Starcodes horoscopes for April 1 – 7, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for April 1 – 7, 2016

free weekly horoscopesby Heather Roan Robbins

Welcome to April Fools’ Day, the first day of the first month past the vernal equinox, New Year’s day to those of us foolish enough to follow an astrological calendar. April Fool’s pranks also gives us relatively harmless outlet for the brash energy of Sun, Mercury, and Uranus all now in feisty Aries.

A lighthearted outlet like an April fool’s joke can help says let off steam and decreases the pressure we may be feeling from the present line up of planets in Aries. International and local politics usually winds up every year when the Sun heads into Aries. It is our duty to revolt in Aries season, to rebel against the snow, our winter’s weight and the world injustices. And this year’s Aries revolution began with a bang as explosions rocked Belgium and Pakistan, and heated rhetoric ensued all around. The Aries spark demands “do something, anything, and do it now!” about any problem that agitates us, and many problems do. We have to add the compassion and wisdom to do the right thing.

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So let’s take today and get a sense of humor back, though with loving kindness and a twinkle in one’s eye. It won’t make the big picture any less scary, or the problems our world is facing any less dire, but it can help restore resilience so we can stay involved and do the work.

We may need that resilience with a nervy Mercury/Mars aspects unsettling us as the weekend begins, we may feel hurried or chafe at a deadline, feel our attitude sharpen or get a little klutzy. This aspect can also spark off any waiting fuel, both practical and political; social justice issues will be front and center. Or it can just make us a little tired and irritated at the end of the week. Let’s see if we can smooth the waters and direct any irritable energy towards problems and not towards people.

As next week begins under a sensitive Pisces Moon, we may be unusually aware of our vulnerabilities and that does not make the Aries energy comfortable. Where we feel touchy and sensitive, we may create friction like sand on a Sunburn. If our beloveds hurt us, even accidentally, or if our political situation does not feel safe and we do feel heard under the sensitive Pisces Moon, things will get difficult towards the end of the week. Emotional Venus enters Aries on Tuesday, the Sun squares powerful Pluto under an Aries New Moon on Wednesday and Thursday, and this new fire can propel anything our hearts desire. If we have work to do, we can get it done. If we need to protest pain or wants to get revenge, this can be a truly difficult time.

Let’s maintain impulse control, keep our wisest self and most compassionate heart behind the wheel, and use this propulsion in positive ways. The Aries New Moon is, for astrologers a true yearly starting point, so let’s start something beautiful.

Friday, April 1: Unpredictable aspects overnight can leave us edgy or wary this morning. We’ll be a little sensitive as April Fools’ Day begins under a sensitive Pisces Moon, but we will be ready for a moment of camaraderie as the Moon sextiles Venus midmorning, and then our attention wanders the afternoon. We grow stronger, a bit more extroverted but also potentially anxious or impulsive tonight as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius while Mercury sesqui-quadrates Mars.

Moon square Uranus 1:19 AM, Moon square Mercury 3:12 AM, Moon sextile Venus 10:38 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 7:37 PM, Mercury sesqui-squares Mars 9:52 PM.

Saturday, April 2: We may be looking for trouble, or at least adventure, this morning. Keep an eye on mechanical issues, and if the coffee spills, slow down. Afternoon brings a collaborative, eccentric, positive, but independent vibe. Respect spontaneity and individuality. Enjoy the buzz in the park and at events; people want to get out of their corners and gather.

Moon sextile Mars 9:13 AM, Moon sextile Sun 7:57 PM.

Sunday, April 3: This is day to catch up with ourselves, catch up with friends, walk in the woods, or come to know what our community is doing as the Moon makes pleasant aspects and Mercury irritates Neptune. If there seems to be a misunderstanding, instead of jumping to conclusions, use it as a teaching moment, a chance to ask questions and listen to the feelings behind the situation. It’s not a particularly efficient day to get chores or structural issues done, but is a good day to explore options and come to know one another. The evening brings fuzzy thinking, sweet but potentially low energy, with a need to drift in dream as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:28 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:55 AM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 12:31 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 5:15 PM, Moon enters Pisces 11:45 PM.

Monday, April 4: Go gently with one another; as the Moon squares Mars and conjunct Neptune we are both softer and more permeable, and therefore more reactive when we feel uncomfortable. Make it safe for one another to share those internal stories and fresh ideas. Share visions for the future, dream about possibilities, brainstorm what we want to launch on the coming new Moon for the year ahead.

Sun quincunx Jupiter 4:19 AM, Moon square Mars 1:01 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:41 PM.

Tuesday, April 5: This morning we can feeling a little old and thoughtful as the Moon square Saturn, but move into a relatively constructive, competent day as long as we don’t hurt each other’s feelings. The moon stays in sensitive Pisces, but the Aries baton gets passed from Mercury to Venus today as Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus while Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries. We may still get hot under the collar easily, but it will be more an emotional reaction and our thoughts, words, and nerves may become more considered but more determined.

Moon opposed Jupiter 12:33 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:42 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 4:32 AM, Sun trine Saturn 10:09 AM, Venus enters Aries at 10:50 AM, Mercury sesqui-quadrate Jupiter for 16 p.m. Mercury enters Taurus 5:09 PM.

Wednesday, April 6: Flowers burst forth, energy builds, and so does attitude as Moon enters Aries this morning and conjunct Venus. Take kids to the park and let them run off extra energy. Avoid giving direct orders wherever possible, we really don’t want to hear it. Launch projects tomorrow under the New Moon, today we need to assess, clear the decks, and clarify goals.

Moon enters Aries 12:45 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 2 AM, Mercury semi sextiles Venus5:13 AM, Mercury sesqui-quadrate Saturn 9:32 AM, Moon trine Mars 1:51 PM, Sun square Pluto 2:12 PM.

Thursday, April 7: We get a green light as the New Moon conjuncts Uranus this morning and launches us out of the gate. It can also launch all kinds of monsters out from the gate, so let’s keep our eyes open, but stay on target with our own work and focused on the long haul. Do take advantage of spontaneous moments and sudden opportunity. Don’t waste all the time in minor conflicts (though that can be easy to do), putting out fires, or doing ordinary chores. Instead, use this fiery energy to work for the long term goals; what we begin today will have legs. Plant ideas and actions, wait until this weekend’s Taurus Moon to plant in the garden.

Moon trine Saturn 2:32 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:25 AM, Sun conjunct Moon 5:23 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 8:56 AM.

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