Starcodes horoscopes for August 11 – 17, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for August 11 – 17, 2017

Perseid Meteor Showerby Heather Roan Robbins

Take a moment to ponder the Perseid meteor showers as they paint the midnight sky this weekend, let these meteors entering our atmosphere symbolize the arrival of new material, new ideas, new problems or possibilities, from beyond the normal circle of our lives.

This is an ideal week to take a lazy family holiday with time to drift down a stream and paint landscapes, time to straighten out any misunderstandings. Wouldn’t that be nice. Not all of us are that lucky, so for everything else we need to practice patience and flexibility while a grant trine in fire signs pushes for action, any action, yet Mercury turns retrograde opposed Neptune, confuses the criteria, and slows us down.

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We can expect political grandstanding as the week-ends in a rush as the impatient Aries Moon conjuncts urgent Uranus, and they form a loose grand trine with the Sun and Mars in Leo, and our own sense of deadlines light a fire under us. Notice an urgency to take action, but investigate the motivation: is it a relief to finally get going, or are we rushing into something ill prepared through a false sense of urgency. Or, are we using this apparent urgency to hide from more complicated problems we’d rather not deal with.

The road will be full of twists and turns as thoughtful Mercury in Virgo approaches an opposition to Neptune and then retrogradeson Saturday, and through Sept 6. Mercury retrograde in Virgo can bring out our critical side, but it can also help us review where we were before the summer began and pick up old projects we’ve left behind. It may be time to go back and find missing pieces to bring old ideas or ambitions forward, though it’s hard to build momentum or get funding at the moment. It’s also a time to talk over what didn’t work last time but only in the terms of what can we do differently this time. For now, let’s do the work, dust off the old info, reorganize the grant proposal and get ready.

We can feel an urgency to get things done as the Sun and Mars form a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn in motivating fire signs this weekend, but find the road full of twists and turns as thoughtful Mercury now in Virgo, approaches an opposition to Neptune and then retrogrades Saturday through Sept 6. Now that Mercury retrograde in Virgo can bring out our critical side and slow us down in launching into this year’s projects, but it can also help us review where we were before the summer began, and pick up old projects we’ve left behind. Or just tell old stories, and see them in a new light.

We can also become absent-minded professors, thinking brilliant abstract thoughts while we forget what we were saying or doing, and become as easily distracted as a dog with a squirrel.

Odd technical and literary snafus can multiply like gremlin for the next few weeks. Untruths or misunderstandings from the past may get exposed, investigators will dig up information. The momentum of our life can shift sideways, asking us to tend to a short-term agenda requiring our attention now, which lets us return to business as usual after the first week in September.

But this Mercury retrograde in Virgo, opposed Neptune, can also bring up old worries and anxieties. Many people who lived through the cold war are feeling recent nuclear threats as all too familiar. The upcoming eclipses tap-dance on Trump’s chart, the urgency to do something major, or at least threated so, under this motivating fire-sign grand trine, while this Mercury, can make it hard to get the facts and see where we’re going. Our intuition may be strong, but our logical judgment off-center, so let’s think long and hard about saying something unforgivable, or making any radical move, like starting a war.

Along with this stop-start confusion, our emotions can overflow in all directions as a tender Venus in Cancer runs the gamut of both positive and challenging aspects through the week. Over the weekend we could feel more vulnerable in the best and worst of ways as our sensitivity and imagination are juiced by a trine from Venus to intuitive Neptune. We may slow down and rest Saturday night and Sunday and feel the need to feed the senses and eat delicious food under an earthy Taurus Moon. Bathe in the awe of the meteor showers. If our great ideas don’t pan out this weekend, we can rely on surprising practicality and traditional formats to do what needs to be done.

Early in the week Venus opposes Pluto, and something may just not feel right, or we may need to show our love even under a depressed mood or difficulties. There could be a conflict of will or realization that good intentions need some work before they can manifest as Mars quincunx Pluto on Wednesday. Let’s not make it a battle of wills. Pay attention to the ongoing debate on how political power is being manipulated at home and abroad.

