Starcodes Horoscopes for August 7 – 13, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for August 7 – 13, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s savor the creative flow of these last few weeks of summer, not hurry through them even though autumn’s plans whisper to us in our quiet moments and in our email inbox as Mercury in Virgo completes a trine to Pluto. We have a lot to think of; underneath the burgeoning life of mid-summer some serious thread now underlies our summer fun, an incident either in our life or in the news may remind us that we are mortal, and life is precious.  It reminds us to say we love our beloveds and to appreciate the bee’s bumble on the flower, the scent of clover on the wind, a hay mown or sea swept sunset.

It helps to find ways to savor the moment. A picnic or fine meal set outside feeds the soul as well as body with Venus  now in deep feeling, self-protective Cancer. Cancer rules the stomach and the desire to feed people: Venus in Cancer makes it easier to share or demand our affection in a nurturing or caretaking way than in any way that risks us emotionally. Our own home or home turf may feel extra cozy, our own friends helpful, but it’s harder to reach out into unfamiliar territory or extend ourselves to people we don’t quite know. But we can when we remember they, too, could use extra warmth right now.

We may remember and miss someone or some situation that made us feel safe and loved in our past. Because although Mars in Gemini helps us burble on about everything else, it’s not easily connected to our deeper capacities; but Mars in Gemini helps us both express our anger or frustration, and let go of it fairly quickly once we’ve had our say.

This weekend begins in an emotionally tender if self-involved, sensitive and illogical mood under a Pisces Moon.  It’s great for a summer romance or introspective respite, but can also soak any ongoing political debate with an unrealistic personal spin; we’re in such a subjective mood. Art openings and creative outlets can speak to us now; poetry is easier to write that straight prose. But by the end of this week we may find a new level of our own voice as Mars in verbal Gemini trines Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, all running conjuncts this summer in Aquarius.

Early next week we’re still in a subjective frame of mind but are much more active and proactive, though our energy flickers on and off. A communications glitch  or tough news is set off as Mercury semi-squares Pluto, and combined with a natural  rebellious streak from the Aries Moon can either trip us up  or light a fire under us and motivate us to work through some logistical problems that seemed impossible only a few days ago.  This rebellious streak can make it a bit tricky to work together; we have to really honor self-responsibility. Those of us who avoid that like the plague may go around aligning others for their situation, but they will miss the power of this time.

Midweek is stubborn but steady, we cannot change minds easily, but we can accomplish and appreciate whatever we already agree upon.  Let’s not push on conflicts now, they will probably just entrench, but find natural allies and make headway wherever we agree. Fertilize gardens, cultivate relationships.

Towards the end of the week we can talk it all out. Diatribes, poetry and propaganda flows, which while great for fiction, can make the news blurbs sound like fiction; the flow and impact of our words are more solid than the facts right now.  Spin the stories, but avoid assumptions. Spiritual teachings or most children’s excuses all contain a personal and symbolic truth, if not a literal one; we just have to listen within that framework.

Although it can make for better than usual luck, this aspect also stirs up the winds and keeps us guessing for an unpredictable weather pattern.

Friday, Aug 7:  We can feel warm and sociable, but a bit vulnerable and therefore reactive if we feel the sharp edge of another’s words. Maudlin emotions tend to run the show; logic is hard to come by as the sensitive Pisces Moon echoes off self-protective Venus in Cancer. Conversation flows in relaxed social situations but this irrational edge can lead to some strange political decisions. Kindness and care reap results. Keep it kind this warm and creative evening as Mercury sextiles Venus.

Saturday, Aug 8: Let it be a slow and dreamy morning. People arise at their own pace; potentially tough dreams can leave us turned inwards or open up a delicate emotional topic which needs respect. Strong feelings want to be grounded, need tangible reassurances or expression as the Sun challenges Pluto. Drifting midday, flow with the vibes. Make no one wrong around dinnertime under an edgier tension or timing glitch as the Moon squares Mars and opposes Saturn. Head to the opera this evening, formal art can sing but our bones creak and our personal style may feel dampened.

Sunday, Aug 9: The energy is cat-like; lazy with enthusiastic bursts. We don’t have to take action now, but it’s a good morning to think about change; meditate upon our shifting our condition or take a walk and change perspective as the Moon conjuncts restless Uranus in sensitive, easily-overwhelmed Pisces.  Independence grows as the Moon enters Aries later, we may enthuse about a spontaneous plan and try to get others involved, but shouldn’t let it stop us, nor start a fight, if they’re not interested.  Late afternoon crossed signals can deteriorate communications unless we’re in a spacious mood.  We need to remember we’re not the center of the world; their willfulness is not against us, just for their own ideas.

Monday, Aug 10: Even if it’s Monday, we need time with our own souls this morning and will resent intrusions. We want to work on our own time and in our own way. Creative acceptance and ingenuity possible midday where we feel respected, but an adolescent willfulness makes it hard to take assignment gracefully. Social awkwardness can create unintentional static mid-afternoon, soothes during dinner, but conflicting needs or feeling can just leave us tired tonight as Mars squares Saturn. Let’s not be hard on our selves.

Tuesday, Aug 11: We may feel the need for more structure but need to use a light touch; let the form serve the muse as the Aries Moon sextiles Jupiter and Neptune. Let the creative impulse flow, find ways to work together that respects individuality. Give suggestions and not orders. Late afternoon disjoints. Dinner times calls for comfortable feeding of the senses, humor, and honoring others’ opinions as the Moon enters stubborn and sensual Taurus.

Wednesday, Aug 12: Argumentative morning where low-level irritation can square us off, but we can turn this discomfort to motivate progress instead of to resist others, if we so choose; push against the obstacles and not one another.  Trust deepens where it is honored. Ongoing arguments will heat up today, each side eloquent in their objection, but we can be hearing-challenged. We understand so much more through touch and example. Humor is easier to see tonight.

Thursday, Aug 13: We may face a personal frustration early on; our sense of self-worth may be temporarily tested but improves if we handle the challenge as Mars trines Jupiter. Invoke a winning yet win-win attitude; no one is willing to loose, so reframe rather than battle it out. We may enjoy physical exercise or competition against our personal best. Watch a tendency to get on a high horse and crusade this afternoon as the Moon squares Sun and Jupiter. Weave dreams together tonight as the Moon squares Neptune.

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