Starcodes Horoscopes for April 9 – 15, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for April 9 – 15, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

We dig deep, unearth, plow, plant, and hopefully illuminate this week.  Pluto turned retrograde a few days ago and has left us reverberating from the repercussions.

When a planet retrogrades, or appears to turn backwards against the zodiac because of the difference between its orbit and ours, whatever it symbolically rules needs work, and does not work the normal way.  Pluto is called the lord of mining, it brings the gold and jewels to the surface along with the dirt. It rules what’s buried in the earth, our psyches or souls. It is connected to how we use and abuse power, political power or electrical power, to the concentrated power of nuclear energy and plutonium, and with our ability to transform, death, rebirth, revolution. Deep stuff, both literally and metaphorically.

As Pluto turned retrograde (square to structural Saturn) we watch global efforts to uncover buried people and property in the mining disasters of China and America, floods of New England and the mudslides of Rio de Janeiro. Two world superpowers sign a treaty around nuclear power. Stories of abuse within the Catholic Church continue to be unearthed. And the earth rumbles away, shifting at its deepest levels, something astrologers expect to continue through the fall while Saturn and Pluto square one another.

How does this affect us personally?  Pluto asks us to look carefully at what unearths from our closets or in our dreams. It urges us to honor our fallen as we celebrate new life and wonders whether we’re utilizing all our power and doing so in a clean way. If we are planning some major tectonic shift in our life, it reminds us to take our time and do it right.

Pluto, Lord of the underworld and Persephone, Goddess of the spring, were mates in Greek mythology; death and rebirth held hands. Underneath the present Plutonian challenges, new grass now shoots up and baby birds begin to chirp.  With a New Moon in vibrantly alive Aries this week we’ll also feel the pulse of life flowing all around and want to participate in great things. In the face of this life and death, who has time or interest in the dry details of work.

It was a strange twist of fate to put the tax deadline in the middle of this urgent, distractible Aries season. The impending deadline can make the prepared feel smug, motivate adrenaline junkies and light a fire under junior-league procrastinators (major league ones won’t even acknowledge it). Even though the great issues of life call us, it’s best to deal with taxes and other detail-laden work before Tuesday, because we’ll get sloppy with impatience as the Moon grows new in Aries on Wednesday.

Get ready to launch new plans under that impatient and alive Aries New Moon. It will be tough to sit still and impossible to take orders, but a phenomenal time to start a revolution, initiate a new direction, or get a fresh proposal in.

Do it now, before Mercury retrogrades April 17 and send us back to clean up our act. As the week progresses we may feel the mental molasses begin to creep in, asking us to slowdown and finish our old work before we leap ahead to the new stuff.  Progress will get more complicated as distracted thoughts tiptoe through the tulips. Projects we thought were on a role may be put on hold while we handle another urgent but temporary agenda, an important sidebar to our life’s schedule.

All this week, we get a chance to notice the emotional, relationship, and financial patterns underlying our life as Saturn quincunx Chiron. This can sometimes hurt to look at and leave us feeling unusually sensitive, but once we see those patterns we can soften around them and adjust. Let’s take this opportunity to review how we got here and use this New Moon to start afresh.

Friday, April 9: If morning is tough, work together. Alone we can get spacey and stuck on our misconceptions, and so miss what’s right in front of our face; together we can see in three dimensions.  Keep checking facts and timing, our subtle perceptions can be both basically right but a little off as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. It helps to engage the imagination to engage attention. Early evening is upbeat and prone to political debate, later evening brings a more serious note.

Saturday, April 10: We get more sensitive and may resent that fact, because we’d really rather not show our vulnerability under the Moon in Pisces. Don’t crowd, be cuddly and solid instead. Wander and listen to the muse midday. The interior winds pick up later; if doubts or tough news furrow our brow as Mars quincunx Pluto, it helps to look at them squarely. Concern can make us controlling or lead us to test love rather than nurture it, but that will only push others away. Kind but emotionally volatile vibes tonight; find solid ground rather than rock the boat.

Sunday, April 11: Emotions flutter; express feelings and not defenses. What looks like a difficulty at first, can, if we respond creatively, be the grain of sand that produces a pearl as Venus challenges Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Optimistic afternoon gives us the room to move past earlier moods. Follow up the excitement, but also keep the home fires burning.

Monday, April 12: We’ve got to make a change, small or large; if our need for stability argues with changing circumstances, let’s just bite the bullet and find a stable way to proceed. If tests and technical difficulties bug us midday, let’s get determined not discouraged, but proceed with gentleness.

Tuesday, April 13: A paradoxical hurry-up-and-wait day as the dark Aries Moon urges us forward while fuzzy-making aspects tell us to hold our horses. If we can’t proceed where we want, let’s do what we can. If the head aches, move the feet and bring the energy down to the ground. Anger brews about old situations, rebellion in the present against that happens in the past, but it doesn’t get us anywhere; prepare for the future instead.

Wednesday, April 14: Positive with a short fuse; the mood is bright if flammable and abrupt. We want to get a reaction and see quick results. Any new venture launched now will take fire on this first New Moon of the astrological year. Watch fires break out easily in the best and worst ways; work carefully around flammable materiel and explosive situations. Distract people rather than confront to avoid a showdown. Serendipity can burn brightly if we listen to our muse and follow a spontaneous inspiration.  We can settle and cuddle tonight as the Moon enters Taurus, and may really need to rest.

Thursday, April 15: Follow through on any practical work now, if the taxes haven’t been done, just do it. Let’s deal with anything we’ve been avoiding now with the Moon in durable Taurus before Mercury retrograde. Early morning grumbles and pushes as the Moon squares Mars. Calmly say what needs to be said midday as the Moon conjuncts Mercury, build one fact upon the other and create the picture.  Don’t get too attached to outcomes this afternoon, make needed adjustments and focus on process not product.

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