Starcodes Horoscopes for August 19 – 25, 2016

Starcodes Horoscopes for August 19 – 25, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week comes in like a hot summer’s day- sensitive, wafting with a touch of melodrama.

The weekend begins under a sensitive, drifting Pisces Moon, but the energy kicks into higher gear Saturday as the Moon enters independent spontaneous Aries, which can bring out our exploratory or rebellious edge as well as our entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the weekend we may feel unusually brave and ready to try something entirely new; our impulse control goes down and so does the buffer on our conversations as Mercury conjunct Jupiter on Monday. This conjunction expands our mind and helps us see possibilities but we can say far more than would be prudent, or notice wind damage. It could bring some entertaining edge to political comments, but can also help free our minds of an outmoded way of seeing things.

We may be interested in faraway people or ideas from the other side of the globe. Or just be willing to walk through a neighborhood we’d never walk through before. If we want to do any promotional work or need to be appreciated for what we do, now is a great time to get the word out and to look for people whose enthusiasm is building.

Mercury is in its own nervy, mentally active (one might even say high strung) sign of Virgo and as it conjuncts expansive Jupiter this week it can bring extra neurological activity, though what we do with his nervous energy is up to us. Our nervous system can rev; our minds can get anxious just for something to do or refused to shut up easily at night. But ongoing conversations can become fascinating. We may excel at multitasking, which will help us finish up summer work and get organized for the fall before Mercury retrogrades on August 30. Now is a great time to write, convince, or network, but we may need a nice long bath before we go to bed.

After this weekend’s buzzing energy, the mood begins to shift on Monday. We go from Sun and Moon in fire signs in the morning, to Earth signs in the evening as The Sun enters Virgo and the Moon enters Taurus, marking a noticeable shift back into our bodies, practicalities, and a need to find our center. Our senses sharpen, we’ll want to taste summer’s delicious foods, take care of our health, our financial and material concerns, and renew.

Activating Mars conjuncts structural Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday, which helps us launch a work project, a desire to get back to something that we may have started in March and April and had to put on hold. The week finishes up with a Mercurial verbal Gemini Moon, adding to that nerve energy. Let’s pour that energy is anxiety, but excitement.

Friday, August 19: Dreams walk this morning, it can be kind of hard to gear up as the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune and calls us into the mythic realm, or maybe just the garden. Keep the day soft; people feel ugliness and the slings and arrows acutely, and so will appreciate kindness even through some moments of social awkwardness tonight as the Moon opposes Venus.

Moon square Saturn 3:18 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:21 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:32 PM, Moon opposed Venus 4:24 PM.

Saturday, August 20: Morning is slow, curious and thoughtful we may be interested in things of the past, whether antiques, old friends, or a favorite place. But the energy returns to the moment, heats up and becomes front, center, and edgy as the Moon enters Aries this afternoon, bringing a breath of bravery and curiosity with a bit of attitude.

Moon opposed Mercury 4:40 AM., Moon opposed Jupiter 6:20 AM, Moon enters Aries1:18 PM,

Sunday, August 21: Things flow beautifully when we work with the energies of the day, but they don’t flow when don’t. Momentum builds and we can set our sails to work with it, rather than try to resist it or pound life into a form of our own will. Morning feels productive, though we will resist direction, this afternoon a grumpy or sad spell flows into a potentially beautiful spontaneous evening. Enjoy the last evening of Leo.

Moon trine Mars 3:09 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:43 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:42 PM.

Monday August 22: Feel the shift from fire to earth today as the Sun and Moon both leave fire signs and shift into earthy Virgo and Taurus, bringing less spark and more earth and hunger. Our minds sense the possible expansion this morning as Mercury conjunct Jupiter, if we want to get the word out about our work, now is a great day to do so. Notice who is also taking this opportunity to take a great idea and make it so.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter 3:04 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:47 AM, the Sun enters Virgo10:38 AM, the Moon enters Taurus 3:19 PM the Moon trines the Sun 3:39 PM.

Tuesday, August 23: Take those dreams and plant them in earth, ground them with the practical next steps for our fall work. Mercury turns retrograde in a week, and the plans we make now will serve us throughout September. The mood is pragmatic, concerned, serious, territorial, but also potentially supportive.

Moon sextile Neptune 9:31 AM, Moon trine Pluto 4:43 PM.

Wednesday, August 24: Nervous energy can leave us a bit frazzled today, the conversation can be fascinating and we can move our work forward. Mars can give us the energy to make things happen. Look for some interesting progress around transportation. And don’t let attention get spread too thin.

Mars conjunct Saturn 5:26 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:05 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 12:05 PM, Moon trine Mercury 1:37 PM, Moon enters Gemini 5:39 PM, Moon square the Sun 9:40 PM.

Thursday, August 25: Anxieties can feel like a form of love, but they’re not. As the Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars we can make worry and art form, or we can just get on with the conversation. Nerves can make people brittle and are more argumentative than may sound more argumentative than they really are, deal with the nerves not the content, and see how the field later this.

Moon opposed Saturn 10:29 AM, Moon opposed Mars 11:34 AM, Moon square Neptune12:05 PM.

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