Starcodes horoscopes for Dec. 11 – 17, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for Dec. 11 – 17, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

The astrological mood flickers between energized, sensitive and strangely oblivious this next week, we may be engaged by the world but a little dense close to home. The Sun and Venus in freewheeling Sagittarius trine Mars in extroverted Leo, all in extroverted fire signs, and lifts our spirits if lowers our patience.  We’ll be farsighted, happier to work with new people, places and things, but can take the familiar for granted. We’ll be busy, happier when we’re busy, but it’s easy to get lost in the bustle; we can stumble if our momentum in interrupted. Instead of a rush, brisk and centered is the way to go, on snow or off.

Mercury in determined Capricorn loans us a mental durability that can help us stay on track; sometimes its hard to derail that mind at night, and we can obsess or micro-manage. While this is great for meditation and term papers, it can be tough on general peace of mind. The planets also ask us to clear the decks before the winter holidays set in; clear our desk of unfinished business, closest of clutter ,or our minds of old memories. We have to first bring the clutter into the light and sort.

The aspects this weekend help us look in those far corners. The mood is direct, pragmatic, but with a serious and curious undertone under a Scorpio Moon. Pre-holiday depression is natural under the aspects, but not necessary. It will be all too easy to compare this holiday to an ideal and find it lacking, to worry or to get stuck on old memories, but we can used these instead as a counterpoint to keep our priorities straight. The Scorpionic focus helps make some considered push to discover, donate, or finish before the holidays.

We may be called to cut through a polite or confused haze, and be ruthlessly but not brutally honest, to bear witness to what we do not like or truly believe. Political protest could be as prevalent as evergreen boughs, our cynical streak shines like holiday garland. Let the inner scrooge have its say; just know that cynicism and other strongly-tinted feelings can distort our understanding as Mercury semi-squares Neptune.

Uncertain or confusing conditions can obfuscate our plans and call for adjustment, so keep eyes on the radar. Watch out for bad weather, traffic jams, a scam or theft among the truly scrooge-like.  This Scorpio mood improves with some time alone, so consider skipping the holiday parties and taking a few moments’ private retreat to reenter and recollect. The mistletoe mood returns during the week ahead.

Early next week the planets ask what needs to change; it could be fun, but it’s probably more than a light bulb on the Solstice bush as the Sun squares Uranus and sextiles Jupiter and Neptune. Just think it through and assess what needs a temporary change versus what needs a permanent fix. A direct, breezy New Moon in Sagittarius breaks us out of our shell and adds holiday spirit; it also makes freed speech a necessity or compulsion, but we have to add the capacity to listen.

Midweek brings in an earthy, healthy note as Venus trines Mars in fire signs under a competent Capricorn Moon; the vibe is cooperative and determined, pushy, flirtatious and impassioned. Be ready for some serious fights over the sales bins.  It’s a good time to break into new territory and connect with new people, but we’re resistant, even rebellious to any sense of feeling controlled. Personal and political autonomy and self-determination will take center stage, and controlling relationships will feel the heat. But if we have a new adventure of our own, let’s practice that self-determination and step forward.

Friday, Dec 11: The day is friendly and outspoken; we can juggle people and events with relative grace. Get organized early, the afternoon clouds up and our reaction time slows down as Mercury semi-squares Neptune; scan for bumps on the road or the need to adjust plans. Emotional expectations increase just as communications decrease this evening: make sure you understand before reacting. Late evening develops an attitude as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Saturday, Dec 12: Morning is direct, efficient, potently too honest, and not particularly patient; consider avoiding shopping malls and other ditsy places. Notice a certain workman like approach to family events. Impatience may express a burr stuck in our hearts, but we may not be ready to get it out. While working side by side, take the opportunity to tangentially approach deeper questions this afternoon. Talk big, but not personal, tonight.

Sunday, Dec 13: Morning is good for a long talk with our own soul, but maybe not with others. Pay attention to avoid tempers and mishaps midday as the Scorpio Moon squares Mars; later afternoon flows into more healing, creative and exploratory edges, kindness is the key.

Monday, Dec 14: Feel that sudden urge to buy tickets to Timbuktu. Change scents the air as the Sun squares Uranus under a Sagittarius Moon; experiment, but  look ahead and make sure you actually want the end result of the change rather than just flail around for difference. Erratic midmorning, keep acceptance wide open and watch the impulse control, afternoon brings fresh horizons, a breath of confidence and competence as the Sun sextiles Jupiter.

Tuesday, Dec 15: Play hooky or take a field trip: this magical day needs attention. We’re open to possible, just not as good with the practical as the Sun sextiles Neptune. The trees, clouds and spirit are singing, we need to listen. Avoid talking about bills and other harsh realities, we need more numinous food, and are not thinking too clearly anyway.   If dear ones are preoccupied, share an adventure together rather than try and work things out. Keep the dream journal handy tonight.

Wednesday, Dec 16: Enthusiastic morning with a more subdued and deep evening. Check dreams, as overnight aspect could bring clues about our path. Morning is high-strung and enthusiastic; the New Moon in Sagittarius instigates an adventure of mind, body or spirit. It then enters Capricorn in the afternoon to provide pragmatic follow up and help us get back to work.  Moon conjuncts Pluto this evening, letting us feel what’s missing, don’t let it kill the dreams, but do listen to its advice and correct the course.

Thursday, Dec 17: Put some muscle in the plans, get restless people out for a hike or plan a trip. We need to put our hands to useful work or will cause trouble; energy and determination can back a bad mood, a real mistake, or a real gift. As Venus and Mars trine in fire signs, we connect over our efforts, not in intimate conversation, but trust build now creates openings later. Real frustration builds where there’s no follow through, or where our work or love does not feel worthy, but we can add meaning or use the pressure to improve.

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