Starcodes Horoscopes for April 8 – 14, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for April 8 – 14, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week a sense of humor will come in handy for the small snafus, and an open heart will help with the big ones. The mood is full of contradictions, it will be energized but with lazy spells, forward-thinking with a few flashes from the past, positive yet with an easily-inflamed twitch that exacerbates allergies and tempers thanks to the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter all lined up in honest and abrupt Aries while Mars squares Pluto.

We need contingency plans. If we feel like the motor is revving but we’re sliding around spring mud, we need to treat the problem like it’s quicksand and struggle less but think more. If a situation feels too small or too volatile, take a break; it may be easier to blow it up than work it through, but that just leaves a mess. Just walk away from a fight that will be clearly unproductive.

With this Aries line-up we have less patience than usual, but more glitches to try our patience as Mercury retrogrades and increases the delays and confusing signals or misinformation. And yet, the oddest things will become clear as we receive clues from the past. Aries loves honesty, but let’s stay in the present and not say more than we need to until the waters settle.

Our will power, or won’t power, grows muscles. We can do just about anything we set our minds to as long as it doesn’t involve changing another person’s mind. Many cranky people will happily shoot themselves in the foot to prove another person wrong, but we can see a real breakthrough once everyone’s on the same page.

This Aries can incinerate obstacles or incinerate the opposition; it will pour fuel on any fire, and make us particularly angry if we feel trapped or over the misuse of power in any form, whether personal, political or plutonium. We’ll feel better once we have evidence that we have free will and power to change the situation.

If our back spasms, it may help to identify what really ticks us off, what we’d really like to hit, if we weren’t so evolved, and go punch a pillow. The energy can be primal. It pays to get physical and turn the garden or haul rocks as long as we stay within our physical limits.

This Aries energy likes to fight, and to add to the political fun this week, those arbiters of social conditions and political high jinx. Jupiter and Saturn are opposed. Jupiter symbolizes a generous nature, sharing, looking out of one another, prosperity, taking care of other, and seeing the big picture. It correlates with the liberal impulse which creates connection and expands our horizons, but taken to extreme can trigger enabling, overdoing or overspending.  Saturn speaks of a more conservative approach, tough love, teaching, strong bones, tradition, hard lines and firm boundaries. Saturn can be empowering and strengthening, but in extreme brings a poverty of imagination and me–first stinginess.

Like the tension between ropes pulling in opposition directing to keep a tent pole standing, we need a good balance of these to keep our country standing. In our lives we need a balance between seeing possibilities and seeing dangers, between generosity and self-responsibility, between renewing joy and hard-core effort.

When these two planets opposes we can get stuck in the illusion that we have to choose between the extremes of the path, instead of finding how much we need to stop polarizing and use both Jupiter and Saturn to create a whole, balanced, sustainable existence.

Keep an eye on the urge to dominate in the name of safety and security, and watch how this plays out in the headlines. Some decision may reach a crisis point, and we must make these decisions with our eyes on the long haul.

Pluto works behind the scenes, under the ground or under the waves; as Mars squares Pluto this week, look for cracks in the foundation or troubles below. Even our dreams may get strange and kick up adrenaline mid-week. Retrograde Mercury can throw off electrical signals, screw up cell phones and mechanical gear can show unexpected signs of wear and tear. So can our nerves. But we will have the energy reserves and entrepreneurship to thrive if we become inspired. We’re in this together, the more self-responsible without being self-centered we are, the easier the week will be.

Friday, April 8: Organize before acting this morning and save time later. Talk it out now while the words flow, just confirm all facts, because the truth is stretched and mistakes happen. Leaks abound, if the energy feels scattered and nervy, let the mind become a calm vessel. Pay attention to flotsam from the past. Midday we can awkwardly speak at cross purposes as the Sun semi-squares Chiron, the mirror we get from others can be distorted. Evening effervesces with the right combination of people as the Moon sextiles Sun and Mercury.

Saturday, April 9: A major plan is put on hold; power dynamics do not work the way we’d like as Pluto retrogrades. But we can speak our peace. Water affects us, oceans and rivers stretch their muscles as the Moon enters Cancer. Though it may stretch patience, we need to tend to domestic repairs and renovations. Avoid the tendency to ladle out good advice, it’ll just be heard as criticism. Melancholic wistfulness this afternoon can inspire work. Sweet but cranky evening; don’t push anyone to do anything they don’t want, no matter how fun it sounds.

Sunday, April 10: We need shell-time, safe and sound. Communications are tricky all day; it helps to talk to ourselves, but even then we need to avoid misunderstandings. Opinions mask primal insecurities; so many scars triggered so many chips on the shoulder. We can channel this consternation into work or into a rambling exploration, but need to do so on our own terms.  Spacious acceptance and good food further.

Monday, April 11: Scheduling slides off track, time seems variable. Avoid personal discussions and take on less intimate challenges. Save critiques for later, today we get stonewalled with defense. Don’t buy into brewing arguments; it’s probably tangled energy and not true difference; walk away and re-approach tomorrow. But if we introspect, we can break into a new understanding of our motives. Low demand with gentle nurturing furthers tonight.

Tuesday, April 12: Underneath the bluster we find a more generous heart and more room to forgive than we’ve had for a while. Just don’t push it. Or us. Don’t go all operatic about the problem, but solutions are well received. Courage, even foolish courage is plentiful this afternoon; respect the heart involved.

Wednesday, April 13: The mood is extroverted, lazy with energy burst when enthused; work the people contacts, promote, broadcast, just check for misunderstandings and self-aggrandizing fiction along the way.  If self-consciousness shuts down the flow, set egos aside and get a clearer view. If resisted, don’t insisted; ask more questions instead.

Thursday, April 14: The mood is fuzzy early on, then sharp-edged, cranky, but efficient; humor grates, keep it kind. The extent of radioactive or interpersonal toxic waste is revealed and needs to be dealt with. Old problems need attention, not drama; take care of it and refocus. An ingenious if not creative mood is good for wrangling taxes or correcting any factual mistakes.

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