Starcodes horoscopes for August 21 – 27, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for August 21 – 27, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Feel the change in the winds, notice the first signs of fall, whatever the weather, as the Moon and Sun enter Virgo and call us back to work. Our self-inventory or our assessment of others can get a little edgy as we suddenly realize all we have to do, but we’ll be more productive if we’re kind with our selves and with one another on this busy, sometimes funny, and often tumultuous planning week.

It’s time to map out the work ahead, not necessarily do it, but to make lists, contact teams and get school supplies. Important decisions are percolating, so it’s important for us to get involved and have our voices be heard. But we can still have fun in the process.

A tough T-square  between  Mercury, Uranus and Mars at the beginning of the week, and Mercury, Pluto and Mars at the end of the week, can make us unusually emotional. Weather  may stay wild and unpredictable, so keep an eye on the maps and do not underestimate a good storm. These T-squares can also increase electrical and mechanical snafus, so watch the synapses and back up computers, and check the oil in the car. These Mercury aspects send unusual energy into our nervous systems which can fray fragile psyches or add fuel to explosive conversations, or help us cut to the chase and get work done. They leave a pool of emotional fuel around waiting to ignite; with patience we can use it to open our minds and power our progress. Or we can just blow up. It’s up to us how we manage our energy.

This weekend nervous energy can wind us up as Mercury opposes, and Venus trines, Uranus. We may feel a sudden urge to change our minds, but are we avoiding something, or really making a wise decision. Be wary of a new impulse to cut off a friend, cut hair, cut out funding for a program. Let’s take any concerns seriously, but when in doubt, let’s slow down the decision making process, get our ego out of the way, and get back to the basics. We have an opportunity to identify and release obstacles that block our path so we can proceed with less baggage and more room to grow as Jupiter-Saturn quincunx.

Larger political movements may not be so lucky, as this Jupiter-Saturn aspect usually creates a temporary stalemate between political groups or between business factions that want to change or expand, and those that want to cut back or maintain tradition. And the Mercury aspects make battles more likely than open-minded negotiations.

Early next week a Sun-Pluto trine loans us extra determination and acceptance to step towards our career and self-realization goals. Get everyone on the same team and familiar with new circumstances under a friendly Libra Moon, be nice and use this camaraderie to navigate the rockier aspects.  Make contacts now to handle the next few stormy days.

Midweek, we may need to honor forces beyond our control, the rolling winds or economy or larger-scale conflicts; we need to negotiate around or work with these forces rather fight than against them. Listen carefully for clues and cues to negotiate around the rocky shoals as Mars enters guarded, self-protective Cancer and opposes Pluto. While it’s helpful that Mercury now enters more egalitarian and friendly Libra, it now forms a T-square with Mars and Pluto.

This tough, tough-minded, T-square needs to be used with care. It can start a revolution or odd karmic boomerang, instigate some tricky investigative reporting or ask us to reclaim our own power. It increases passionate emotions, defensive angers, willfulness, power struggles and efforts of empowerment.

It may ask us to face some tough truths, tough situations, or tough decisions; we’ll be tempted to handle them from a defensive, reactive position rather than a proactive one, but can chose the high road and seek fairness instead. The key will be to use the kindness and balance of Mercury in Libra to ameliorate. Let the Golden Rule be the guide, focus on fairness and an egalitarian approach.  Look for a way to turn an argument into a win-win situation or get out of there. It’s ok to take a break if we’re triggered, find our balance again, and return to work.

Friday, Aug 21: Free our minds and change our life, that’s what a Mercury-Uranus opposition says, though a restless tension can make us lose our minds instead. Stay engaged but cool and collected, let others whirl. Consider holding all changes and quick comebacks for now, but if they’re needed, back them with substantial effort. Mechanical work needs attention midday, boundaries need to be set. Later, critical edges sharpen as Moon conjuncts Saturn in Virgo, parents may need to make a tough decision. Late evening can be witty and articulate.

Saturday, Aug 22:  People want to be friendly and sociable as the Moon enters Libra, and Venus trine Uranus, though we tend to run edgy and with short attention spans. We can make adjustments and work together if it’s done in short spurts with lots of conversation. Sociable, networking evening, remember its summer and reconnect, let work concerns and social life find a mutually helpful or supportive playing field as the Sun enters Virgo.

Sunday, Aug 23: We may feel pulled but  opposing interests, tugged by divergent needs. How can we gently, firmly, inclusively, empower ourselves. It’s not a paradox; we can love and cooperate but not dim our inner fires, we can hear the muse, and still befriend others. And we can remember what has passed before as we look to the future. This is the balance demanded by the Sun as it trines Pluto.

Monday, Aug 24: Interesting connections, though with a moment of sweet social awkwardness earlier as the Moon squares Venus and trines Mars; catch up on calls and contacts early. Focus on personal work, deadlines afternoon as the Moon enters Scorpio; we’re no longer kidding, (watch the sarcasm) and need clear evidence now.

Tuesday, Aug 25: Changing conditions need to be negotiated carefully as Mars enters defensive Cancer while Mercury enters Libra, and both challenge Pluto. Motivation needs good intention, or it just gets difficult. Defenses are on high alert; work diplomatically rather than confrontationally but stay out of the middle of a dogfight. Sharpened impulses, irritations or snafus need patience tonight.

Wednesday, Aug 26: Play it safe as the mentally intense, willful, sometimes paranoid T-square between Mars, Mercury and Pluto perfects. Do not buy a car or ignore the “check engine” light. Do fix machines. If triggered, count to five before speaking. Venus enters Leo and offers a tactful hint; affection, appreciation, art, kindness, beauty, flowers, all smooth the road. When in doubt, spread the love. Honesty flows tonight as the Moon enters Sagittarius; make it kind as well as real. The desire to travel  needs to be met with excitement and safety.

Thursday, Aug 27: On this emotionally volatile day, we laugh we cry, we get out of a tight situation Venus challenges Pluto. Some loss, real or symbolic, can wake us up and help us let go of irrelevancies, drop recent walls, and get real with one another. Take an opportunity to listen to sob stories, it will speed healing and save time. It may be time to leave a situation that recently becomes impossible.

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