Starcodes horoscopes for April 8 – 14, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for April 8 – 14, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

And now for something completely different!
– Monty Python

No matter what the weather, spring fever is in the air and can help pry us out of any lingering winter’s ruts. Notice the urge to break routine and search for a companion, a new system or new regime, spawned by last week’s new Moon in Aries, Sun, Venus and Uranus in Aries. Though this urgency to shift gears can feel at odds with another thread weaving through the astrological tapestry, a desire to feel more cozy and stable which calls to us from Mercury and this weekend’s Moon in earthy Taurus. We need to find a way to meet both needs and make it work, rather than toggle between the two.

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If the answer we’ve been looking for is not a long our usual paths, now our hearts may wander and our feet want to wander. We may feel a soul-deep discontent or a longing to hop on a train and search for the unexpected as the Sun conjuncts change-master Uranus while the two planets that symbolize our emotions, Venus and Mars, form a positive trine, and all in motivational Fire signs.

Venus and Mars, the two planets that symbolize our social and emotional world, our love life or creative process what we are passionate about, are moving into a beautiful trine with one another in these active fire signs. We can grow more passionate by the day, passionate about politics, our love life, or our life purpose. Even though Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius are unusually cheerful, outspoken, durable and impart a can-do quality, they add an extra emotional charge to all we do, not sensitive depth, but more fire, like torch and bonfire. They can light up our love life or set fire to field or town.

The sign and condition of Mars describe what really ticks us off and gives us energy this season. This month we hate to feel trapped, stuck, or lied to and have less patience with anything that feels confining or dysfunctional. We can get a histamine-like response and inflame easily. What can give us energy will be to get outside and communing with nature, to travel in mind or body, or have unstructured time and unplanned spontaneous moments. What can give us hope now is refreshing honesty and transparency.

Taurus is the most fertile sign. So this weekend, with Mercury and the Moon waxing in Taurus, is a wonderful time to plant seeds and start projects of all kinds to take that changing energy and rebuild the beds of your garden or move furniture in the house and give form to new beginnings.

It’s a good time to plant the seeds of good habits, speak to one another the way you would like to continue and grow. Share hearts and garden love.

Sunday and early Monday with the Moon in communicative Gemini, we need to talk it up and talk it out. Our concentration may be lost in a haze of spring pollen, but we can cross-pollinate ideas and come to some fresh understandings.

Midweek the Moon enters emotionally deeper Cancer and asks us to bring our attention back to our family and familiar beloveds, to our ongoing relationships that might get a little fried because we’ve been so busy and distracted elsewhere. Don’t take those familiar relationships for granted just when they could use a little extra loving care. The political conversation can retrench into security issues and guarded boundaries, but we can choose to nurture instead.

Friday, April 8: The energy can be steady and sensuous, curious and experimentally restless but also rich and tactile under a sensuous Taurus Moon and as the Sun approaches Uranus. When we stay on track we can accomplish a lot, but may find ourselves easily distracted or staring out the window looking for adventure. Notice a desire to hold on to something, to a person to money, to a point of view. Political hotspots of discontent will begin to ramp up with steady sense of purpose. In all disagreements, keep lines of communication open rather than create a standoff, because we can be both curious about new potential but also deeply stubborn. Tonight our senses want to be fed, celebrated, and comforted as the Taurus Moon trines Jupiter.

Moon enters Taurus 12:10 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 7:41 AM, Moon sextiles Neptune 5:25 PM, Moon trine’s Jupiter 11:18 PM.

Saturday, April 9: Talk about any strange dreams experienced as the Moon trines Pluto early this morning. Roll with the changes on this odd and restless day as the Sun conjunct Uranus calls for radical change while the Taurus Moon (void of course after 3: 49 am) lets us wander and makes it hard to find the next gear to get it. This is a good day to follow through on plans already made and savor a moment in the sunshine.

The Moon trines Pluto 3:49 AM, Sun conjunct Uranus 3:26 PM, Moon enters Gemini 11:58 PM.

Sunday, April 10: A social and communicative morning makes this a good time to broach tricky subject and talk about it with a bit of distance as the Gemini Moon trines Venus. But the afternoon grows edgier, more argumentative; it’s easy to have minor accidents with sharp implements as Mercury challenges Mars, so garden and cook with attention. The mood softens by dinner time. Renew; enjoy company and let problems rest for the moment.

Moon sextile Venus 9:58 AM, Moon opposed Mars 2:05 PM, Mercury quincunx Mars 2:45 PM, Moon square Neptune 5:58 PM, Moon square Jupiter11:44 PM

Monday, April 11: We made decisions, or other people have, over the weekend, and now we need to make it so. Mercury conjuncts Saturn and asks us to follow through this morning. Late morning people want to talk about it. We may be easily distracted later on, but can get a little bit of work done on a lot of things. Confirm facts before spreading rumors, note a buzz of misinformation and look for the truth.

Moon opposed Saturn 2:36 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:58 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:56 PM, then VOC.

Tuesday, April 12: Creative, imaginative, flirtatious, and passionate about our ideas, yet wanting a little bit of personal safety; we feel some contradictions today, both brave and daring as Venus trines Mars in fire signs as well as imaginative and intuitive as Mercury sextiles Neptune, but also rather shy and tenderhearted, and defensive therefore, as the Moon enters sensitive Cancer.

Moon enters Cancer 2:06 AM, Mercury sextile Neptune 3:39 AM, Venus trine Mars 1:16 PM, Moon square Venus 5:49 PM, Moon trine Neptune 9:27 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 11:35 PM.

Wednesday, April 13: We can use a certain ambient irritation to either motivate ourselves this morning or just to get difficult. It will feel good to move our muscles, to throw ourselves into a project and get tired as the Sun forms a difficult aspect to Mars, it’ll help keep our impulsiveness and headstrong side out of trouble. Be careful not to make too many decisions while feeling irritable, save them for tomorrow, and move in a good direction today.

Sun sesqui-quadrates Mars 1:13 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:13 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:57 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:44 PM, Moon square Sun9:59 PM.

Thursday, April 14: The mood is more expansive as the Moon enters outgoing if it tad dramatic Leo while thoughtful Mercury trines expansive Jupiter. Our relationships can be a bit touchy, a little higher maintenance than usual. We can see more possibilities, move out of our defensive position and make better decisions. Optimism can be unrealistic though as Venus semi-sextiles Neptune; see possibilities but only bet on probabilities.

Moon enters Leo 7:52 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 9:27 AM, Venus Semi-sextile Neptune 10:36 AM.

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