Starcodes Horoscopes for April 2 – 8, 2010

Starcodes Horoscopes for April 2 – 8, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

The seeds we plant this week will take root, so let’s be careful what we plant. While it may be too soon to plant outside, we can plant in hearts and minds as Mercury and Venus enter the sensual, stubborn, fertile sign of Taurus. Our plans and arguments, our new loves and projects can take root and begin to grow.

As these two leave feisty Aries and move into earthy Taurus over the weekend, they cool down the recent ambient emotional intensity; we won’t react quite as fast as last week, but will do so with a more entrenched, bull-like stubbornness. We aren’t any more flexible, just less incendiary; less fireworks around our debate but still cheerful about holding an opposing view.  Our health may feel stronger as the week progresses and we’ll really learn to appreciate our creature comforts.

It’s good to heal any rifts now so that peace takes root. If we hold onto a spat, this rift takes root and becomes harder to dislodge. As we are now be ready to dig in and work the garden of ideas, let’s plant the seeds of good habits, new communications styles, and fresh collaborations, fertilize them well and let them build strength in the months to come.

This weekend begins fuzzy-thinking but sociable. We may be missing an important part of the puzzle and so cannot proceed as we’d like, but can have a good time in the meantime. Let’s take time out of the ordinary world as the Moon enters active Sagittarius, the natural world beckons. It can also feel good to escape into family traditions; whether our family reads The New York Times or hides Easter eggs, traditions can relax us when we choose them and they don’t feel imposed.

Mercury and Venus in Taurus encourage us to squish our toes in the mud; we might as well have fun with it because sloppy, squishy fertile mud could be a real issue this week. We’ll become more attuned to the information from all of our senses. We notice taste, touch, movement, the feel of the wind, the sound of birdsong flying northwards.  Our health may feel stronger and our senses more comfort-seeking. We notice other people’s bodies more, so attraction can simmer. But as this Taurus energy  also cranks up possessiveness, we won’t like it if our companion notices other people’s bodies.

Next week begins with a rush as Mercury squares Mars, protests intensify and arguments can thicken after a weekend truce. Watch traffic on the way home, mechanical breakdowns or arguments spark easily and can get serious quickly. The next few days are managerial, good for planning, organizing, and delegating; we need to manage our own lives but won’t be managed by others.  Power brokering intensifies, but most people will hate to feel manipulated as Mercury trines Pluto under a Capricorn Moon.

Midweek we step back from the practical and try to remember why we’re doing what we’re doing.  Pluto retrogrades at the end of the week, Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo, and both send us back over the next few months to review and refine work we thought was already done. Progress may appear to be stunted or put on hold for the summer around how we use power in political or financial concerns. But, like nipping the top of a plant so it grows out sideways, this delay will only strengthen our progress in the long run.  We have a chance to squeeze the last bit of learning, the last bit of karmic repair out of recent efforts.

Saturn and Pluto danced back and forth in a square for the last six months and continue to do through year. Look for a series of challenges to father figures and patriarchs the world over as we test old foundations and old limits. Old evidence or unfinished business will be exposed and needs to be rebuilt or repaired without bellyaching.

Friday, April 2: Expect lots of attitude but little real information this morning as Sun and Moon challenge Neptune, fuzz out our thinking and create sloppy circumstances. People seem attached to their opinion and call it fact. Mercury enters Taurus and slows down the mental buzz as it opens up our sense. We want to play hooky and quit work early this afternoon as the Moon enters Sagittarius.  The travel bug hits later, a sense of adventure grows as the Moon trines Mars. Be honest but kind tonight.

Saturday, April 3:  Keep debate friendly as Venus squares Mars; relationships spark, but we can make it enjoyable if we’re curious about their different mindscape rather than adamant about our own.  Emotional responses are muscular; we can go to tame the shrew, only to find that it is us. Possessiveness fights with our need for room; avoid jealousy. Evening is funny and extravagant, so get out and about, enjoy food and get comfortable as the Moon squares Jupiter. Late night truculence just needs rest.

Sunday, April 4:  Open the mind and take a bigger view as Mercury challenges Jupiter; put your woes in spiritual perspective.  Acceptance is the best medicine today, acceptance for our unique paths, for our all too human foibles or unexpected quirks in our plans. Appreciative humor heals. Include friends, lonely melancholy laces through the otherwise cheerful day, and some will need support.  Prioritize being present for one another and let go of any other agenda. Deep feelings, remind us of what is real and what really doesn’t matter tonight as Venus trines Pluto.

Monday, April 5: Wake up and look around, drive safely; people are in a rush.  We have to get down to business too fast this morning as Mercury squares Mars and the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto. Watch for a manipulative or underhanded move. We may feel like we’ve lost something or to someone, but can redirect the energy if we move slowly and deliberately, and don’t try and make the situation worse. Tension releases midday, helpfulness increases as long as we’re working towards a similar goal.

Tuesday, April 6:  Free speech means taking responsibility for the effect of our thoughts and words as Mercury trines Pluto. We persuade by exploring common ground; power plays backfire. Explore the reasons why, within and without, to free up an ice-jam. Pluto turns retrograde until September and some revolution-evolution appears to be put in hold, but can he work and depth it needs over the summer.

Wednesday, April 7: It’s all a great theory; forget the personal emotions on this political, social day, let’s check out our place in the world instead. Try to understand and cut through inflated opinions and cheerful stalemate as the Moon squares Mars, Mercury and Venus.  Nurture growth, support; avoid  run-ins with mothers and matriarchs. Keep wrangling recreational.

Thursday, April 8: If we get right with our souls and our relationship to the cosmos this morning we can take advantage of a window of opportunity this afternoon. But magical thinking backfires, we have to do our end of the work before the doors open.  If someone asks, share good advice, but stuff it otherwise.  Mid-afternoon tension or delay smoothes into a supportive if stubborn evening.

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