Starcodes Horoscopes for April 3 – 9, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for April 3 – 9, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Springtime, and Aries season, wakes up a soul longing, a heart yearning, for love, travel, old friends, revolution, enlightenment, or a good crop– whatever makes our life blossom. This yearning gets us up out of our winter sedentary safe-zone and helps us face our challenges anew, but can hit us like a spring storm.

This yearning and mourning is underlined today as Venus squares Pluto, intensifying our sense of love, value and potential loss. It is the midpoint of a particular emotional cycle for many of us; an issue arose early February as Venus first squared Pluto, we work on these issue as it retrogrades back to hit that point again April 3  then hopefully will come to some sense of completion or integration as Pluto taps it once more May 2.

These two dances together like this for about a week twice a year, but it’s unusual for them to hold this pattern so long. Together can crack open our heart, and remind us what really matters. We may tap into free-floating grief, or mourn an incident, person or process we need to relive, painfully aware of what’s leaving or what’s missing. If we work with this aspect, we get its gift; let the sadness flow,  and come through it to appreciate what we have all the more.

This weekend we may need to act out. If we’re really mature, we might be able to do the work and have a good time, treasuring every minute with beloveds because we are aware of the fragility of life and the strength of spirit. But many of us will feel pulled by personal urgent desires which are sometimes frustratingly upstaged by imposed responsibility as Mars opposes Saturn. This can get projected outwards, kids may blame parents with great melodrama, newly-regulated bankers complain, we tend to resist an outside authority rather than see it as an internal tension between our own apparently conflicting desires.

Or we can feel pinched by more dire necessity; we may have to give up a desire because wild weather or other such event upstages us. It pays to be melodramatic, as the Moon in Leo asks us not to swallow our feelings; act it out with panache, but not necessarily at the scene. Stomp first, show up for the work at hand, and negotiate for personal needs later.

Early next week we act out less, work and worry more.  A strong critical edge allows us to refine our work, but watch a tendency to ask too much of ourselves and way too much of others.  Even if we know just what they’re doing wrong. Be gentle all around, and just do what needs to be done. Don’t do another’s work, no matter how tempting it is; the empowerment of self-actualization is far more important than a quick result. Instincts sharpen, debate is witty; dreams are backed up with  invested work.

Mid-week spring fever hits, our fire is softer and our earth strengthened under a full Libra Moon, and as Mercury enters Taurus. Personal relationships need time and attention ASAP. This Full Moon can fill our hearts with a different longing, longing for more, for a mate, longing for the land just over the horizon. It may wake up a craving we thought had been settled and leave us howling at the Moon.   We can use this longing either to just get dissatisfied, or we can uses it to stretch our life. It is up to us.

Friday, April 3 is fierce and funny, and secretly maudlin; we may be sorry we’re leaving someone or something behind as Venus squares Pluto under a Cancer Moon this morning.  Sadness or worry lingers; let people sit with their inner procedure, even though it’s tempting to twitch with impatience. Midday the mood shifts, more self-demanding but outgoing as the Moon enters Leo.  Reality snags; late afternoon need our responsibility, evening opens sociable and connective as the Moon trines Venus.

Saturday, April 4 is paradoxical under a whimsical Leo Moon and as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. We could use a silly, sunny day to renew through sociability, and could find a way to be sociable in any setting.  Our needs can clash; people and animals jockey for attention. But our desires may be frustrated by a sense of duty, or of age, as Mars square Saturn, or our dream just need some solid and careful work to reach completion. Pluto retrogrades; huge issues loom in our peripheral vision. Late night the party picks up as the Moon oppose Jupiter, excess is tempting.

Sunday, April 5 brings a spacey lazy morning; be patient with confusion as the Moon opposes Neptune. Midday wanders, it is lovely for brunch or spiritual gathering, tough if some urgency calls. The brain sharpens as the afternoon progress as the Moon enter Virgo; it’s time to work on our self and a backlog postponed.

Monday, April 6 we will not suffer fools. But if we can keep our heart open, we can both fix what bugs us and heal some frayed relationship as Mercury sextiles Chiron. Don’t get stuck in negative critiques of work or people. Watch the sarcastic humor; the mind loves it but the feels flinch. Serious evening as the Moon conjuncts Saturn lets us know where our bones, or our plans, creak. We’ll feel younger tomorrow. If a difficult spell arises later, sleep it off.

Tuesday, April 7 intuition and intellect are both strong; we see the problem all too clearly and compare it to the potential we see in our dreams,  and so we make needed changes as the Virgo Moon opposes Uranus, and Mercury sextiles Neptune. Change behaviors or objects, wait to change personnel when more information comes in. Decisive morning, but we can loose focus midday. Prioritize human connections later.

Wednesday, April 8, relationships are stirred up, hearts run high tide; let’s let them spill over in a fullness of compassion and care as challenges test us but also give us a chance to connect and coordinate. It’s only an illusion that we must choose between our desires and our relationships. Prioritize the team and the work will follow; prioritize a healthy family and decisions fall into place.

Thursday, April 9, begins heartfelt and agreeable, if restless and with longing under a full Libra Moon. Chores can seem so irrelevant; we want the extraordinary, even if just a springtime walk down a flowering lane. Human decisions are clarified: who we love, who we work with, why we can trust. Afternoon, stay alert and dance with change. This evening a tired or cranky spell doesn’t mean we’re on the wrong path, it’s just time to do the work.

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