Starcodes horoscopes for August 25 – 31, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for August 25 – 31, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

 Look for some interesting developments this active, if delay-filled week. While we are waiting for this fall’s work to pick up after Labor Day weekend when Mercury turns direct, let’s practice retrospective competence and deal with work that should have been dealt with a long time ago. We have extra stamina available to us this week as physical Mars sextiles electrical Uranus, but while Sun and retrograde Mercury work through competent, industrious, if easily-worried Virgo, that energy can easily turn into anxiety unless we are tackling something important
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Otherwise this buzzy energy can keep us up at night, or bug our digestive system when we’re trying to relax. We’ll feel this drive most over the weekend and at the end of the week, but summer is not over, and Monday through Thursdaybrings a real hunger for the last days of summer.
We get a mildly- pleasant political aspect this week, one that does not force cooperation, but can grease the wheels where we provide the roadway. So we may see some interesting collaboration from both sides of the aisle as odd allies work together to solve a problem or handle a crisis as conservative Saturn sextiles expansive Jupiter. As Saturn turns direct on Friday we may see a change in political positions, a reversal of rules or organizational structure.
Through the weekend let’s not waste time second-guessing old decisions, we have to accept that what’s past is past. We may need to repair some old convolutions, but can only take action in the present. Some project that we began last winter, but had to be put on hold in early April when Saturn turned retrograde, now becomes viable again as Saturn turns direct. Because Mercury is retrograde through September 5, it’s hard to get new projects off the ground, but we can review, repair, and catch up. We can’t change the fact that the Civil War occurred, but we can choose not to celebrate it, even accidentally, now and in the future.
The Moon enters Scorpio on Saturday as the Sun conjunct Mercury and some old situations can erupt or old emotions overflow. It furthers to have a good project to focus on the process upon this weekend, and ask what needs digging, researching, or reconfiguring.
This week is not all about work though. Venus enters Leo Friday and bring a more upbeat, celebratory and exploratory end of the summer, but can also leave us needing more attention in relationships and getting easily miffed if we feel unappreciated. The Sagittarius Moon early next week calls for some last-minute trips and asks us to dive into the natural world and feel connected before the fall. It’s important to talk about the philosophy behind what we do, to get people on the same theoretical page before we launch into action. Long walks and talks prepare us for the work ahead.
The week ends under industrious Capricorn Moon and as Mercury backs into Leo, an interesting mix message. All the ego issues of Midsummer return as Mercury retrogrades back into Leo, our stories become important, political blustering returns and some strange maneuvering are manipulation. But it is a good time to tell our stories to one another and listen to good use of this energy is to tell our stories to when another and listen with a whole heart.
Friday, August 25: The Moon conjuncts Jupiter early in the morning, but will be visible in the early evening sky, a monthly moment of opening, freedom, release letting go. Though sometimes freedom is nothing more than nothing left to lose. Enjoy a generally friendly social milieu as the Libra Moon conjuncts Jupiter, it helps us handle a more profound questioning of structure, authority and security as Saturn turns direct. Midafternoon take advantage of easy moments to make progress. Tonight we may want more excitement and a break in routine as the Moon opposes Uranus while Venus enters Leo. Our extroverted side needs to romp. Emotional relationships can get exciting if we feed them with attention, and tense if we don’t.
Moon square Pluto 2:31 AM, Saturn turns direct 6:08 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:30 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:07 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 2:05 PM, Venus enters Leo 10:29 PM, Moon opposes Uranus 11:39 PM.
Saturday, August 26: Now our introverted aspect needs time within, time focusing our own project as the Moon enters Scorpio. Mercury conjuncts the Sun which can give power to our words and our need to communicate, but also can just blow out our rational thinking and leave us tapped into our feelings in a way that we may not feel comfortable expressing. The mood is remarkably stubborn if open-minded. If the critical litany begins towards oneself or others, redirect; use that analytical capacity for good not ill. Tonight, keep plans loose and listen within, our souls and bodies have strong opinions about what they do and do not want.
Moon enters Scorpio 2:52 AM, Moon squares Venus 3:20 AM, Moon sex tiles the Sun 9:47 AM one sex tiles Mercury10:28 AM, Sun conjunct’s Mercury 2:42 PM.
Sunday, August 27: Timeshare between time alone and time in the fray; the Scorpio Moon still calls us within while the world calls us to engage. Look for good ideas, good projects to share, ways of collaborating that hadn’t occurred before as Jupiter sextile Saturn.
Moon trine Neptune 4:15 AM, Jupiter sextile Saturn 6:15 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:08 PM.
Monday, August 28: Let people go their own way this cranky morning, then watch them come out of their shells around noon as the Moon enters exploratory Sagittarius. Give into the desire to play hooky. If we feel a sudden urge to be brutally honest, let’s add kindness and share the whole picture as Mercury squares the Moon around dinnertime.  Our hearts warm tonight as the Moon trines Venus and we want to be loved.
Moon square Mars 3:37 AM, Moon trine Chiron 8:49 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 1:47 PM, Moon square Mercury 5:41 PM, Moon trine Venus 8:48 PM.
Tuesday, August 29: The natural world beckons to our curiosity. Notice funny camaraderie with stubborn streak, reel in a tendency to overdo overspend as the Sun challenges Jupiter. If we need something from a person, we’d best show how it frees them, or feel their heels dig in as the Sun semi-squares Jupiter.
Moon square Sun 2:12 AM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 12:10 PM, Moon square Neptune 3:59 PM.
Wednesday, August 30We can auspiciously build momentum, but it will take consciousness to build in a good direction as the Sagittarius Moon forms an impatient, energized grand trine with Mars and Uranus. We can also get wound up and shoot off without preparing for the consequences. Let’s engage our enthusiasm but keep expectations reasonable, and make sure we see the whole picture first.
Moon conjunct Saturn 8:31 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:38 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:27 PM, Moon trine Uranus 10:42 PM.
Thursday, August 31 A pragmatic Capricorn Moon brings us back to earth and stirs the coals of our ambition while Mercury slips back into Leo and we can feel are return of recent ego issues and an intractable inability to see things from another’s perspective. To make progress, take turns and listen to one another’s story; it may feel inefficient at first, but opens pathways.
Moon enters Capricorn 2:18 AM, Moon trine Mercury 2:39 AM, Mercury enters Leo 9:27 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:06 PM.
All times are MDT.

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