Starcodes horoscopes for April 10 – 16, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for April 10 – 16, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Storms hover on the horizons, an electrical charge and rebellious energy builds as active, militant Mars moves into a conjunction with erratic Uranus. Under this aspect, wherever we felt dependent or vulnerable, we want to prove our independence, wherever we felt imposed-upon, victimized or oppressed we want to plot an overthrow. And right now, the economic situation and all that led up to it give us the perfect target. So do Somali pirates attacking American ships filled with relief supplies. But if it wasn’t the economy, or the pirates, it would be something else; this aspect exacerbates the spring restlessness and search for improvement.

Let’s remember that when we resist another, we live in reaction and give them the power to set the paradigm; the point right now is to take that power back, so let’s focus how we can proactively use this energy to create rather than react. If we are not caught in this dynamic, this aspect can just power us towards our goals, though we may work best in fits and bursts, with intensity, but also with a short attention span. The Mars-Uranus conjunction also can make us more likely to get irritated or allergic, or inspired to take heroic action, whether it is wise or not. It breeds mechanical brilliance, but also the mechanical or electrical snafus that may need these brilliant feats of ingenuity throughout the month.

Meetings are lively and creativity ferments, or at least so we hope; the mundane simply will not do as Venus retrogrades back into Pisces over the weekend and snuggles up next to Uranus and Mars. Throughout the middle of this month expect some action on ongoing emotions challenges. Discontent can make seemingly greener pastures seem awfully attractive, but let’s take any sudden crush with a grain of salt. We want to see beauty in the world and share beauty together; we’re not so interested in analysis of the wild undercurrents. Some factors from the past return to stir the pot. Our relationships can renew under this exciting aspect, or they can polarize as our temperaments run hot but short-lived, empathetic but easily triggered. If we feel the magna coming up, it may be best to go to a neutral corner instead of saying too much.

This conjunction gives us the energy to explore whatever excites us, but can leave us exhausted and lethargic is we’re off track, or doing work that is irrelevant to our hearts. We will not take orders well, so don’t bother giving them unless it is essential. We can motivate kids, dogs, and coworkers by issuing a challenge or creating curiosity; don’t bark orders unless the building catches on fire. Power trips just build resentment.

This weekend’s attitude is sarcastic, smoky, rebellious, and suspicious as the Moon enters Scorpio, although a Sun-Jupiter sextile encourages generosity underneath. As Mercury trines Pluto we want to look deep, dig down, and challenge assumptions. Our thinking gets tenacious; it helps to throw ourselves into a project or personal mystery. But if we have a problem that sticks like a burr to the brain, we need to do what we can, honor the feelings, and exercise our mental muscles elsewhere.

Watch out for the dangers of excess, excess of water, food, or words, excess of primal feelings, territoriality, and jealousy. We can redirect the power of these primal feelings for ourselves, but can’t do this for another person. If a friend or beloved starts to obsess or gets suspicious, it’s unproductive to try and distract them; listen instead, try and understand where they’re coming from even if it’s not possible to agree. We can be a witness for our different view without invalidating their feelings. After the worry has been heard and addressed, then we can change the subject.

Early next week this restlessness becomes more practical and less romantic. It’s easy to long for a geographic cure, to get the heck out of dodge. Or out of the job, the relationships, the country, whatever feels like its holding us back under a Sagittarian Moon and as Mercury semi-squares Mars and Uranus. Venus retrogrades back into Pisces but softening our fierce independence, we may feel paradoxically both needy and wandering. Emotional expectations climb up just as we get distracted, and this nervous edginess can increase our accidents.

Mid-week is intensely strategic; stay alert and aware, and manage the people around us as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and then forms a grand trine with Saturn and Mercury. This loans us a helpful competence; ambitious people with tweaked agendas can get really difficult, but those scrambling for last minute taxes or implementing new banking regulations will appreciate the moves. Be wary of a feeling that we have to cut someone off to have a specific outcome. Avoid the people who get controlling under stress. Our will power can be so strong it jerks us around, the tail wags the dog, so we need to help our deeper wisdom stay in the driver’s seat.

Friday, April 10 moods go to dark places early on, lighten later. Look under the rocks with consciousness; be careful what the mind fixates upon. Meditation intensifies, investigation deepens; we may find a solution but suspect we’ll need to wrestle for results. Listen for intimate revelations, but don’t fish for them, we open up more if we don’t feel crowded. Tonight, honor the musky, broody undertones, but walk away from fights.

Saturday, April 11 Venus enters Pisces and softens our heart, brings more subtle touch but leaves us easily distracted, drawn inside. We need to move at our own pace and may feel raw, needing solitude or insulation. Some chore which can see obsessive to others may become a meditation; do one thing right and our thinking can fall into place. We can be truly explosive if we feel unsafe, but otherwise hum a deeper note.

Sunday, April 12 a broody morning opens up to a sociable, world-beat midday, clouds lift. It’s easier to talk to strangers or consider world issues than work on our own as the Moon trines Venus, then enters Sagittarius. A peripatetic afternoon, claustrophobia gets us out of the house; wandering is good medicine.

Monday, April 13, impulsive reactions or mechanical problems can cause trouble as Mercury semi-squares Mars. We move quickly but indecisively; some emotional excitement unsettles, leaves us experimental and curious. Watch a tendency to second guess. Enjoy subtle joys, unusual color combinations. Appreciate eccentricity.

Tuesday, April 14 brings an erratic, irritating, unsettled edge as Mercury semi-squares Uranus early; be ready to make adjustments in response to new information. Watch the highly reactive energy and don’t bounce tension off one another. Midday, when in doubt, hold still. Pressure in the morning creates the need for creative solutions after noon. Towards evening the mood grows more determined, if edgy, as the Moon enters Capricorn.

Wednesday, April 15, determined and revolutionary aspects intensify just as taxes are due. As Mars conjuncts Uranus we want to make things happen, it’s hard to trust the process, and accept we don’t have to force it. Watch the bullies. Mechanical genius and unusual electrical process can make life interesting. We have access to brilliant ideas and the power to make them happen. Midday brings a flash of escapism, don’t demand reality. Later, insecurity makes some authority figures more controlling; choose fights carefully.

Thursday, April 16 simplifies as the Moon, Venus and Mercury form a grand earth trine. Communication improves about pragmatics even though a strong emotional undercurrent runs underneath. Architectural design, organizational development, plans mare made, building blocks placed, jobs reorganized. Processes are in motion but waiting is uncomfortable; let’s work with what we’ve got and not push the river.

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