To work through this gently on the home front, we can lower our demands and just gently be there for each other. It may be important to set some boundaries, but if so, do it in a way that doesn’t make others wrong, but guides the interaction into a more comfortable form. We finish the week with more liberating, fun, abundant emotions as Venus squares bountiful Jupiter. Just watch a sudden desire to spend money on things that make our home and ourselves feel beautiful.

Friday, August 11: Look for magical communications today as Venus trines Neptune, though more simple forms can be problematic. It helps to look for the best in people; an idealistic view can help them rise to the occasion, but just be honest about where they are at the moment. There’s a spark in the air and a spark in the heart on this flirtatious, combustible evening.

Uranus semi-square Neptune 3:48 AM, Venus trine Neptune 11:17 PM, Moon square Venus 11:36 PM.

Saturday, August 12Hurry up and get distracted this morning. We may be excited about a new possibility or just feel warmhearted, easily engaged in what we’re doing, but also easily site-tracked by our imagination. The Moon in Aries increases our impatience and presses us to hurry up and get something done, all while Mercury retrogrades. We can run around in circles passionately. Prioritize carefully, as patience and focus can unlock the energy.

Moon trine Mars 1:38 AM, Moon square Pluto 6:27 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 8:48 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:26 AM, Moon trine Saturn 1:25 PM, Mercury retrograde 7:01 PM.

Sunday, August 13: It’s a great day for meandering, for taking unexpected side trips and interesting explorations, though it can be really tricky to get from point A to point B without interruption. Tonight, it furthers to create stability with healthy food, familiar jokes, familiar people. Check in on old friends and reconnect. Do what stabilizes the soul.

Moon conjunct Uranus 2:00 AM, Moon enters Taurus 4:39 AM, Sun trine Saturn 3:06 PM.

Monday, August 14: Familiar routines further, simple sybaritic pleasures soothes, so let’s take a chance to catch up with one another and with oneself. It won’t help to try and hurry. If we feel a dose of stubbornness coming up, we might want to back off the conflict and try again later as the Moon squares the Sun and Mars in recalcitrant fixed signs. If an emotional heaviness sits on the heart, don’t look too hard for the many sources, but do turn it into compassionate comfort and practical action.

Moon trine Mercury 12:41 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:53 AM, Moon square Mars 8:29 AM, Moon sextiles Venus 8:48 AM, Moon trine Pluto 10:33 PM, Moon square Sun 7:14 PM.

Tuesday, August 15: Watch the emotional manipulations or mood swings this morning; be as clean and clear with one another as possible. We can feel sad or concerned, aware of what is missing, or feel like life is passing us by as Venus opposes Pluto. Process away, talk about the feelings, not who is right or wrong. Honor the feelings, but don’t get caught up in the story. Conversation picks up this afternoon as the Moon enters Gemini and inspires cross pollination and new opportunities to reconnect with people we know to help deal with some intransigent difficulties.

Venus opposed Pluto 5:17 AM, Moon enters Gemini 8:05 AM.

Wednesday, August 16: It’s hard to get exactly what we want, but it’s sure tempting to try as Mars irritates Pluto this morning. Give people time to work at their own speed and direction. Most of us will feel this as a minor irritation which we can use to provoke good work, but let’s also watch out for some willful flailing about or those that duck responsibility by projecting blame. Later in the day people will find it easier to communicate and cooperate as the Moon sextiles Mars and trines Jupiter.

Moon square Mercury 2:48 AM, Mars quincunx Pluto 4:36 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:34 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:29 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:34 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 7:40 PM.

Thursday, August 17: Expect to puddle about in free-floating emotions, choose carefully where to aim the heart’s attention as Venus squares abundant Jupiter while the Moon enters sensitive, self-protective Cancer. We need to notice which feelings are our own and which are coming from our empathic connections. Don’t attach to the stories, as they may be off or not-relevant, but do honor the feelings and let them flow like a river. Instead of becoming crabby, it furthers to not get emotionally overextended, but instead take time for nesting and self-care, and then share with Venusian romantic and artistic abundance from our renewed place.

Venus square Jupiter 12:39 AM, Moon sextile Sun 1:13 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 7:38 AM, Moon enters cancer 10:12 PM.

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