Starcodes Horoscopes for April 15 – 21, 2011

Starcodes Horoscopes for April 15 – 21, 2011

by  Heather Roan Robbins

This week bring s an urgency,  as if one must do something, and do it now, but without any more clarity as to what to do as Mercury retrogrades back to conjunct Mars and they both square Pluto. Feel the twitch and do it anyway, but do it safely.

If some major effort we’ve been working on for months or years is meeting with delay s (laced with just enough success to remind us of the possibilities) we need to just hang in there and not give up. Work it now but be patient for the outcome.   An idea or effort that first percolated in mid-February as Mars and Mercury conjunct  could meet with frustration and distraction now as Mercury backs up and conjuncts Mars again, but it will begin to clarify after next weekend , when Mercury turns direct and hits Mars again on the way forward.

The mood this week is generally cheerful, energized if something catches our interests, but moves quickly to recalcitrance with flame-throwing spikes of temper if we’re triggered.  We may want to play hooky from any imposed schedule and leave ordinary work behind as it gets slow and lump-filled, but know we need to hold the heart-beat steady to not loose progress already made. Serendipity does happen, and a few long-overdue plans come to fruition, but many ordinary things just won’t go as planned as Mars opposes Saturn.

We have a lot of good work to do this week as Mars opposes Saturn, though probably not what we intended to do nor probably what we want to do.  We’ll have to weigh the difference between our wants and our needs. Tension may arise between generations; younger folk will tend to resist what they see as control by older folk, whether that is a work supervisor, parent, or senior senator.  Our true talents may not be called upon, a surgeon may be asked to tie a shoe, and artist to change a tire, but this is not a side track; it is karmic work that can work in our favor, even if it seems like a delay.

Over the weekend a sociable full Moon in Libra asks us to do what needs to be done but no more, kick back and enjoy the people.  Our self-control may feel tested but is actually being exercised.  Life can feel like a balancing act between needs and wants, between political parties or between any polarized thinking.  Most of us would rather not argue even if we’re feeling twitchy, but will love friends who care about us even when cranky.

Early next week our impatience intensifies again, the mood grows broody and volatile, people get serious.  We may need to speak up, but need to keep it clean and directed, uncharged but honest in order to use the no-nonsense scalpel edge of this mood well, and not make the situation worse. Information and dialogue can set us free.

Toward the end of the week the mood simmers down as the Sun enters earthy Taurus and we enter planting season. Prepare to plant seeds in the garden and ideas at work. Venus leaves more easily overwhelmed Pisces and enters proactive Aries, and some emotional morass no longer holds us back. We can let go of some place where either we felt sorry for ourselves or where took responsibility inappropriately for another and can now begin a new emotional chapter in a more pro-active form.   We still need to wait until next week to push our way forward, but can enjoy the view of a clearing road.

Friday, April 15: Don’t just stand there and feel stressed. Nail it down, make it happen if it has been simmering for a while, tell the story and get all the complaints out in the open and on the table so healing can begin. Midday our brains may feel fogged, last minute adjustments are great when done from the heart or gut, but only make things worse if done out of anxiety. Happy hour is happier, propitious meetings and last minute agreements possible if we aren’t too critical. Evening the conversations is great, though work still buzzes the mind.


Saturday, April 16: It may be hard to relax into the weekend, but enjoy a sweet and friendly morning with a thread of impatient tapping. Who we are with is more important than what we do, we learn so much from the reflections. Drop in and drop deep this afternoon as the moods roll though and we long for more understanding as the Moon squares Pluto.  It’s easy to get irritated by the slowness of progress this afternoon and feel a new weight of responsibility tonight. Most will be thoughtful but fine, a few will be deeply tweaked. Think deep and active, not morbid and irritable. Tell good ghost stories. Great connection can be found in real moments.

Sunday, April 17: We may feel rushed or torn between differing calls this morning; life is full but tension can make it hard to reside in our hearts.  Midday, connections become all important, drop the mind and open the heart. A Full Libra Moon tonight is worth a howl, it spotlights our efforts to balance our needs with those of others. The evening is potential-filled, the compassion and love we give will make all the difference.


Monday: April 18: Caution, we become combustible material under the Aries Sun and with a Scorpio Moon. Do not strike a match or count on anyone’s patience. Minds are sharp if torqued by strong emotions.   Avoid crowds and small talk, go deep instead.  If we choose consciously, there‘s nothing we cannot do (except, maybe, be casual and frivolous), but we can get pretty snarly if interrupted or blockaded as Mars opposes Saturn. We can, though deal with the real deal, take on a major challenge and look for the real roots of the problem.

Tuesday, April 19: Do not make decisions about what to plant for the future now, instead clear the space.  Ask what from the past needs weeding or excising as Mars conjuncts Mercury.  Keep it specific; cut off no more than is needed and it will release easily. Be safe with all sharp objects and watch the head around corners and overhangs. Assertive, practical solutions, rapid thinking abounds but mistakes can be made. Decisive, rapid paced, rough-textured day softened to compassion tonight.

Wednesday, April 20: The mood loosens and unwinds a bit, tension breaks as the Sun enters Taurus and sextiles Neptune. Our intuitive and imaginative portals open, offering sensitive impressions and accurate creativity. We express better with anything but words. Appreciation can overflow now as some burr leaves our soul.

Thursday, April 21: Transitions begin. Mercury is slowing down, so the delays pile up, but we can feel like they will be over soon and so can reach an optimistic patience. Our hearts and hope leap ahead and we just need patience. Pay attention to accidental and casual conversations, they may prove fertile or healing. Casual self-promotion works, just watch that what is said is what is meant.

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