Starcodes horoscopes for April 1 – 7, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for April 1 – 7, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

Prioritize safety, honesty, authenticity and understanding this week, because the springtime fires ignite just as technological snafus and communication glitches pour in when action-packed Mars enters empowered Aries and conjuncts electrical Uranus, all while the planet of communication and motion, Mercury, retrogrades.

This weekend the new Moon in Aries inaugurates an interesting, energized and warm-hearted time where fresh ideas arise from brainstorming about the past. Get out and enjoy the adventurous mood, but bring a first aid kit and be careful around fire. This planetary line-up in Aries works like the miniature explosions in a combustion engine, they give us the energy and ingenuity to make progress, but we have to drive the car with care. It’s all too easy to blast off down the road, but in the wrong direction. Or just explode. And all this enthusiasm can be laced with lazy or stuck moments because we can’t quite see how to proceed and just don’t feel motivated.

This Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries is a reactive combination. It can offer us the engineering genius and bravery to invent our life or to handle emergencies, but also increases in the probability of an emergency that needs that ingenuity. It is an awful time to wrestle with a nuclear reactor in crisis; all involved every human, microbe, and fish swimming along the coast, needs our support.

We don’t need to let our own internal reactors melt down. Conflict can get us going, but it’s not a creative place. The energy is twitchy, enthusiastic, easily triggered and revolutionary, No matter how easy it is to polarize our thinking and react with extremes, please let’s look for that third alternative. We need to move out of reaction and into creation, and look for the beauty way that honors all life, all paths. We can start at home if we break the pattern of snapping if irritated or interrupted, and drop the urge to be right to negotiate a win-win solution over the dinner table.

Revolution will unfold this week. If something’s wrong, we’ll stop beating our head against the wall or waiting for the old contentment to return; we won’t put up with it anymore.

Many of us notice that our life is shifting now, but we may have to go back to dig out new clues from old places to proceed. It’s a good time to haul out a script or idea we believe in but didn’t catch the spark last time, look at it with fresh eyes and give it another chance. Even if our life has been hunky-dory, we may now feel itchy, as if we’re molting or shedding our skin and ready to move into a fresher, larger form.

Let’s repair and follow through on the loose ends as the weekend begins. Venus and Mars are both in intuitive and receptive Pisces, making us aware of our vulnerability and leaving some feeling overwhelmed. Mercury has just turned retrograde and asks us to spend the next few weeks repairing, reviewing and planning. But with Mercury retrograde we can get more careless and accident-prone under pressure, or jump to conclusions over a misunderstanding. Let’s make sure they meant what we think we did before we bite their head off or buy our ticket.

This weekend, do not tell people what to do. Listen carefully for some sudden event which demands attention as the Moon and Mars join the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. We may need to take decisive action to repair a problem.

Early next week it’s time to follow through on work in progress; do not drop the ball. Take care of any pragmatic urgencies that erupt. Later on in the week, if our ego can let go of the past we have an opportunity to talk out conundrums (nuclear power, for instance) with a fresh take on the story and a chance break old patterns.

Neptune changes sign this week; it retrogrades back out this summer and then enters Pisces for the 14 years, a subtle change that will make water quality and availability the major ecological question of the next decade, just as radioactive waste pours into the ocean along the coast of Japan. Neptune in Pisces will soften our sense of aesthetics and increase escapism; cocaine was discovered last time Neptune works its way through Pisces. But over the decade, it will also increase our hunger for mysticism and transcendent understanding.

Friday, April 1: We all can feel like April fools bumbling over some snag or unfinished business, feeling vulnerable and disorganized, but may still sense big things about to happen. Notice people’s words and energy may not match, because they themselves are not conscious of what is really going on, or because they’re juggling so many different threads right now. It may be hard to stay on task but some important work needs punctuation now. Tonight we may feel the weight of the week and need to refill and refuel.

Saturday, April 2: Anything can happen today. We could just have the energy to do what we want and resist what we’re told, or we could make a break for it for freedom, whatever that means for us. Fuel abounds, fire catches quickly; let’s check all information before exploding ourselves as Mars and Moon enter Aries. Depth charges and deep feelings trigger a decisive move to deal with old problems. The mood is wild tonight, let’s make wild in only the best of ways.

Sunday, April 3: We reach a turning point under a New Moon in Aries, though it may take a month to see the effect. We get hints on what we truly do and do not want as Mars conjuncts Uranus but need to wise up to take appropriate actions. Today’s energy is direct and intense, glorious where we have room for spontaneity, but more convoluted when we run headlong into obstacles as the Moon opposes Saturn. We need restraint, but not suppression.

Monday, April 4: The mood is sparky if disorganized. If we take a step towards our goal, our soul’s restlessness calms down. We’ll have to adjust and refine the work later but need to move forward now or we implode as the Aries Moon conjuncts Mercury. Truth will out, but so will prolific opinion and we have to sort the difference. Vent where it is needed, don’t project upon the wrong place. Evening becomes more determined and connected as the Moon enters Taurus, we want to believe but have our doubts.

Tuesday, April 5: We need to deal with consequences, good or difficult, of recent actions or inactions. The energy is willful, determined, fierce, and enthusiastic if easily frustrated. Bank the river and focus the energy to keep it constructive. Make steady progress where possible, and give people concrete reasons to move towards your direction.

Wednesday, April 6: Sharp edges and accidents are likely early on, stay safe. Midday, the cork comes out of a bottle as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter; everything takes on a larger than life quality, even our laziness. Explore the larger world. Talk up work, share ever so bountiful opinions.

Thursday, April 7: The winds and moods change direction every few minutes. Curious, prolific if inaccurate information, too many words and none of them quite fit. Confirm all data as the Gemini Moon squares Neptune. If confused, come back to center rather than push forwards. If emotions get tweaked this afternoon, don’t test one another, keep talking and take this opportunity to heal the past.

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