Starcodes horoscopes for April 13 – 19, 2018

astrology horoscopes starcodes

Starcodes horoscopes for April 13 – 19, 2018

by Heather Roan-Robbins
astrology horoscopes starcodesThe astrological energy turns around and encourages new momentum by the end of the week. But this Friday the 13th could to run true to typecasting. Mercury appears to slow down and hold still as it prepares to turn direct this weekend, while the Moon enters impatient Aries and snafus increase. Sunday through Tuesday could be turbulent but many things come right in the process as Mercury, retrograde for the last three weeks, turns direct.

We can be just entertained if we can add patience and flexibility instead of trying to stick to schedule. Put safety and sense of humor above all. Stand back from ongoing feuds, don’t engage pugnacious people till next week. Watch sharp objects and temperamental motors. Make the most of delays and have interesting conversations but check to make sure that everyone feels understood, especially when in a hurry.

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Good news for those who feel it is time to stir the political coals, Chiron, the asteroid we associate with healing through applying hard-won wisdom, an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus, enters Aries on Tuesday. Chiron passed through Aries from 1918-1927 and 1968 to 1977, both interestingly radical times which encouraged us to rethink the total socio-economic structure. It dips back into Pisces this summer then enters Aries for the next decade.

Friday night the waning Moon enters turbulent Aries and creates an astrological oxymoron; the moon’s energy is quiet by phase but active by sign. Which also echoes Mercury’s paradox, which is quiet by cycle as it stations and appears to hold still, but active in Aries. This lineup can bring a real wildcard of experience over the weekend. We can engage actively, chew over dreams and imagination, process intensely, particularly as active Mars (ruler of Aries) sextiles idealistic, creative Neptune. Our dreams are inseminated, our imagination enlivened. But our practical world can spin in circles. Transportation may be delayed by weather. And when a storm or an argument gets going, it can swirl in place, going nowhere, but creating havoc in the process.

On Sunday the energy begins to shift and the conversation alters as Mercury turns direct in the morning and the Moon conjunct the Sun and Uranus in the evening. Many things come right but can produce some turbulence in the process. Keep eyes open for misconceptions that need to be corrected and plans and orders need to be adjusted. Keep eyes open for the results of brooding or crazy thinking percolating behind-the-scenes over the last few weeks. The Sun conjuncts Uranus on Wednesday and can jumpstart any new plans, so get ready to launch new projects. This conjunction can also add voltage to our nervous system which can test already frayed psyches.

The week ends as the Sun enters Taurus and we begin the fertile season, the astrologically best month to plant seeds and ideas and watch them grow.

Friday, April 13: Expect contradictory moods; we may feel hypersensitive and brave, bold and anxious with occasional gusts of determination. Our sense of time can feel very elastic; we can totally space out on the rhythm or tap our foot impatiently while somebody else wanders in their fog bank. Goodwill early this morning can get a little threadbare if we are not kind and patient with one another. Enthusiasm and impatience increase as the Moon heads into Aries tonight. We could use a walk on the wild side, just keep eyes open and don’t fly off the handle at a misunderstanding.

Moon sextile Pluto 5:16 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:26 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 9:06 PM, Moon enters Aries 9:25 PM.

Saturday, April 14: Good fertile long-term aspects help us cultivate plans, make contacts and grow enthusiasm as Mars sextiles Neptune and Jupiter sextiles Pluto. But because Mercury is stationary, we won’t see or know the results for a while. Encourage spontaneity, be willing to make the most out of the moment, share laughter, share ideals and dreams, start a ball rolling. Step back and rest for a minute if a cranky spell kicks in midafternoon. Stay present and stay safe when driving or doing anything else dangerous.

Jupiter sextile Pluto 3:58 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 6:11 AM, Mars sextile Neptune 11:27 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:01 PM.

Sunday, April 15: Dial down that potentially explosive impatience as Mercury turns direct while the Moon squares Mars, squares Pluto, conjunct the Sun and then conjunct Uranus. Have as much fun as possible while fielding wildcards. As Mercury turns direct, misunderstandings may be revealed, problems that have been hidden now become obvious, but gives us the first step to clear them up. This could be a volatile day in international politics, but we don’t have to live that out close to home.

Moon square Mars 1:45 AM, Mercury turns direct 3:20 AM, Moon square Pluto 11:36 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 7:57 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 11:59:02 PM.

Monday, April 16: After a somewhat awkward morning while Mercury semi-squares Venus and makes it hard to say just the right thing, the Moon enters Taurus, trines Saturn, and stabilizes the mood. Repair snafus, find out what page everyone is on, organize. Start to implement fresh ideas. Like change falling out of pockets in the wash, both unexpected treasures and challenges fall out of our ordinary chores; pick up that change. Tag opportunities to follow up on later, don’t let them drop. Relationship issues are moving to the forefront, don’t hurry the process, do tend important connections.

Mercury semi-square Venus 2:19 AM., Moon enters Taurus 2:50 AM, Moon trines Saturn 6:37 PM.

Tuesday, April 17: Venus opposes Jupiter, trine’s Pluto and stirs political, personal, and aesthetic passions. Let’s share what makes us tick but not narcissistically think that our passion is the same as another’s. Friendships deepen, relationships can shift to a new level. But some people will act out because their heart or possessiveness is so triggered. Open the heart and share a passion or a cause together; bond. On another note, I generational gap could widen or challenges to authority structures intensify as Chiron enters Aries while Saturn turns retrograde.

Venus opposed Jupiter 12:59 AM, Chiron enters Aries 2:09 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 5:27 AM, Venus trine Pluto 7:03 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:48 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 2:40 PM, Moon trine Pluto 3:18 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 4:04 PM, Saturn retrogrades 9:46 PM.

Wednesday, April 18: Stay in the loop, memos fly fast and furious as the moon enters verbal Gemini while the Sun conjunct Uranus. Decisions need to be made to solve recent problems and it helps to be in on that process. Launch PR campaigns, websites. News buzzes, both life-changing and petty; filter out the gossip and stay on target with what’s important.

Moon enters Gemini 6:02 AM, Sun conjunct Uranus 8 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 2:56 PM.

Thursday, April 19: The Moon forms many subtle aspects, which can cause a subtle shimmer in our moods; weather and opinions, possibilities and attitudes, shift and make it hard to get a bead on direction. Don’t take people’s changing moods personally; these subtle variations can echo off one another but the real cause is probably internal to each person. As the Sun enters Taurus tonight, the rev begins to slow down and we enter the fertile planting season when ideas, seedlings, and major political movements grow roots.

Moon semi-square Uranus 6:47 AM, moon semi-square sun 8:13 AM, Moon square Neptune 8:10 AM, moon quincunx Mars 2:14 PM moon quincunx Jupiter 6:47 PM, moon quincunx Pluto 7:48 PM, Sun enters Taurus 9:12 PM.

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