Starcodes horoscopes for August 27 – Sept. 2, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for August 27 – Sept. 2, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to do something that’s long overdue; repair, retrieve, review, complete and amalgamate as Mercury retrogrades. It’s harder to get a new project going now, so clear up the past and begin to focus on the future after Sept 12th as Mercury turns directs, then let it rip after Sept 27th as Mercury moves past the point where it turned retrograde originally.

Revisit: Go back and remember a major event, like the Hurricane Katrina or a more personal milestone, and garner another layer of wisdom out of the experience. Savor the past, soak up the memoirs of the summer, or another more golden age in our life and remember what was left behind there, not just to miss it, but to keep its gift alive. Comb through last year’s wardrobe and bookshelf to see what is worth saving, what to toss.

Review: Mercury retrograde in analytical Virgo is a good time to get down to the bottom of a mystery or clear up a misconception. In our work, we may find an old manuscript or idea that needs to be dusted off and reworked for the new technology or finally laid to rest. At work it’s important to review our notes before talking because it’s way too easy to think we’re more prepared than we are, and can’t really count on memory or last minute-scintillation to cover that fact.

Rethink: Correct misconceptions wherever possible, but don’t make it war of wills, put intellectual Virgo to work and make it an exploration of the facts and consequences.  If a favorite personal opinion no longer seems to fit, it’s time to take a fresh look; get a new crop of evidence and really look at the facts, listen to other views and rethink. Though don’t try to push this approach on another, people will tend to be defensive and it’ll probably backfire.

Reconnect: Find an old friend, family member, favorite thinking spot, or something more ephemeral, like a lost sense of joy. When we go back to an old friend as the school year begins, or a family member we haven’t seen in a while, we just have to remember they too have changed in the interim, we need to honor the water under the bridge, the metamorphosis time brings, in order to bring the relationship in the present and keep it relevant.

The mood this week is generally smart, cranky, distracted and accident-prone with a sweet romantic and cooperative undertone. Keep comment productive, because under the Virgo Sun and Mercury, we can see the needs fixing and speak up so helpfully, but tend to hear any such comments as a criticism.

Venus and Mars are running hand in hand in sociable Libra, so we want to get along and have a generally agreeable approach. Relationships can fray as bad timing, small mistake sand misunderstandings rub  salt in our sensitivities unless we can trust that others actually want to get along with us, and so take the incidents in the best light possible. What will be most attractive now is fairness and equality, though beauty doesn’t hurt either. Unfairness will be the biggest turn-off in relationship and the biggest call to arms in politics.

The weekend starts off enthusiastic and impatient under an Aries Moon, friendly but not particularly cooperative. Our way can seem so obviously right to us, our schedule or timing so fair, that it’s hard to understand why everyone just doesn’t see it our way. Saturday we want to do something special and unique, we can make the most of an event but can forget to cooperate. Sunday and Monday are earthier, more organic, and need a smooth steady pace to get anything done. Early next week it is time to talk over the backstory, reminisce and think about our next steps in light of the past.

Friday, Aug 27: It’s hard to let go this morning, our control issues itch as the Aries Moon squares Pluto and opposes Saturn. We may want to take action just because, but first need to stop and figure out if it’s the right thing to do, and when is the right time to do so. Let’s keep everything in proportion, because molehills can see like mountains. Underneath this surface tension is laughter and competence if we reach for it. Enjoy camaraderie, even if it is occasionally confused, tonight.

Saturday, Aug 28: Wound up morning, people may feel irritable if things don’t go right unless we prioritize people over perfection as the Moon opposes Mars. Too many head-strong opinions make it seem easier to do things ourselves instead of coordinating our efforts, but that is what will save us time. Unsettled feelings midday can transform into a magical and heartfelt evening if we just roll with the flow.

Sunday, Aug 29: Enjoy a slow breakfast and take the pressure off, root in the senses and recollect. Appreciate what’s working, build trust, heal and share as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto. Find missing pieces and unearth what’s important. Slow and steady does it all day. Gardening or other simple and earthy activities further, but don’t bother to try and hurry anyone or try to change minds.

Monday, Aug 30: Morning is practical; accomplish simple tasks and repair broken threads in a window of positive communications. Make those calls now. We rush and wait: look for speedy progress but with a tendency to run late, so keep an eye on the clock. Mid-afternoon slows down. Evening we can get cranky or tired, but are offered an opportunity to be there for one another. Forgive a flat sense of humor. Rest now and share later.

Tuesday, Aug 31: Morning is mellow, practical if self-indulgent and unfocused.  Midday a fog settles on the brain and we too easily drop the ball as the Moon squares Neptune. Discontent underlines necessary repairs later; evening encourages good changes as a late-night mental buzz flows from the Gemini Moon as it sextiles Uranus and Jupiter

Wednesday, Sept 1: Put a short term plan into motion and correct misunderstandings as Moon trines Saturn this morning. Bureaucracy needs coaxing; professionalism and rituals need to be attended, but some old paperwork can finally be completed. This afternoon nervous energy runs high, increases mistakes and frays nerves; Communications run on skew lines as the Moon squares Sun and Mercury, let’s calm the waters and confirm as we go.

Thursday, Sept 2: We get a temporary green light while the Moon trines Mars, Venus, Neptune and Chiron today. Make overtures, make new friends, initiate creative ventures. Just look both ways before crossing as Mercury is still retrograde and even successful ventures can be laced with oddities. Let gratitude heal some old wounds, talk about the past in a wandering, peripatetic way.

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