Starcodes horoscopes for August 20 – 26, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for August 20 – 26, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Wake up and smell the turning leaves. Love and challenge are this week’s themes as Venus and Mars conjunct in ever so friendly Libra and crank up our emotional expectations, while Saturn squares Pluto and challenges our sense of security all while the Sun opposes Neptune and Mercury turns retrograde and fuzzes out our brains.

Mercury, that rascally arbitrator of all things modern–how we communicate, import or move through the world-now slows us down and sends us back to clean our room and clean up our karma before the next season begins. We may think we’re supposed to be launching in the year ahead, but probably need to revisit a recent decision, correct a misconception, review the year or handle a problem already on our plates first.

As Mercury appears to back up against the zodiacal belt we can use the next three weeks to get organized and remember what we were doing before we let go for summer. Mercury in Virgo isn’t so fond of fuzzy thinking, and this can leave us irritable if we try to accomplish too much. It’s a good time to visit with old friends or strengthen old contacts. If we’re starting a new job, it’s time to find out what the last person was doing before they left. Get ready to start this year’s work after Sept 12th when Mercury turns direct.

Underneath this mental crankiness, Venus and Mars are lovely together in the night sky and they sing sweetly to us in Venus’ own sign of Libra. This Venus-Mars conjunction wants us to see the beauty way and can help us reach out in compassion to those that really need it. We dream of something better, something more cooperative or romantic, more fair and lovely in love or politics.

While this can bring delightfully romantic moments and introduce us to new friends and allies for the work ahead, they also can really increase the expectations we put on our relationships. Paradoxically, this aspect nudge us to become less tolerant of whatever seems to be standing in the way of our ideas, like a partner that isn’t living up to their potential or one that is being too critical of us. Notice this scenario has two sides, one who is apparently screwing up, not living up to the Libran ideal, and one who is, thanks to Mercury retrograde in analytical Virgo, noticing.

If we can see the present scenario from the other person’s side as well as our own, we can use the healing, romantic gift of Libra. Libra also speaks about open warfare and legal battles, any open relationship of equals, so strange law suits may get posted nudged by a tough, controlling Saturn square Pluto. This is an intense aspect we have felt all year, it now perfects one last time, and then begins to dissipate. All year long it has asked us to reassess our work in the face of life, death and transformation. The employment news may be dismal this week, but begin to improve afterwards, though it will take a few more years before all the major unsettling, culture-reorganizing aspects dissipate.

Some event may shake up our security or our acceptance of the status quo and ask us to look beyond, and break free from some personal paradigm of victim-oppressor. Encourage the power within each being while holding the line with those who use power to dominate, whether it is country, news commentator, neighborhood bully, or an internal voice that causes us to doubt ourselves.

This aspect can push us collectively out of our comfort zone. We have to let go of the standard operating procedures and find a new form, not overnight but over the next few years. We may need to let go of old baggage and travel lighter for a while to see what is really needed in the future.

The weekend begins spacey but eventful as the Sun opposes Neptune while Mercury retrogrades, confirm all appointments and check all measurements. Do not believe a sudden worry. It’s best if we can just kick back by a pool somewhere and not say too much for a while. Be particularly careful around liquids and of the effect of alcohol or drugs, leave the power tools alone if beer is on the scene.

On Monday the Sun enters Virgo and suddenly school supplies look interesting. This increases our sense of duty and seriousness and asks us to sink our mental teeth into something substantial. But it can also increase our self-consciousness as we review in whom we are today with when we were once upon time. Our tendency will look at what we have lost, and we need to bring our attention back to what we’ve gained in the interim, even if it’s just a wiser self.

Midweek, under the ever so sensitive Full Pisces Moon, it helps to meditate upon the healing of those who need it all around the world. As we do so it helps heal our own tender spots. But if we give into a temptation to play the victim and focus upon our woes, they will only multiply. We may not be able to see our way out of an uncomfortable situation, but need to process the feeling and step one step at a time towards healthier ground.

Friday, Aug 20: Ambitious but nearsighted and fuzzy-thinking day as the Sun opposes Neptune under a determined Capricorn Moon. It’s a great day to use our imagination or work with our dreams, intuition or spiritual practice if we can stay in the present. We want to work hard but can make mistakes if we aren’t careful as Mercury retrogrades. It is easy to wind out in a delusion or get depressed because we are not making enough progress. Let’s just do the task in front of us. Then let our dreams wander to a better world and take steps to get there. Evening is warm and sociable but with potentially unrealistic expectations as Venus and Mars conjunct. Move through a surplus of emotional around dinner to great conversation late into the night as the Moon trines Mercury.

Saturday, Aug 21: It’s a philosophical Saturday as Saturn squares Pluto, bittersweet emotional sensitivity mixes hopes for the future with sadness for something we’ve have to release. There’s work to do and places to go, though it all may take longer than expected. Underneath is an opportunity to look where we’ve been and where we’re going. If old wounds tweak midday, try to stay in the present. Low spell around dinner, energy picks up later as the Moon enters Aquarius. Evening events can help us shift gears.

Sunday, Aug 22: Forget efficiency and just find one another, take this as a day of rest and reconnection. Spin stories; hear what they did on their summer vacation. Feel the creative pulse. Attention is divided and diffuse, farsighted and a bit dense close to home. Help one another adjust to changing circumstances.

Monday, Aug 23: Take action this morning on as a matter dear to the heart as the Aquarius Moon trines Venus and Mars. Just don’t sign any papers yet. If the effective early morning slows down mid-day, breathe through resistance. Later, a motivating Mars-Sun semi-square can bring out competitive reactions or a sullen mood that needs physical action to work out. Do more and say less. Reconsider a sudden headstrong impulse and avoided people whose tails are twitching.

Tuesday, Aug 24: Awash, overwhelmed, defensive or at one with the world; the difference will be in our perspective as the Full Moon in Pisces softens our borders. Our mind and our intuition may disagree, and we need to find the common ground. Do not push anyone today; notice, but do not buy into, any internal tape about victimizations, and instead have compassion on oneself and others.
Wednesday, Aug 25: We may feel pressured to talk and try understanding one another, but it cannot be done through the mind door, only the heart window. A strong critical bent may be needed to defend those who really have been put upon; just notice the tendency to project one’s own tenderness into their situation. The more dented we feel, the more likely to use righteous indignation to protect, but that approach will not help. Be sentimental tonight, let the waves wash through.

Thursday, Aug 26: We may not be happy about it but may be relied to make some decision, small or large, that should have been made a long time ago. Keep it a positive decision, do not so much swear off sugar, but instead decide to eat better. Do not break up, do decide to have healthier relationships and see who comes with as the Sun trines Pluto white Moon conjuncts Uranus.

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