Starcodes Horoscopes for April 22 – 28, 2011

Starcodes Horoscopes for April 22 – 28, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

We may be wondering what’s taking so long these days, it feels like we should be one step ahead but often can feel one step behind, as if we’re jockeying behind some invisible blockaded. The energy begins to unblock like a dam breaking open over the weekend as Mercury leaves its retrograde cycle, turns direct, and picks up momentum over the coming weeks. But the process may get a bit messy, filled with the flotsam of plans, feelings, and glitches until the flow reestablishes.

With Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus all in brash, proactive Aries this week, we’re in a hurry. Our hearts are fierce and action-oriented, so moods blow like spring weather; usually lovely, filled with birdsong and potential, but with a few sullen, brooding moments and an occasional tornado. Fires and temper tantrums are not necessarily more likely, but will be more likely to catch fast and flare quickly once begun, so play it safe around combustible material or flammable personalities. Forgive friends an occasional spark, don’t fan the flames and it will go out soon.

Today, as the weekend begins, the mood can be stuck and revving like a horse stomping around in the stall before the gates open for a race. It can be hard to hear one another; we can miss what’s really happening because we are preoccupied or project our hopes and fears upon one another just when we all could use some extra attention and appreciation as Venus squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus.

Feelings flow this weekend with emotional Venus near Uranus, planet of the unexpected. Look for unusual connections, but avoid snap decisions about a relationship, either the urge to jump in or the urge to jump out. Enjoy the spark but stay in the present and look for more information. Do jump into a creative or aesthetic decision, try on bold new colors, decorate wild Easter eggs, re-envision the garden and get out the art supplies. Just find patience if it takes a while to get the vision right, as this is an experimental time.

We begin to see some forward motion as the week begins, but will need to spend the first few days straightening things out. Get everyone on the same page and up to speed. Check for any recent changes in the landscape, review any contracts or understandings. Check the workmanship of recent work to make sure everything is built on a sound basis. Follow up recent interviews or applications with a phone call and make sure everything got where it needed to go.

Get ready to talk midweek, much will be revealed. Listen to the new information in the winds and coming up in the psyche. Give notice or put in a job application. Send in a proposal. People are ready for change; though they may resist change that’s not their idea, they’ll deal. Spend the rest of the week following up on the leads and dealing with the new landscape, it may provoke more emotional response than expected as Venus Squares Pluto.

This is a tricky aspect, sometimes we share an event in the world that triggers our grief or our remembrance of things and people we have lost. Let the feelings flow and let this be a healing experience if so.

Over the next week or so is a good time to talk over tension or a recent change in plans, but know some of the recent problems in mutual understanding are just bad habits, a flare-up of an old problem or the fallout of an accident already in play. We don’t need to understand it so much as repair the damage, let it go into the past, and see what we can do to get a new and healthier approach in place and strengthening.

Friday, April 22: This is a busy and productive day if we don’t get discouraged. Although the energy is diffused and unfocused, ideas buzz early on but may be frustrated if we try to act on them now. Better to take notes and move on them next week. Midday, enjoy a deeper conversation. If confronted with some nefarious power trip, hold the ground without escalating. Keep a steady pace and bring to conclusion the work already in motion. It’s time to practice our craft, do what we’re good at doing. People are not warm and cuddly, though they can be passionate, and passionately opinionated. Tonight, strange people get stranger but performing arts can be inspired and apparent mistakes lead to serendipitous meetings as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Feel the wild note in the wind, open the heart and share.

Saturday, April 23: Things may seem worse before they get better as the mood’s momentum changes direction. The day can bring a new beginning, but first we have work to do and complaints to hear; the person that actual does something about them (rather than tell others what to do) is the winner. Begin a new chapter. Straighten out problems, misunderstandings, and flower beds as Mercury turns direct. People only connect briefly, if intensely, distracted by what needs to be done. Watch for accidents or flare-up this afternoon, tonight the cross-currents can slow us down until we catch the flow.

Sunday, April 24: Find new community as the Moon enters Aquarius; enjoy camaraderie on this friendlier, less controlling but thoroughly stubborn day. Look for pleasant negotiations through heated debate on labor issues, unions or any collective bargaining, or how ceremony or ritual might unfold; people need to stretch their muscles but can learn from one another in the process. Stand back from some recent issue that engulfed and get better perspective. Tonight brings a nostalgic moment, send love to those loved ones far away.

Monday, April 25: Get back on track, take a thorough assessment of the landscape, meet with the team and find the new opportunities or assignment. The mood is collaborative as long as people have room for individualistic expression, we’re aware of challenges we face together. This afternoon put the pieces together and makes an overture as the Aquarius Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Mercury. People are open to practical innovation, but not challenges to their philosophies.

Tuesday, April 26: Crosswinds with a potential sweetness underneath, we’re willing to risk loss let’s not take unnecessary risks. It’s a day of contradictions: bravery with doubt, sensitive bullheadedness. We need to step out of the familiar and towards improvement, and may look brave but will need reassurance as the Moon sextiles Mars and Jupiter and then Pisces. Please be helpful, notice that competitive undertones dissolve with real security.

Wednesday, April 27: Let the feelings flow through on this emotionally roiling day, honor bittersweet memories but don’t get stuck there. A discontent or feeling that we are not enough for the situation is no to make us feel bad, but a nudge to be more and do more ourselves. Do not waste time in a power struggle no matter how they taunt; set the agenda instead. Do respond to call for compassion as Venus squares Pluto and the Sun trines Pluto. Notice a clear signal about where to cut losses and let go in order to open to a healthier alternative.

Thursday, April 28: This is a day between the acts, busy, but with a strange limbo quality. Deal with the cards already in play rather than instigating any new proposition. Process conflicting feelings and soothe feathers that have been recently ruffled. Digestion needs extra attention this morning, our mind-body systems need to know we’ll pay attention and take responsibility for our own needs no matter how busy we get.

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