Starcodes horoscopes for August 12 – 18, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for August 12 – 18, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week’s mood can be generally upbeat and enthusiastic as mental Mercury conjunct expansive Jupiter in Virgo. We can shift gears and find positive changes doing something we hadn’t done before, or haven’t done for a long while as the Sun trines change-master Uranus, an aspect which can act like a cosmic clutch.

Along with an interesting summer week, work projects begin to shift and move forward, though we could wrestle over who’s in charge or who had authority as Saturn turns direct after a long retrograde cycle. Think back to work, structure, or plans, that were beginning to build momentum in March, ones that were delayed when Saturn retrograded aroundMarch 26, and begin to stir the embers of those fires.

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But in an undercurrent waiting underneath this pleasant, potentially busy week, we can feel hurt by the actions of another person, politician, or event that happens to tap dance on an old psychic scar as Jupiter opposes the asteroid Chiron. Whether we run into a difficult relative, someone who reminds us of one, or hit a familiar challenging situation, we may be forced out of our comfort zone and required to grow in ways that we’d not choose otherwise.

If we feel so triggered, it’s important to remember that we’re not back among those old memories, we’re right here in the present moment. If we can face the situation kindly and courageously, we can reset that pattern, and reclaim a breath of personal power.

Friday and Saturday the Moon travels through cheerful, restless Sagittarius, keeping the mood upbeat and restless even as our deeper work is activated. Our romantic life and artistic career is complicated as creative Venus first forms a challenging square to serious Saturn on Saturday, then opposes confusing Neptune on Sunday. Our natural flow of affection could feel tested; chores can cramp our love life or visiting relatives can get in the way of our creative endeavors. And we may need to act upon our sense of compassion.

It can be hard to see what’s happening clearly during this time as Venus opposes Neptune, so it will help to keep lines of communication wide open with beloveds, check in with one another and make sure they are doing okay under whatever the circumstances. One good thing about this Saturn-Venus aspect is that old friendships and healthy relationship skills help us pull through. And when we prove we’re there for one another, it grows our trust. If our imagination feels temporarily cramped, practicing the skills of our craft opens up the creative process.

A Capricorn Moon on Sunday and Monday can bring determination, but if we don’t have a place to put our determination, it can also bring depression. Find purpose. Wasting time will be hard, so make any moment useful.

Midweek is wildly sociable under a full Moon in community-oriented Aquarius, one of the great gathering times of year. Wednesday night the Sun trines Uranus and helps us switch gears and get excited. Venus trines Pluto, deepens our feelings and helps us know what we want. Though we may feel extra emotional as the Moon heads into Pisces on Thursday. Look for clues as to why we might feel optimistic toward the weekend.

Friday, Aug 12: Serious, fair, and pointed conversation helps start a process or a journey as an upbeat, restless Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Mars and Saturn. The mood slows down midday, we may feel unusually tender and need to process our life or memories.Tonight, low-key wandering soothes the soul. We’ll need companions to be supportive and low maintenance.

Moon square Mercury 3:57 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:51 AM, Moon square Neptune9:38 AM, Jupiter opposed Chiron 5:59 PM, Moon square Mercury 10:59 PM

Saturday, August 13: Just go ahead and deal with those responsibilities and have is good time with one another in the process as Venus squares Saturn. Questions about what something fundamental to us, to our sense of personal authority or history, murmur in the background of an otherwise upbeat day. Rely on good relationship skills; do the right thing and affection returns.

Saturn stations and turns direct 3:49 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:05 AM, Venus squares Saturn8:30 AM, Moon trine Uranus 11:27 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:36 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 10:11 PM.

Sunday, August 14: A lazy streak can breed misunderstandings. Our brains and heart may need to slip out of gear and putter in neutral as Venus opposes Neptune, but an industrious Capricorn Moon nags us to work, or at least prompts us come up with great suggestion for other people to do. Let the imagination wander; sketch out ideas about the future, but keep it simple in present time.

Venus opposed Neptune 11:03 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:13 PM, Moon trine Venus8:06 PM.

Monday, August 15: Morning can leave us feeling grim or painfully aware of our failings as a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn whispers to us about all the work that needs to be done. We’ll feel younger, if argumentative, by noontime. Just keep working, as progress helps good spirits return tonight.

Moon conjunct Pluto 3:04 AM, Moon trine Mercury 12:59 PM, Moon square Uranus 7:42 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:44 PM.

Tuesday, August 16: What change can we make today? The Sun trines change-inducing Uranus as the Moon enters forward-thinking Aquarius. Brainstorm and explore possibilities this morning. Even the dogs will want to take a different route. Afternoon brings more industrious competence.

Moon enters Aquarius 5:52 AM, Sun trines Uranus 2:23 PM, Moon sextile Mars 4:49 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:21 PM.

Wednesday, August 17: It’s a great day to meet, celebrate, or show off; community flourishes when we all express our potential. Competition isn’t the point. Gather for a cause, pursue the heart’s calling as Venus trines Pluto. Tonight’s full Moon in community-oriented Aquarius is one of the best moments to gather all year.

Venus trine Pluto 8:17 PM.

Thursday, August 18: Our minds cook, our thoughts gather early this morning, though the middle of the day may lose steam and decisiveness. It may be hard to do ordinary boring things, we want to be part of larger events and stronger dramatic arc. Sentimentality, sensitivity and free-floating emotions swirl as the Moon enters Piscestonight.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:50 AM, Moon opposed the Sun 3:26 AM, Moon enters Pisces10:34 AM, Moon square Mars 10:53 PM.

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