Starcodes horoscope for March 27 – April 2, 2009

Starcodes horoscope for March 27 – April 2, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Aries energy is astrological fuel, raw, unsubtle energy. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the waxing Moon in fiery Aries right now, we have a lot of volatile fumes in the air. This line-up in Aries puts the punch in a storm, fuels our life force and can loan us the will to start over or face enormous odds. It can also make us fed up and hot under the collar, Aries is the original hothead.

It is up to us what we do with this fuel. Right now, after yesterday’s New Moon in Aries, every act we do initiates new momentum. So let’s not waste time in reaction, but act thoughtfully and proactively.

Aries starts a revolution, the people make their differences known and maybe the politicians follow afterwards. Aries flashes hot and fast; enthusiasm or emotional extremes can get us into quick and irrational decisions, which can get us in or out of trouble fast, and send the stock market all over the place. Emotional momentum builds quickly in a group, the energy bounces off one another, and competition can be fierce.

Aries also inspires us to be the hero, to come to the rescue. Under this Aries line-up we see a wrong and want to right it, see someone who needs help and want to fix it. And we see someone being a beast and want to punch them. Just take their bonus away instead; Aries is not very subtle, but we can add the finesse and use this fuel with more foresight as to the consequences.

But underneath this bravado and action, major public challenges and a few secret doubts and concerns linger in the quiet corners. When we feel too vulnerable we can get more pugnacious, as Mars, the planet that rules Aries, is perversely in the most sensitive, low-energy sign of Pisces. Our energy levels can run hot and cold, high and low, and leave us feeling a bit manic and full of paradoxes. It pays to consciously support the steady, solid midrange. And be extra kind to allergies, our bodies’ reactive nature.

The Aries season is our time to return to ourselves remember what we want, what we need and what we really can do, though we can get a bit self-absorbed or self-centered in the process. In the long run, this self-absorption can actually help us bring our passion back to our work and our loves, and help us mediate healthfully between our needs and those of the ones we love. Eventually. Right now our needs may collide with theirs or their self-absorption blow us away, unless we take turns rather than let these needs collide.

This weekend our efforts to expand the economy and grow hopefulness are rolling like a rollercoaster but with no clear road yet as Jupiter semi-square to Pluto. Information pours in about Pluto issues, like what makes us sad and who has misused or is misusing power. We are painfully aware of what can be lost. But on the other hand, this Pluto energy can help us push past our limits and do something we didn’t know we could do. Our goals can seem just beyond our reach, but this may be only temporary. Let’s change what we can, when we can, and know we’re working towards a deeper process.

Saturday and Sunday, a waxing Moon in earthy Taurus grounds our mood and makes it a perfect time to start seeds or plant love, ideas or babies. It’s a very fertile time, so let’s be careful what we plant. If we give each other room to get creative, exciting new projects can really take root.

Next week the world’s volume turns up, the Moon enters Gemini and ends the month on a funny, talkative and curious note. Yet our real wisdom will be found underneath the static as an approaching Venus-Pluto square keeps our feelings deep and real. A quote from Jallaludin Rumi to remember this week if the world gets too loud: “Secretly we spoke, the wise one and me. I said ‘Tell me the secrets of the world’. He said, ‘Shhh…Let silence tell you the secrets of the world.”

Friday, March 27 gives us guts, gumption with an attitude, but we can over react with gusto this morning as a Mercury-Pluto square takes our thoughts to the dark side. Ask if it’s is really necessary before reacting; feel the extremes without thinking it will last forever. Midday, honor an urge to be a hero, but make sure to be helpful and not just pushy as the Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries.

Saturday, March 28 creates a fresh approach. The Taurus Moon gets us back in our body and helps us make more considered decisions, but our opinions grow roots. Our voices matter today as the Sun conjuncts expressive Mercury; let’s sing our song and make it beautiful. Gentle strength holds more power than hostility. Once we get going the Taurus Moon loans us endurance, whether we’re rebuilding a wall or standing our ground in an argument. But our soul, not our stubbornness, belongs in the driver’s seat.

Sunday, March 29 it’s easy to get distracted by a misperception and then hold onto just because. Let the search for truth start with ourselves. The day is stubborn with inertia; once we’re in motion we’ll stay in motion, but a lazy streak can keep us from moving to begin with. We need time to wander off schedule, and really take a moment of rest. Take an opportunity to let someone off the hook; we need all our true allies up front.

Monday, March 30 spring fever hits, our concentration may go out the window but we can bravely reach out and make new contacts. Midday brings dark humor, extravagant gestures, and strong emotions. A demonstration or a party can start at any moment as our collected energy sways with the pulse. A concert in the park is perfect, but let’s watch sudden decisions; we can so easy get caught up in the moment.

Tuesday, March 31 is nervy; temporary delays or departures from new connections weigh on us for a few days. We may need to go back and deal with some unfinished business or heavier responsibilities, deal with a deeper fear or feeling as Mercury challenge Saturn while Venus approaches a square to Pluto.

Wednesday, April 1, humor helps us get through, even though most of us aren’t really feeling like beings tricked to day as the Moon enters Cancer and Venus semi-squares Jupiter. If we’re in a leadership position and feel challenged, we need to give our challengers the security to know their questions are taken seriously. Efforts to knee-jerk defend or protect may backfire.

Thursday, April 2 feelings crank up; moods polarize just as our work needs us fully on board. We need to hear our brewing emotions even if we cannot act on them at the moment, and we need to take the turn with one another so feelings don’t compete head on. A fear of loss may appear more intense than the reality as it intermingles with flotsam of past losses in our brains. Look for the bedrock underneath the mud, and let compassion direct the powerful competency.
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