Starcodes horoscopes for August 14 – 20, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for August 14 – 20, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s talk it out this very verbal weekend. Early next week it’s time to do something with all that new understanding, we’ll need to face our responsibilities squarely as Mercury conjuncts more serious Saturn. A party mood with ego trips lightens mid-week, but karma comes home to roost; we reap what we’ve sown, whether that’s a bushel of hugs or some more bitter bramble.

The weekend begins in an expansive if scattered mood, expressive under a chatty Gemini Moon; Spin stories and avoid assumptions; controversy can be a recreation sport but watch that verbal fencing does not become a war of words. We restless, not particularly focused as the stars nudge us open our minds and talk to new people; this can look like flirtation, but is really wanderlust of the soul.

It’s a verbal time, diatribes, poetry, and propaganda flows, which is great for fiction but the news blurbs can sound like fiction. Spiritual teachings as well as most lover’s and children’s excuses contain a personal and symbolic truth if not a literal one; we just have to listen within that frame work.

Peaking this weekend, but affecting us all week, the Sun opposes Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron and this can issue a subtle challenge to our sense of identity or to our understanding of reality, leave us busy but with an underlying uncertainty about who we are or where we belong. Rather than shrink from the questions, and so shrink our world, let’s take on this the challenge, ask the tough questions, and expand our understanding.

Flexibility helps; a good stretch or gentle yoga of the body or mind can help us assimilate new information. Political flexibility can help us drop our polarized identities and look for real answers but this may be hard to find; Jupiter quincunx Saturn, and when these two planets challenge one another, conservative and liberal elements tend to square off.

Early next week we may just want to stay home and snuggle or stay around friends; our bodies may give us an excuse to do so if we don’t listen to our souls while the Cancer Moon conjuncts Venus. But at home we can make things happen. Just watch a tendency to jostle for attention on the home front; don’t buy into the emotional competition or an urge to make people prove they love you. Instead, redirect this restlessness towards something joyful.

Objectivity can be a real challenge as Mars squares Uranus on Tuesday, one of the stormier, feistier, more impulsive and accident-prone aspects, and one that will affect us all week. Mechanical devise can grow a poltergeist, but we can also tap into an unusual ingenuity to solve the problem. Under this aspect we may want to be seen as rugged individualists and can overreact if our feelings are trod upon; fights are way too easy to come by, so just walk away if the temperature starts to rise

Mid-week, energy oscillates from indulgent laziness to party-time under a New Moon in Leo. Our self-image may be reborn, but it’s up to us whether we’re willing to look at ourselves with honesty, find our real strengths and beauties and run with them. If we can stay tuned into the world around us, this is a generous, celebratory, self-promoting yet appreciative New Moon.

The mood is so personal and subjective; our awareness of our worldly surroundings can get murky unless we have the facts. If decisions press on us as Mercury conjuncts Saturn and Mars trines Neptune, we need to do our homework first, get some objective information, and then expand on the facts with our intuition, before we make a decision. Otherwise our decision may be more based on worry than reality.

Now through the end of the month Mars receives one challenge after another. This can motivate us to change gears for a productive year ahead. But it also stirs the coals on power struggles at work, could bring a power blackout on the electrical grid or arguments over literal fuel-power sources, or set up a battle on international boundaries. It is important to get out there and take on this opportunity for change, but let’s drive safely and avoid unnecessary struggles along the way. Keep the ego out wherever possible and keep our eyes on the prize; let’s remember what‘s important and not argue over the rest.

Friday, Aug. 14: Morning feels stubborn, but lines of communications open soon after coffee, and as Moon enters humorous and verbal Gemini. Use this warmth and camaraderie to catch up and fill in the edges to prepare for the demanding Mercury-Saturn conjunction coming up. Watch a tendency to overdo or over-stress as the Moon opposes Jupiter, but use its expansive strength to look outside the box, let it inspire the generous spirit. Tonight is alive, awake and talkative, though nerves can fray later on.

Saturday, Aug 15: Morning is funny, disorganized, keep the agenda light. Snarky communications glitches need discipline, not crankiness, later afternoon as the Moon squares Saturn and Mercury, but we have an opportunity to heal through our words as Mars in Gemini trines Chiron. Some logistical challenge offers us a chance to learn a new skill; an unfinished project or un-thoughtful words come home to haunt, deal with them directly. Impatient but expansive night; take a chance to see life for a more spiritual, more hopeful perspective and follow up an unexpected opportunity as the Moon trines Jupiter Neptune and Chiron.

Sunday, Aug 16: Moodiness increases, we may feel a sense of hesitation or insecurity around impending work or return to school as the Moon enters Cancer and forms a series of mixed minor aspects. We feel one of everything, while this can help us empathize with all sides, we probably shouldn’t think we know anything. Puttering through personal chores can help us find our center.

Monday, Aug 17: It’s time to look our responsibilities square in the face and make a decision, plan, pay off debts, or agree to work. We only feel old, were actually stepping into our power as Mercury conjuncts Saturn while the Sun sextiles Mars and loans us the energy to manage it, once we get going. Though we may not be feeling cooperative. Serious communications; read and sign contracts this morning, later the sun oppose, and Mars trines, Neptune, and we may feel overwhelmed by this morning’s events to drift and dream, to stir the coals of our imagination, but also ma fee the power of belief the subtleties of our psychic weir sand how we connect to the whole.

Tuesday, Aug 18: The energy is erratic, so lay it safe; people will tend to argue quickly, take anything as a criticism and defend themselves. If any situation gets heated, get out and come back when the dust clears. We have to deal with the consequences of work done earlier, mechanical difficulties, and turbulences. We need to be physically active and challenge our energy, but put safety first.

Wednesday, Aug 19: A slower, more careful approach for the short term may be the way to go until we can really see the other side of the coin. We tend to act out and over-dramatize, but second thoughts may have a point; don’t stop progress, but do listen to intuition and investigate behind the headlines. When in doubt, support old friendships and they will support back; we are really touchy about social disrespect right now. If recent tension has causes a rift, reminisce about the good old times to pick up the threads of cooperation and affection. Totally spacey, generous but self- involved afternoon as the Leo Moon opposes Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune; are we really honoring another’s needs, or just giving others what we want ourselves. Overnight, a New Moon in Leo calls us to a party.

Thursday, Aug 20: Important heart-affecting news possible this morning as the Moon enters Virgo and trines Pluto offers us a chance to rethink our self image and rethink how we use our heart. We just don’t want to rethink our work; tons of details need attention this afternoon, we’re more effective if we don’t let anxiety make us snippy, but instead track gently what needs to be done. Make sure to communicate as well as work, it will save time in the long run if everyone is on the same page.

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