Starcodes horoscopes for December 16 – 22, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for December 16 – 22, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is the darkest week of the year, we need to shine for one another and bring light to this dark times. Winter solstice on December 21 at 3:44 AM MST marks the turning point, when the Sun stands still for three days before it begins its journey northward, soon lengthening our days even as the winds stay cool.

This time can also mark a dark or concerning moment as thoughtful Mercury approaches mysterious Pluto, stands stills and retrogrades (by quirk of our orbits it appears to back up) for three weeks starting December 19, just a few hours before the electoral college meets. We may begin to feel more vulnerable and sensitive, easily overwhelmed and in our heart, as Mars joins Venus in sensitive, reactive Pisces that same day.

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Now mercury retrograde can bring about sudden floods of information or a reversal of decisions, a throwback, but whether that is a throwback to a few months ago, or to challenging decades past, is not predictable. This year is full of wildcards as. Our culture stretched so far, though maybe not far enough, between 2008 and 2015 while Uranus formed a transformative square to Pluto. Though conditions are still unsettled, the societal rubber band urges to snap back into the old position before this great stretch. It’s our job to not give up in the face of this snapback, but hold the changes we love from that great square and guide our culture in its evolution.

So as Venus and Mars in sensitive Pisces leave us in a rather sentimental and emotional squishy state, Mercury retrograde brings us back to our memories of the past. At this time of the year many of us go back and see old friends and family, visit conundrums from the past and may be triggered into our old emotional patterns. Memories linger of those who are no longer with us. It’s a wonderful time to savor the past but let’s not get stuck there; bring forward the best, and remember the progress we’ve made.

We may see some pragmatic snafus arise this Christmas season as Mercury is retrograde in practical, earthy Capricorn. Have extra batteries and parts for things we need to assemble, figure out alternate routes or forms of transportation when tires burst or parts fail. Keep the first aid kit stocked for banged knees and minor scrapes. And be prepared to improvise around missing ingredients on old family recipes.

The Moon enters Leo on Friday and lingers festively throughout the weekend. Sun day we grow more thoughtful and pragmatic, but also can wind out in some worry or concern and get cranky with one another, and this could intensify unless we take good care of our one another as the Moon enters Virgo and opposes Mars on Sun day.

Monday, all bets are off as Mercury stations and the Moon opposes Neptune. We’ll need a lot of room for emotional processing but may have important information by the as the Moon trines Mercury and Pluto. Winter solstice if we can take some quiet time on Tuesdayand Wednesday as the Sun stands still, remember our history, reconnect with their roots and remember how long we have survived and what tools we have to move forward.

Friday, December 16: People are feeling the stress of the season as well as the stress of this turning point in history as Mercury approaches Pluto. It will help to have a project to focus upon, a healthy obsession around something we can actually affect. There is a sociability, but almost a fervency to it, as if we have to hurry up and celebrate as the Moon enters Leo this morning. Let’s see our interactions not just as an obligation, but as a real opportunity to nurture one another souls.

Moon enters Leo 7:14 AM.

Saturday, December 17: This day is an interesting mix of festive holiday sociability with a Leo Moon, competence through technical snafus as we scurry around, all over an underlying stream of nagging anxieties as thoughtful Mercury in Capricorn approaches Pluto. Afternoon can bring some real delights as the Leo Moon trines Saturn Uranus and the Sun; look for those delights and let them feed the soul.

Moon opposed Venus 2:22 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:50 p.m., Moon trine Saturn 5:23 PM, Moon trine Uranus 6:56 PM.

Sunday, December 18: An edgy vibe can stir our worries and bring out our cranky or impatient edges as the Moon opposes Mars and enters Virgo this morning. Old physical pains can tweak and ache. It furthers to do healing work, dive into something with lots of details, whether unfinished work or ornament creation and avoid giving one another well-meaning advice, which will only be heard as criticism.

Moon trine Sun 6:26 AM, Moon opposed Mars 10:55 AM, Moon enters Virgo 11:51 AM.

Monday, December 19: We get dealt wildcards, anything could happen. Or nothing. Mercury stations as Mars enters Pisces and the Moon opposes Neptune, so we really will have trouble seeing through the virtual fog or blizzard. Meditation furthers, let life be an exercise in patience and mutual support. We can catch our breath this evening and have intense discussion as the Moon trines Mercury and Pluto.

Mars enters Pisces 3:22 AM, Mercury retrogrades for 50 5 AM. Moon opposed Neptune 5:23 AM. Moon trine Mercury 3:58 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:14 PM.

Tuesday, December 20: This morning we can feel tired or have to deal with large logistical decisions or hurdles, but we can get a surprising amount accomplished nonetheless as the Moon squares the Sun and Saturn. The evening and our hearts soften if we can have a moment of quiet peace tonight as the Moon enters more sociable egalitarian Libra.

Moon square Saturn 1:19 AM, Moon square Sun 7:55 PM, Moon enters Libra 8:39 PM.

Wednesday, December 21: The Sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins at 4:48 AM [Mountain Standard Time], and it’s time to return to our roots; our personal cultural roots, the roots of our soul, our work, our strength. Any moment of quiet furthers, any moment of gentle sharing furthers. Bustling around crazy may be tempting, but potentially counterproductive. Shhh.

Sun enters Capricorn 4:48 AM.

Thursday, December 22: We’re making lists and checking them twice, looking carefully for who is naughty and nice; we can be both observant and judgment this morning as the Moon squares Mercury and Pluto. Check facts before reposting. It is easy to feel insufficient for our tasks, but let’s remember, we are enough. The mood grows more generous with a tendency to overspend and overdue this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Libra.

Moon square Mercury 1:04 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:35 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:23 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:30 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:58 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 1:31 PM.

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