Starcodes horoscopes for August 4 – 10, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for August 4 – 10, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

The general tone of our daily interactions can be perfectly affable and gregarious this week, making our day-to-day interactions pleasant, but we’ll notice more profound and challenging undertones lurking beneath as Jupiter squares Pluto and stirs the pot of all ongoing power plays. The Sun is flaring, we are expecting a moderate geomagnetic storm this weekend, and when the Sun flares this way it excites all the ongoing astrological aspects, and cranks up the volume on history. We individuals often report feeling tired, wired, or less insulated while the Sun is active.

We can get tense when we try to push the river and make things happen; external events and willful people can block what would be progress to one person but a disaster to another. It could be tempting to push for great changes right now, but hard to find the patience and timing to get things right. We could see how some extravagance or overabundance in one place can be deadly in another. Or we may find that we’re sidetracked but bonded together by some enormously difficult event, like a wildfire or loss of a friend’s pet as Jupiter squares Pluto this weekend, followed by a lunar eclipse on Tuesday.

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Under this Jupiter-Pluto square we need to examine our own use of power. Are we really taking our power on? Are we using it well, for the benefit of all sentient beings? Are we ignoring our chance to empower ourselves, empower others, and make the world better place?  Are we looking squarely and truly threatening problems, like climate change or political train wrecks?

Watch this Jupiter-Pluto square impact national American politics. Approximately every 13 years Jupiter and Pluto conjunct and begin a new cycle around how we use personal, political, and electrical power. Every time these two planets form a challenging aspect with one another, we work this cycle. Jupiter, the most expansive planet, and Pluto, the planetoid that’s been through its own cycles of death, rebirth, and identity change, conjunct in December 2007, right before Obama was elected president. Jupiter squared Pluto in 2010, opposed Pluto 2013-14, and now forms a square that started last November–right after the election- perfected again last March, and completes with another exact square between Jupiter and Pluto this week. Right before a series of eclipses dance on this president’s chart.

Coming back to our more personal lives, Venus and Mars are giving us very different instructions these days. Venus in Cancer encourages our introversion, intimacy, and coziness this week, and keeps our heart sensitive but somewhat guarded, while Mars in Leo adds bravery and pumps up our extroverted need to jump into the crowd or create a scene. Let’s time share between the two extremes.

If we can, it will be helpful to make plans about the future before Mercury retrogrades on August 12, then take the next month off to relax and participate in the entertaining circus of events. Store up good memories and good will for the future now, as long-term goals may be easier to pursue and take our focus after the middle of September, and really kick into gear after the new year.

On Friday and Saturday, a determined, competent Capricorn Moon-Pluto conjunction brings our attention to strange power dynamics and keeps us humble in the face of natural forces. We can borrow that determination to plow through our chores and engage competitive events. Over the weekend a challenging Sun-Neptune aspect can soften that edge, leave us determined, but not quite sure exactly in which direction. On Sunday and early in the week and a waxing Aquarius Moon encourages us to gather. Midweek a sensitive, drifting Pisces Moon feeds our imagination and encourages both a lazy streak and a compassionate heart.

Friday, August 4: We may have a new perception of the severity of a problem. It furthers to have good goals, this is not a day will be comfortable sitting around doing nothing. We can be willful and push people, or resist other people’s pushing around if we don’t have a good place to exert our willpower. But with direction, we get things done. Tackle serious tasks. IF beloveds seem grim, don’t take it personally.

Moon opposed Venus 3:22 AM, Moon trine Mercury 12:22 PM, Jupiter square Pluto 12:48 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 9:57 PM.

Saturday, August 5: As the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Jupiter on this moody morning, we can wake up with an aching heart or sense of existential discontent. Let’s not take out on others, but turn it into action that improves our experience and our world. Later on, a confusing mental mist can help us drift, dream and rest, but it may leave us foggy about where we’re going and what needs to happen next as the Sun quincunx Neptune.

Moon conjunct Pluto 5:37 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5:51 AM, Sun quincunx Neptune 3:31 PM.

Sunday, August 6: Lean into the extroverted side today, get out there and greet the crowds as the Moon waxes in Aquarius. Public opinion waves like we in the wind discontent at home unless we can feel the tribe gathering, to neighborhood or Internet. Our beloveds may be more aware of family opinion than our own, as we are farsighted but can miss things close to home.

Moon square Uranus 3:21 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:15 AM,

Monday, August 7: A lunar eclipse at 12:10 PM MDT can be just a pretty sight, or it can trigger changes in our life based on tension between the needs of the individual and the needs of the collective. Overripe events precipitate, things happen which should have happened a while ago. Seek a win-win solution and keep hearts open and enjoy the show where possible. The Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn in the evening, stabilizing our feelings and helping us find the humor and productive next step if we just look for it.

Moon opposes Mars 4:41 AM, full moon, lunar eclipse 12:10 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:05 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:39 PM.

Tuesday, August 8: Social responsibilities and personal obligations need attention this morning, and then let people be. The Moon enters Pisces midafternoon and our tears come closer to the surface. We may feel vulnerable, delicate, and feel we have to exaggerate events in order to describe the depth of our emotional response. Or we can just comfortably puddle about.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:07 PM, Moon enters Pisces 3:55 PM. 

Wednesday, August 9: Honor the sweet sensitivity in the air, show extra kindness to beloveds, give them room to express themselves and not have to rationalize their feelings as that Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and the Sun quincunx Pluto. Respond to a true call for compassion but work around those who play the victim in order to justify their recent selfishness.

Moon trine Venus 11:44 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 12:50 PM, Sun quincunx Pluto 2:10 PM, Moon semi-square Uranus 5:09 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:13 PM.

Thursday, August 10: An impressionable day, we may feel the bumps and pebbles of life out of proportion, but can use this sensitivity for creativity and connection, or just to revel in beauty and gratitude as the Sun sextiles Jupiter. We can find just the right words to express how we feel, as long as we think someone is listening, while Mercury sextiles Venus. Fortuitous decisions can be made. Take an opportunity to release a grudge as mars quincunx Neptune. But at the same time, be prepared to release control over a minor ambition and be willing co-create instead. Watch for water or liquid related accidents. Energy and impatience pick up latertonight as the Moon enters Aries.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:21 AM, Mercury sextile Venus 3:02 AM, Mars quincunx Neptune 7:30 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:37 AM, Sun sextile Jupiter 3:24 PM, Moon enters Aries 11:21 PM.

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