Starcodes horoscope for February 12 – 18, 2010

Starcodes horoscope for February 12 – 18, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

We‘re supposed to love one another this week, or at least say we do. Valentine’s Day an Aquarian holiday, Aquarius loves ideas, and love is a great idea. But like all ideas, this love can be either an inspiring ideal, a chance to connect with and express something we truly feel, or an abstract concept that we hold our life up against, judge it, and feel disappointed if it doesn’t measure up. Why bother?

Aquarius is not an expert on intimacy.  It specialized in group dynamics, community, buddies, internet, or, if we’re lucky, all sentient beings. So how can we take this Aquarian holiday back to wiser childhood version of Valentine’s Day and send cards to everyone in the class. Let’s give ourselves the gift of altruism and good karma and take the heat off personal dynamics. Ask not what Valentine’s can do for you, but what you can do for Valentines’ Day and do something concrete to love the whole world.

This does not get us completely free from the interpersonal politics of Valentines’ Day. With Venus in hypersensitive Pisces conjunct expansive Jupiter, and Mars in ignore-me-if-you-dare Leo, it would be romantically unwise to space out on the usual rituals. What most romantic partners need is to feel uniquely seen and appreciated, and this may or may not include roses. We can get funky with the community on Saturday, and make it more personal on Sunday, or hold hands with our beloveds as we do good works.

We need to take our imagination somewhere wonderful on this permeable, potentially magical weekend, as it’s easy to feel vulnerable and oversensitive otherwise. This memory-laden time can easily slip into a swampy pity-party. While it can be healing to let feelings fill up spill out to re-establish a healthy flow, we don’t need to get stuck there.  Venus in Pisces and advertising promos want to make it personal, but we can break the hype.

Those not in a relationship are off the hook interpersonally, but may feel the romantic gap with the aspects and the media hype pumping up the emotional volume. Take back the day to the collective Aquarian holiday we celebrated as a child. Consider pro-actively gathering non-partnered friends just for fun, or as a benefit for a cause. If in a solitary mood, let’s consider doing a heart-chakra meditation on Valentine’s or dive into the art supplies. All would benefit from finding a way to be of service and use the heart as the Sun, Neptune and Chiron conjunct under a dreamy Moon, Venus, and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. Venus wants her dues, but loves the higher creative aspects of heart.

The aspects are also auspicious for those that want to meet up with a romantic partner. In the ancient Mediterranean world this was not a day to celebrate how in love you already were, but to celebrate the land and partner up unpaired people. In both Greece and Rome, names were drawn on this holiday to pair up, celebrate fertility in time-honored ways, and fertilize the land. Speed dating was not an internet invention. Look for group experiences to hook up, and focus on the lonely others, not self.

Midweek, we get out of the swamp; action and creativity can work together to improve our world in ways small and large as Venus perfects its conjunction with expansive Jupiter while industrious Mars sextiles strengthening Saturn. But this effusive Venus- Jupiter aspect can also irritate people who hold others responsible for their loneliness, sometimes to a violent level. Avoid difficult ex-partners and be wary of stalkers. We can take this as a reminder to take responsibility for our condition and remember when we do so; we have the power to change that condition.

Let the sensitivity and permeability of Venus in Pisces help us prepare for the Sun to enter Pisces on Thursday, our last month to hibernate, review, renew and prepare for the coming spring. Because this is such a tender time, this week offers a chance to heal some deep-seated personal myth that can make us misanthropic. Let’s treat all we meet with kindness and love.

Friday, Feb 12: A quick, efficient if irritant and accident-prone morning as the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars, moods smooth after midday adjustment. Mercury trines Saturn this afternoon allows for follow-through and a deepening conversation. We’re not more flexible but do have patience and foresight, still more focused on the far horizon and a bit dense close to home. Reconnect by sharing the week with one another tonight, and then drop work-talk for the weekend.

Saturday, Feb 13: This morning we can get ticked off at other’s opinions and get in trouble as Mercury opposes Mars in Leo, so let’s choose our fights carefully, and see if we can listen one more minute than comfortable.  A wide-open, wandering afternoon encourages us to run with a good idea.  Don’t bother being realistic this evening, we want to believe and share a dream as the New Moon conjuncts Neptune and Chiron, a great time for party, fundraiser, group meditation or other positive collective action.

Sunday Feb 14: Make life a creative masterpiece; be inspired by an imaginative Sun-Neptune conjunction as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjuncts Venus.  We can get caught up in our sensitivities and self-pity, or we can open our hearts to one and other and find a safe way to be sensitive; attention and care will matter more than lavish gifts. We can open our heart more freely if expectations are low and gratitude is high. Evening can be expansive and philosophical as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter.

Monday, Feb 15: Morning is awash in emotions as Venus sextiles Pluto, memories fly by like flashcards reviewing all our major emotional issues, but we can chose to look at them with loving detachment; observe and feel but don’t hook into old patterns and stories. Luckily a steadying Mars-Saturn sextiles can help us put action behind intention and so find terra firma in our work. Just remember that people near-by may be feeling squishy. Delays may be fortunate.

Tuesday, Feb 16: Gears shift, edges sharpen and the speed picks up as the Moon conjuncts Uranus then enters Aries. We can get impatient with our emotional overflow but it’s worth it to keep the heart open as Venus conjunct Jupiter.  Just don’t be surprised if no one does as expected as a coyote-like quantity wiggles us out from under expectations. Edgy, nervy acting-out tonight as Mercury semi-squares Uranus; consider all possibilities but don’t believe the extremes of thought. Communications interrupted. Cautions around sparks of all types.

Wednesday, Feb 17: Morning we can feel hung-over from tough dreams this as the Moon oppose Saturn and squares Pluto early. If we want to stomp, but know better, we can pour that mood into an unpleasant problem or unsavory chore and put it to good use. Duck down the hall if someone’s tail twitches and fight sparks their eyes. The energy flows better this afternoon, communication relieves blockages. Talk now; evening fogs out.

Thursday, Feb 18: We run hot and cold as the Sun enters intuitive Pisces with Moon in action-oriented Aries; sensitive but fierce, opinionated and vulnerable. If we have to take actions on something that tugs our hearts and leaves us uncertain, let’s take one step at a time and feel for solid ground. Get back to work on the dream tonight.

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