Starcodes horoscopes for April 23 – 29, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for April 23 – 29, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

The past speaks to us this week. A client said: “Who knew that tripping down memory lane could be such a dusty, grimy process?”

Mental Mercury retrogrades April 17 until May 10. Mercury retrogrades three times a year for three weeks and makes it hard to progress but a great time to review. Sure is slows us down, snafus communications and transportation (a la Icelandic Volcano) and can be mightily inconvenient on the down side, but it also brings up the past to help us finish old work.  It can be a really funny time if we’re not caught in the rubble, because it is laced with slapstick, but it can be a real pain if you’re writing on deadline or trying to stick to an agenda.

This time Mercury retrogrades in stable, earthy Taurus, which gives us some clues as the problem we face and how to handle them. The Icelandic volcano slows down travel precisely because it throws earth into the air, that’s not where it belongs, but can provide a very literal metaphor; our thoughts need to stay grounded and steady and we need to build rather get lost in the swirling flotsam.

The earth’s crust will probably continue to dance this week all around the ring of fire as Saturn perfects an opposition to Uranus, the fourth of five times they do so in this major era-shifting transit.  Our complacently may be shaken for better or worse. Work that began in November of 2008, when this transit began, now cranks up a notch. We are asked to break out of routines and question our assumptions, question structures of authority, but may feel insecure as we let go of old ways before we feel a new form take shape. It’s not that the old form has changed, but that we have grown and changed shape and need to shift in relationship to it. Just like the shifting tectonic plates.

The Sun and Mercury both trine Pluto this week, and encourage us to look at the hard stuff and be inspired to make our life and world better. Some bittersweet or sad perfume, a lingering aura of loss or struggle can either just depress us, entrench us, or help us let go of inconsequentialities and get back to what matters. By assessing what really happened in a past experience we can learn ad make improvements for the future. This could encourage efforts towards a major financial systems reform. It nudges us to drop our pride and stubbornness, because it won’t solve any problems, and step into the place beyond right and wrong.

Delays pile up when we wait for the last minute; if a situation snarls up, slow down ever further, unknot the problem and keep a steady rhythm. If it’s hard to express oneself, get poetic and use tactile metaphors. Mercury in Taurus needs beauty as well as practicality. If longing stirs the soul, move the body and feed the senses in a healthy way, Taurus is tactile. If an argument starts, hold ground if needed but don’t push, nothing moves a mountain or Mercury in Taurus; instead seduce with a shared vision or plant seeds that will ripen later into a healthy crop.

This weekend we may want some time out and not really want to cope with the harsh edge of reality, so unless we choose to see clearly, it’s easy for us to wander off in a fantasy or be bamboozled while Venus squares Neptune and sextiles Uranus. The Moon in Virgo can make us hard on ourselves and set a standard fro the work that can make it hard to begin. Although it’s a great time to spring clean, maybe we feel overwhelmed at the though and need to wander through yard sales instead. It helps to throw our hearts into love, creativity or some compassionate action. Be helpful to strangers; look for funny bonding over difficulties.

Early next week, a healing and romantic Libra Moon with creative Venus aspects can crank up our heart. It is easier than usual to show that we care. This can also crank up romantic expectations, which is tricky with communication being a challenge at the moment. But it also helps us support one another throughout changes triggered by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, and reminds us to hold hands while crossing traffic.

Towards the end of the week, deep emotions roil up from the fertile mud of our psyche as the Moon grows full in Scorpio, people’s inner world can get so loud it’s hard to hear one another. But we can uncover and examine what’s going on in our souls as we get hints about what our primal nature wants and our darkest shadow craves; the more we shine a light in there and get conscious of the process, the less it runs the show.

Friday, April, 23: Check the schedule and check for misunderstandings early as Moon opposes Neptune and fogs our brains. It’s so easy to space out and forget what we’re doing. Midday the vibe is edgier but also more willing to act on a creative decision as Moon enters Virgo, Restless Venus aspects make us run hot and cold,  reacting to our imagined phantasms and daydreams more than what’s happening on the ground.  We may sound more critical than we mean, which is too bad because right now poetry works better than diatribe.  Stay in the moment tonight.

Saturday, April 24: Practical and tangible help, quiet compassionate action. Look to old friends for an answer; look for good bargains on vintage or recycled things as Venus trines Saturn. Afternoon wanders as we putter, weed, clean, in our souls and houses; keep the agenda light and prioritize process and healing over efficiency. Tonight is disjointed and tense, but ripe with camaraderie. Accidents increase as the evening wears on, so drive carefully and speak thoughtfully.

Sunday, April 25: Accidents and explosion nearby as Mercury squares Mars and the Sun trines Pluto. Relatives can get difficult and we all feel impatient for a change, but may not agree on what that is; control issues can come out in strange ways. An old memory may be triggered that reminds us how our past shaped our present, but we can choose how it shapes our future. Profound and haunting thoughts remind us of our deeper priorities, so let’s not get bogged down by details.

Monday, April 26: Unsettling news, an existential tremor in the force; stay alert to accommodations that need to be made ASAP. Fresh challenges to the status quo and to old forms of authority. On the flip side, also look for quiet and thoughtful ends of one chapter and beginnings of another. We may feel rebellious or frustrated, but need to reassess instead of push away, and move forwarded thoughtfully.

Tuesday, April 27: This is a healing day, we need to ascertain what our own soul needs, care for it, and then come to the aid of others who need our support.  Repair any wrong or unfairness done earlier. Healing may be about letting go of expectations, ideals, anything other than who we really are. The evening broods as the Moon enters Scorpio and amps up a need for solitude without loneliness.

Wednesday, April 28: Choose quiet; it will be tempting to say too much as Mercury and the Sun conjunct, and both semi-square Jupiter.  We may see the problem more clearly than ever, but best to note the critiques and wait until there’s a productive way to discuss.  We over-focus, so it helps to have something on which to obsess in a good way. Check their eyes before bothering anyone; see if they are present and paying attention or listing to inner ghosts first. Local and Howl at the primal waxing Moon tonight.

Thursday, April 29: People can be off the wall as a Full Scorpio Moon squares Mars; chin out, snarky, opinionated, run more by primal moods than by logic. Fixating on some logical conundrum (there are lots with Mercury retrograde) can give the soul a place to rest and keep us out of murkier waters.  Our loneliness or recent goodbyes can feel achingly underlined by the fresh spring growth. Avoid confrontation if at all possible, if something outrageous needs to be met head on, it’s best to stick heels in and hold on rather than escalate.  Be curious but not invasive; try to understand, not to pigeon hole.

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