Starcodes horoscopes for August 28 – September 3, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for August 28 – September 3, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Take care of personal business this industrious weekend. We may not have time to get our life in order after September 6, because Mercury retrogrades for three weeks and slows us down just as the fall season gets under way, and while Mercury retrograde helps us reconnect with old friends and review last year’s work, progress will become complicated.

So let’s get organized now, inside and out, and map out our work before the retrograde hits. The pragmatic Capricorn Moon offers practical answers this weekend, if we can get started. We’ll find it easier to help those who help themselves, or at least try, and will have little patience with dawdlers and whiners, though we can get in a funk ourselves if we don’t see any progress; we need to celebrate the little victories along the way.  We may also have a strangely competitive edge that can trip us up. It’s time to take care of the home front and do those home improvement chores we’ve been putting off, or take a personal retreat and tend to our evolution.

We’ll want pragmatic help, not emotional words; hand us the tool rather than sweet talk. If we’re having trouble understanding something, it helps to keep our hands busy; as we work, we also work out our issues. But watch the tendency to be controlling, to micromanage household members or solve a friend’s problem when they really just want a sounding board.

Midweek, we may hear new decisions on the health care issues or need to tend to our health, the health of the family or of our community as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts the ongoing Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune conjunction.

This three-way conjunction is the summer’s key aspect. Chiron is an asteroid we connect with healing and the archetype pf the wounded healer. When we talk about healing a sick health-care industry (however we think is should be done) we certainly are dealing with the Chiron’s archetype. Jupiter magnifies all it touches, and Neptune speaks to inspiration, dreams, imagination, illusions, fears, and permeability. Together these three describes both the inspiration of health care reform, and the Neptunian confusion, emotion and obfuscation going on around it. We see how this push-pull acts out in the national scale, so let’s look at how we live the conflict on our personal level.

It is important for us to find our feet underneath us by the end of the week, and find a safe place to drop our defenses and open our hearts, as we may feel soft or vulnerable and afloat in a sea of feelings as the Moon waxes Full in Pisces.

It is also good to take this moment as Mercury stations and step back to look at the bigger astrological picture, the year-long arc of both personal and global change.  Saturn now moves forward as Uranus retrogrades back; they maneuver into an exact opposition on September 15th. Because of their various retrogrades, this opposition has four passes this time around. It initiated a political, personal and geological earthquake on Election Day 2008, worked it through Feb 5 2009, will again Sept 15 and April 2010 as the opposition perfects. It triggers a metamorphosis similar to 1965-7 when last these two opposed. This week, and this next month, we become aware of the next chapter of this metamorphosis; let’s keep our eyes out for clues and steer the transformation towards the best possible conclusion.

Friday, Aug 28 a healthy restless urge to get out of town and soak up nature can start the weekend early under that Sagittarius Moon. Communications flow this morning as long as we let people feel special while Mercury in Libra sextiles Venus in Leo. Midday tiredness or blockages need patience. Evening can be magical, unexpected if impatient; the farther we roam, in mind or body, the happier we may be. Late night nerves fray, get more sleep than normal.

Saturday, Aug 29: Get it done. Let’s choose to work on our own projects before autumn’s demand upstages personal projects. Something may need repair or reset this morning as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, we worry that we have enough or are enough, and concerns can make it hard to leave home. Feelings are strong but quiet on the surface, like deep ocean swells. Say less and do more, actions make the real point. Patience and prioritizations needed for mixed signals mid-afternoon. Evening is concrete but expansive; learn something new.

Sunday Aug 30: Make what is needed out of this relatively quiet astrological day. Catch up with the self and build quietly. Avoid a tendency to overbook or expect too much, instead find contentment in the small things. Our moods will have momentum and our brains need exercise; if we start to spin in dark thoughts or focus on what’s missing, our minds can get stuck in the mire. But if we notice gifts and think of possibilities, those will expand and our mood will follow.

Monday Aug 31: Morning is cranky but competent as the Moon trines Saturn, just tend to unfinished business quietly until everyone wakes up. Stay open to new ideas midday, a change needs to be made and can be done gracefully. Later, as Saturn quincunx Chiron, some old emotional patterns around conflict of authority or how we age  get triggered, but we can hit the reset buttons instead of repeat and break into new territory. This evening we’re feeling squishy and internally private, but could share a non-demanding social experience as the Moon enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, Sept 1: What’s the bigger picture? We have to put our situation into perspective and take the larger view as Mercury sesqui-squares Jupiter, a close-up does not give us the information we need to see it through. Drop opinions and assumptions, they only blind us; stand back and let the larger, more complex reality teach. Social awkwardness midday, unsettled feelings confuse as the Moon opposes Venus.

Wednesday, Sept 2: Some people are just looking for a fight this morning as Mars sesqui-squares Jupiter, but we can fight a limitation or for or personal best, we don’t need to fight one another. If we have to deal with someone in a mood, it’s best to do so head on and with a sense of humor, give them something to push against, and then make progress. Muscles needs to stretch, large equipment needs to move. Social rules can smooth a rough patch. Tonight softens and adds dreams and magic as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Thursday, Sept 3: Sensitivity and surplus feelings can make us irritable or inspire unexpected responses this morning as the Moon enters Pisces and squares Mars. Emotions can hide as rationality; read between the lines, read our actions. We don’t want to say all we feel and can be sharp if cornered. We don’t feel like rushing, but may feel pressured as time seems to speed up and slow down. Take a few moments and just listen to the rushing rivers and burbling streams of the soul, and then deal with the world.

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