Starcodes horoscopes for April 30 – May 6, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for April 30 – May 6, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

This weekend brings Mayday, the middle of Taurus season, the ancient cross-quarter holiday which celebrates the earthly fertility of springtime in all its glorious forms. We made it through another winter and now sing our world alive.

We may need something to celebrate if this Mercury retrograde cycle (from April 18 to May 12) is wearing us down. We may be getting tired of the Mercury retrograde follies, the snafus large and small, the slow pace, deliveries that run late, missing items or tiffs over what turns out to be a misunderstanding. And even if we have spent the time productively, doing what Mercury encourages, like reviewing the past, completing work, integrating what we’ve learned or in meditative stillness, our patience may be thin. Even though it can be hard to see at the time, all this is a part of composting the past to fertilize the future.

Our moods may shift slowly and events take on certain panache for better or worse with Sun and Mercury in fixed-sign Taurus, trine Pluto. Mars in Leo (from last October through this coming June 8) makes ego poses extra hard to deal with; some people will tend to make any problem all about them.  Those in a political snit tend to grandstand as they stake their identity on their opposition rather than their understanding. Storms and disasters tend to go all Hollywood on us.  But we can also see the gift of this Leonine magnification in the real events of our lives; weddings and graduations, births and deaths, can unfold with expansive grace. And when we tap into the big heart of Leo, we have unusual access to gracious generosity and the spirit of romance.

Venus, now in easily-amused Gemini, can help us talk it all out and find the humor sooner rather than later. Though we may have trouble remembering the punch line with Mercury retrograde. Venus in Gemini and Mars in Leo both encourage sociability and hospitality, making it easier to make new friends and mobilize our human resources.

These planets in such sociable signs help us access community when we need it, and help us pull in allies to deal with the practical problems and mood swings.  This week we need to watch for erosion and pollution as Saturn forms a minor but insidious quincunx with Neptune. Watch for water or weather damage around building foundations or crops. This aspect underlines the danger of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but suggests we can pull together to deal with it.

On a more personal level, some minor issue may erode our self-esteem or uncertainties erode our security.  We need to attention as to how we pollute ourselves, watch what we eat and drink and make healthier choices. Some hard place needs to dissolve so we can rebuild on firmer ground or take a different direction. Temporary delays may make our circumstances stronger and more secure in the long run. It helps to go with the flow this week, flow around obstacles and cranky egos. Connect with positive Neptune, and take a more ingenious, magical, or spiritual approach.

So take extra time this week; pad the schedule and enjoy a free moment if it turns out not to be needed. Make contingency plans. When in trouble, slow down, rather than speed up, and think things through. Stop repeatedly and make sure all the team is on the same page. When ticked off, check facts again and again before responding with rage or panic. Look for a less obvious answer, maybe one that was considered before but discarded, utilize friends or contacts from the past. And keep a sense of humor handy.

Friday, April 30
: The mood is positive if disjointed, we’ll tend to start too much, forget where we’re going and leave it undone. Social awkwardness or faux pas likely this morning as the Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus; be quiet before the coffee hits. Clear up loose ends rather than begin new projects this afternoon; prioritize open channels of communication rather than hurry accomplishment. Activity flurries tonight as the Moon trines Mars, consider unexpected beneficial short trips. Plans need adjusting but spontaneity works better anyway.

Saturday, May 1: Get out and celebrate the organic world, laugh and be silly on this earthy day of stubborn excess.  It will be more effective if we make our statement by how we live, not by words we say. Once an argument starts, we’ll tend to square off and spill a backlog of complaints; this may feel honest and b an attempt at clearing the air, but gets overblown and unproductive.  Keep moving; dance wherever possible. Early evening can be delightful, watch for tougher conflicts later on.

Sunday, May 2: We assess our responsibilities and take them seriously. Although it’s time to consider what’s lost or released, or not yet accomplished, it’s more productive to focus on how we can be here for one another. Make important memories; hold onto the present when waves of the past flow by as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto. Deep conversation, good organizations tonight as the Moon trines Mercury.

Monday, May 3: Morning is friction-filled and can test our self control as energetic Sun and Mars challenge serious Saturn. People just say “no”, or “not yet”. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously; flow rather than fight. If we’re pitching an idea, ask them to not decide now but think about it for later. Do first what can be done easily, then problem-solve with depth and ingenuity, not force, as Mercury trines Pluto. Joints creak, old guard may clash with new ideas, and anyone can get grim when resisting change. Heavy and productive talks tonight.

Tuesday, May 4: Competition can help us push our personal best, but let’s not push past our personal limits, it feels good to use our muscles but too easy to strain or drop a box on toes. Rebellion and resistance spark the headlines.  Events could blow our minds or shock us out of an inappropriate assumption this afternoon as Mars challenges Uranus.  Impulsive action can lead to accidents, steadiness and cooperation reduces them; take an extra moment to coordinate and proceed with speed and ease.

Wednesday, May 5: It’s all about cooperation: if we have it, this is a productive, one foot in front of the other day. If not, we can feel all at odds. If people seem emotionally disconnected and their smile doesn’t reach the eyes; they may be processing personal stuff below conscious level and will not own it nor thank you for calling them on it. Smile and work with what is presented. Productive midday gets crankier and more resistant tonight as the Moon oppose Mars; be safe and sleep early.

Thursday, May 6: If we can’t fish, let’s repair the nets. We can feel caught between the acts today because so much is on hold or moving slowly; we space out easily, drift, and may feel swamped. Watch the weather, liquids can flow inconveniently. It’s a day to catch up with our soul, fishing loose ends, heal and prepare.

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