December 19 – 25, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Welcome to the week of  winter Solstice, the darkest week of the year which we instinctually light up with festive lights and bonfires, and warm-hearted gestures. Every year we celebrate this end of the longest night and the beginning of the days slowly lengthening, a promise– echoed in the candle light and evergreens brought in– that in the darkest of times we see the potential spark of a new spring; life after the quiet death of winter, prosperity after recession, hope after depression. Whether we celebrate the birth of Christ, the birth of Mithras or Buddha, celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Yalda or the winter solstice, we are reminded that the light returns.

This year, at such a challenging  yet hopeful turning point in history, the Winter Solstice is more subdued, but still reflects our inner light.

Although these two basic emotional planets are in festive and outgoing signs, we’re in the middle of some long-term tough aspects. The Sun conjuncts Pluto at the beginning of the week, and Mars conjuncts Pluto next week, reminding us of the culture-changing work now going on.

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius, both outgoing and sociable energies that keep the  human realm stirred up  and call us to get involved and connected to family and unions, political parties, any way we gather together. They add life to the party, however we define a party. When we can break from the big stuff we can find renewal in simple company and holiday events.

As the Pluto aspects underline our deeper feelings, be extra spacious around people who’ve had personal challenges this year, who’ve lost homes, jobs or loved ones. We need to be sensitive to what they really need, not what we think they need; they may not be feeling festive and need time alone; or they may need a visit, a quiet presence, heartfelt instead of jovial.

We the weekend begins, we may want to move towards balance, and towards the beauty of the season  as the Moon enters Libra and brings festive and social energy in the home, and an interest in fairness and equity in the bigger picture.

Sunday and Monday are the longest nights, and though modern times tells us to be festive, the Scorpio Moon and long nights ask us for a moment of quiet, stillness, a silent night. And then, a few days later, when we first see evidence that the days are lengthening, most of us will find a way to celebrate the promise of the return of the Light, and look for the light reflected in each other’s eyes as the Moon enters more jovial Sagittarius.

We can really use this reminder in this year brimming over with change, so close to the darkest point in our economic crisis, that life does go in cycles; light inevitably returns after the darkest night, though we may barely recognize the year ahead.

The Sun enters Capricorn on the Solstice and asks us to return to our roots, traditions, and take care of our long term relationships; and from there, get ready for the year ahead.

Friday, Dec 19 a friendly and generous vibe underlines an otherwise challenging day, hold hands and help one another across the bumps as the Moon square Pluto this morning. Sociable evening let everyone come as they are.

Saturday, Dec 20 the holiday spirit is easy to access. Be truly collaborative; making the cookies together is more important than how they turn out. The day is smoother than night,  evening is eccentric and edgier. Find the quiet in the center on this longest night of the year.

Sunday, Dec 21 the Sun enters Capricorn at 5:03 AM MST and the Moon enters Scorpio, time to bring in the antenna and hibernate on this shortest day of the year. It is a day to sit with the soul, find worth in the deep places rather than listen to the self doubts. Set boundaries with people who are de,manding more time or enthusiasm than is comfortable. Check  in sad people.  Work, walk or sing together rather than try to talk it out; feelings run strong, even stormy, but deep as Venus sesqui-squares Pluto.

Monday, Dec 22 tough realities hit home as Sun conjuncts Pluto.  Unfestive power-broking can make last-minute shopping tough, and political headlines interesting.  Our own power center may feel tested; we are reminded that power comes from within, not through manipulation. If logistical challenges test friendships, drop the blame issue and stay helpful.

Tuesday, Dec 23 notice the broody and thoughtful undertones on a hardworking day. Don’t judge self or others by past holidays; let go of the template of the past and work with what is here. If our inner Scrooge activates, take the opportunity to improve rather than grump.

Wednesday, Dec 24 feelings are all over the place, melancholic morning shifts to an anticipatory outgoing afternoon as the Moon enters Sagittarius, play outside if possible. Funny, experimental untraditional Mercury sextiles Uranus can bring last minute surprises.   Good karma is the best present we can give our selves.

Thursday, Dec 25 relax let in the light, let this, the first day of the year where we see the days growing longer, and see the light of the world returned in spiritual celebrations around the world. This day can be a break in a tough year, welcome others, and let this be a communal holiday. But keep demands low and the energy informal for the most happiness.

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