Starcodes horoscopes for April 7 – 13, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for April 7 – 13, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Hurry up and wait. Restless energy impels us forward as the impatient Aries Sun approaches a conjunction with electrifying Uranus and a square to Pluto this week, but Mercury retrogrades, or appears to back up against the zodiac, April 9-May 3, and slows down all things mercurial, like how we plan, think, speak, organize, decide, and move through the world.

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Yes, this will bring moments of frustration and sadness. Our judgment can be questionable right now, misunderstanding rife, and our will power over-developed as Mars trines Pluto under an Aries Sun, and this is a dangerous combination. Watch out for an impulse to muscle in and start an air-strike without enough consideration. And watch out for jumping to conclusions and simplifying a very complex situation, or giving up. We need to make life an exercise in dynamic awareness, alert and thoughtful. Decisions we make now will be questioned and adjusted later, so think very carefully before acting in a way that cannot be corrected. And pray that politicians do so as well.

But it is not an impossible time, and there are real gifts to Mercury retrograde which we need to savor in order to use this time well.

This retrospective energy helps people reviewing this semester in preparation for tests or final reports. It’s a wonderful to remember lost beloveds and reconnect with old friends. If our work has been slow, now is a great time to reach out to old clients or connections and nurture those fallow fields. We can also successfully accomplish that which we should done a long time.

Because our judgment can be questionable right now, let’s measure twice and cut once, and initiate all Mercury retrograde survival skills. To thrive over the next three weeks confirm all appointments, clarify fuzzy information and check in with each other often to make sure were on the same track. If we start to get hot under the collar in response to comments made, let’s clarify to make sure we heard what they intended. Allow extra time to accomplish even simple things, check to make sure mail actually gets out, but to the right person. Bring a good book everywhere, and keep important papers in the carry-on luggage.

Mercury retrograde brings up hidden pieces of the past. We could find grandmother’s ring that rolled underneath the couch months ago, or investigators could a smoking gun or clear trail of evidence. The weekend begins on a potentially cranky and busy edge as the Sun opposes Jupiter under an industrious Virgo Moon. We may have a lot to do in a short period of time, feel anxious about our task list and over do, and over-react to all stimulus.

Let’s be particularly nice to each other this weekend as our relationships can feel strained by stress and communication problems while Venus squares Saturn and Mercury turns retrograde. Rather than take it out on each other, the harder life is the more we need to support one another. If our communication feels off, let’s not try to hammer it through but rather hold one another’s hand, walk together and handle life’s vagaries as a team.

Friday, April 7: Hurry up and wait: this attitude starts today as the Virgo Moon trines Mercury in Taurus this morning. We can over schedule and under-estimate the time we need all day and become anxious unless we give ourselves time to catch up and prioritize what we really need to accomplish. Watch a tendency to overdue, or over extend, or overspend this afternoon as the Sun opposes Jupiter. De-stress tonight, let the evening float free of expectations and flow into our imaginary realms as the Moon opposes Neptune. Imagine good endings to the stories at hand to find a good way forward.

Moon semi-square Jupiter 4:26 AM, Moon trine Mercury 6:39 AM, Sun opposed Jupiter 3:38 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 10:32 PM.

Saturday, April 8: This is a tricky day, it will be easy to get defensive and bark at one another when really we need to hold each other’s hands and work through whatever arises as Venus squares Saturn and the Sun squares Pluto. Our unconscious material can motivate action, bizarre and difficult things could happen, and if so, we need to stick together. We may be afraid of being out of control of a situation or afraid we are losing something important; changes feel worrisome but we need one another to make it though, rather than bark at one another to create more stress. The energy is wonderful for weeding gardens or tackling particularly gnarly corners of our life.

Moon trine Pluto 10:24 AM, Moon trine Mars 1:53 PM, Venus squares Saturn 20 8 PM, Sun square Pluto 6:48 PM.

Sunday, April 9: Let’s take a break and truly let ourselves hold still, rest and renew as Mercury stations retrograde and the Moon waxes in friendly Libra. Responsibilities lean on us this morning but we may be more able to see the beauty as the Moon enters kindly Libra. It will not further to push to speed up the agenda, things will go at their own pace, but just being with one another can really fill the wells.

Moon opposed Venus 2:07 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:21 AM, Moon enters Libra 6:34 AM, Mercury retrogrades 5:14 PM.

Monday, April 10: Because it will be easy to drop the ball, follow through on unfinished business. Keep eyes open for a side agenda, a situation that needs our full attention for the next few weeks. As the Moon runs together with bountiful Jupiter and peaks full just after midnight, our emotions can overflow, life feels like high tide, and may precipitate events, but not the ones we planned for. Warm hearts, cooperation and mutual appreciation help make all things possible. Late tonight our worries need attention, the vast majority of them will be just nervous overflow, but one or two concerns will be substantial, and call us to work.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:57 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:54 PM.

Tuesday, April 11: A day of intensity and focus. The Full Moon overnight keeps emotions overflowing and can bring some problems to boil. Pay attention, stay in the moment rather than worry about the past of the future, and all will be well. If we try to rush we bump elbows and step on toes. We don’t need to invent karmic work today, it will find us. Utilize a productive streak midday as the Moon sextiles Saturn, and shift into quiet focus tonight as the Moon enters intense Scorpio.

Moon opposed Sun 12:08 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 5:31 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:18 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 4:41 PM.

Wednesday, April 12: Emotional pressures push us, we try to be rational, but emotions will run the show. Under stress we can get mean and melodramatic in an attempt to express what we’re feeling, as words don’t quite cut it. Don’t ask people to be rational, or tell them to calm down; instead be helpful. Talk everything over in a few days. Make it through some technical hardships midday and the evening softens as the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune.

Moon opposed Mercury 1:40 AM, Moon semi-squares Saturn 5:55 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:48 PM.

Thursday, April 13: Expect the unexpected as the Sun conjuncts Uranus and deals us wildcards with a sense of urgency. We inflame easily this afternoon as the Moon opposes Mars, and can act on our baser impulses if we are not careful, but can smooth out this evening and find a moment for bonding. Expect the unexpected as the Sun conjuncts eccentric Uranus, dealing us wildcards with a sense of urgency. Tension we’ve been holding can break and make us silly or encourage us to act out.

Moon sextile Pluto 7:08 AM, Moon opposed Mars 6:03 PM, Moon trine Venus 10:17 PM, Sun conjunct Uranus 11:30 PM.

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