Starcodes horoscopes for April 16 – 22, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for April 16 – 22, 2010

by  Heather Roan Robbins

To fight or not to fight is a good question this week; Ferdinand the Bull would be a good mentor to handle the mood as Moon, Venus, and Mercury all line up in strong and earthy Taurus. The children’s book “Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf told a wonderful springtime story of a bull raised for the great bullfights of Spain, but who preferred to eat flowers in the sunshine instead. One day he got stung by a bee and bucked so hard they sent him to a bullfight, but he just sat there and admired the view.

This book was written as an innocent collaboration with illustrator Robert Lawson, but as it was released a few months before the Spanish Civil War, many supporters of Franco though it was pacifist propaganda and had it banned.  In response to that ban, the book was promoted by the left and became one of the few non-communist books recommended for children behind the iron curtain.

This week we may be ready to fight if we get stung, as the Aries Sun keeps the fiery coals of will and rebellion stirred up. Revolution foments around the edges of all sides of the political persuasion as the strong and stubborn aspects feed this year’s ongoing Pluto- Saturn square, an aspect that wants to shift our foundations and question all forms of authority. But maybe we’d rather enjoy the spring blossom and find a more peaceful solution. Venus makes a series of hopeful, idealistic if not exactly practical aspects this week and encourages us to offer an olive branch instead.

We can also appreciate the Zen-like quality of Ferdinand, he did not obsess about the past nor worry about the future, but allowed himself to learn from the beauty of the moment and find a spiritual contentment in the flower’s graces.

A Zen attitude will really help as Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow. We can feel the flow of life slowing down; phones, internet, computer-generated information and vehicles of transportation sprout glitches, and our time line no longer seems relevant.  The year-long Saturn Pluto square which is shifting our foundations both literally and figuratively has got our tectonic plates doing a tango all around the globe, and the fallout from earthquakes and volcanoes may really interfere with travel for the next month.

Retrograde Mercury can also fog us out and confuse the issue, and so the history around Ferdinand’s story can also be a good reminder.  Here a simple child’s story became fodder for propaganda as all sides misunderstood and projected meaning into the original innocent simplicity. Watch this pattern the evening news as people on all political sides hold tenaciously to polarized views and invent elaborate stories about the intention and consequences of simple events to back their point. Some people just can’t leave the bull ring.

Let’s see if we can do better ourselves, even though Mercury retrograde makes it so easy to think we know what’s going on, but really misunderstand or project upon our beloveds and opponents alike. If there’s a problem, let’s look first for the mix-up or misunderstanding. Love relationships can trip up with misplaced expectations this week; all while we feel a warm and sweet attachment as Venus sextiles Jupiter while the Sun sextiles Neptune.

Taurus energy can also magnify our desire to acquire; if we feel we can’t live with out a person, place or thing, let’s try to soften the obsession and look at what we need to complete ourselves within.

It’s easy to get our feelings hurt if we don’t sidestep the possessiveness and projections. We have to want to understand even more than we want to be right, or to have the world behave to our liking. Let’s look for the truth in the fertile mud and the sweet flower, not look too far ahead or behind nor believe our sudden angers or romantic assumptions, but learn from what is right here, right now.

Mercury retrograde also takes our mind back to the past and will help us dig up missing people and things, finish up the school term and any other unfinished business. We just have to be careful as we travel and plan in room for delays, check schedules and track what needs to be tracked carefully, because, like Ferdinand, we can space out and loose track of the time.

As the weekend begins under a fertile waxing Moon in Taurus, it’s a great time to start seeds, transplant plants, or make a baby, but let’s be careful to plant only the seeds we want to root. Something we count on may feel shaken over the weekend, but it pays to hold still and concider carefully before we react. Cooperative vibes early next week can help us when odd challenges pile up; glitches and delays need patience and hope, persistence but not pressure. Midweek brings serendipitous confusion as Venus squares intuitive but easily deluded Neptune and sextiles unsettled Uranus. Listen with the heart and not the ego.

Friday, April 16: This slow, sensuous and tactile day can leave us lazy as couch potatoes or able to revel in the sensory barrage of spring as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Mercury and Venus. A pleasant enduring quality doesn’t hurry but does accomplish. Later, as a minor Venus-Pluto aspect tweaks our hearts and brings up a territorial quality, our indulgence can become greedy, jealous and recalcitrant if pushed.  Just don’t try to hurry as Mercury retrogrades.  Tonight, missed signals can confuse, but otherwise the evening can be delicious.

Saturday, April 17: Wander today, look for good bargains but don’t buy it unless it’s needed under this acquisitive Taurus Moon. Don’t bother trying to talk anything out, live it instead.  Garden, write poetry, make life tangibly easier for someone who needs to feel less overwhelmed; make some offering to Venus to enrich life.

Sunday, April 18: It’s easy to feel needy and hate it as the Moon heads into Cancer. Some tough responsibility weighs on us or delay frustrate us as the Sun inconjuncts Saturn, we may get cranky and not admit why; tend to feel old and creaky in the morning,  caring and careful midday, and melancholic as we deal with some sorrow or concern later. Let the weight bring us closer together rather than push us apart.

Monday, April 19: Even though feelings are tender this morning, we know what we have to do. Slow and steady works better than demanding or defensive. To get things going in the right direction, check in with important people and find out how to be helpful first, and then pursue personal objectives. Connections now make later work more effective. We can find a more hopeful view tonight as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Tuesday, April 20: Our contacts need reassurance this morning, but we can find minor breakthrough midday. This afternoon the mood expands and possibilities open, but as the Moon enters Leo and squares the Sun, we get louder and more stubborn and so it gets harder to hear one another.

Wednesday April 21: Decisive energy this morning, but it’s easy to run down the wrong road unless we take a few more minutes to think though consequences. People get more stubborn if they do not feel appreciated or seen, so take no one for granted.

Thursday, April 22: Our blind spots are showing; we are easily distracted by our fantasies, our hopes and fears. We can throw our hearts into love or into compassionate action, and will make a difference if we follow through. Be helpful to strangers; look for funny bonding over difficulties.  It’s easy to be bamboozled or spin propaganda as no one seems to be checking facts while Venus squares Neptune and sextiles Uranus; choose to see clearly.

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